A Christmas Carol (soundtrack)

A Christmas Carol (Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Soundtrack album by Alan Silvestri
Released November 4, 2009
Genre Film score
Length 61:00
Label Walt Disney
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A Christmas Carol
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A Christmas Carol is a soundtrack for the 2009 film of the same name. The music was composed by Alan Silvestri with some of the music being based on actual carols. The album was later issued physically through Intrada Records. The theme song "God Bless Us Everyone" was written by Silvestri and Glen Ballard and performed by Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli.

Track listing For A Christmas Carol

# Title Length Scenes
1 A Christmas Carol Main Title 4:21 The opening & the main titles.
2 Scrooge Counts Money 0:48 When Scrooge counts money in his office.
3 Marley's Ghost Visits Scrooge 6:13 When Jacob Marley warns Scrooge about his ghostly visits.
4 The Ghost of Christmas Past 4:58 When the Ghost of Christmas Past takes Scrooge to his past.
5 Let Us See Another Christmas 1:18 The track plays during Scrooge's teenage years. When his little sister Fan visits him to bring him home for the holidays.
6 Flight to Fezziwigs 1:28 When Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Past go to Scrooge's old Boss's workplace. Scrooge sees himself with the holiday spirit as a young man.
7 First Waltz 1:00 When Scrooge sees his young self fall in love with Belle.
8 Another Idol Has Replaced Me 1:40 Played during young Scrooge's parting with Belle. The first time Scrooge sees his selfishness. Ending with Scrooge extinguishing the Ghost of Christmas Past.
9 Touch My Robe 3:42 Played during Scrooge's travels with the Ghost of Christmas Present.
10 The Clocktower 1:50 Played during Scrooge's encounter with Ignorance and Want while the life of the Ghost of Christmas Present expires in the Big Ben clocktower. Another scene when Scrooge discovers his selfishness.
11 The Carriage Chase 3:24 Played when the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come chases Scrooge all around London.
12 Old Joe & Mrs. Dilber 2:27 Played when Scrooge's maid, Mrs. Dilber, is selling Scrooge's old bed curtains to Old Joe.
13 This Dark Chamber 1:57 Played when Scrooge sees a man's corpse lying on a bed and when the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come shows kindness attracted to death, by showing Scrooges nephew, Fred.
14 None of Us Will Ever Forget 1:33 When the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come shows the family of Scrooge's employee, Bob Cratchit, mourning his son, Tiny Tim, on Christmas. The first time when Scrooge feels sorry for another.
15 Who Was That Lying Dead? 3:08 Played during the graveyard scene. When the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come shows Scrooge that the corpse was Scrooge himself, by showing his name on a tombstone. As Scrooge bargains for time, he is stuck as the grave pit starts to open. Scrooge not yet have falling in grabs onto a root. Scrooge truthfully saying that he has changed his ways, falls down his own grave.
16 I'm Still Here 1:27 Played when Scrooge is happily dancing on Christmas morning. Ending when Scrooge dances with his maid, Mrs. Dilber.
17 Ride On My Good Man 1:04 Played when Scrooge is riding a carriage with kids following. Ending with having Christmas dinner at his nephew's, Fred's house.
18 God Bless Us Everyone 3:16 The film's theme sung by Andrea Bocelli. Played during the credits.


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