A Cellarful of Noise

For the band with a similar name, see Cellarful of Noise.
A Cellarful of Noise

Front cover
Author Brian Epstein
Language English
Published 1964 (Byron Preiss)
1 June 1998 (reprint)
Media type Paperback
Pages 224
ISBN 978-0-671-01196-3
OCLC 39211052

A Cellarful of Noise is the title of Brian Epstein's 1964 autobiography.[1] His assistant, Derek Taylor, was the ghostwriter of the book,[2] which describes the early days of The Beatles, whom Epstein managed.[3]

Epstein asked John Lennon what he thought the book should be called, and Lennon suggested "Queer Jew". Lennon was later quoted as saying that the book should have been titled, "A Cellarful of Boys" in reference to Epstein's homosexuality.[4]

In the 1978 film All You Need is Cash, a book by Leggy Mountbatten—the manager of the Rutles and a parody of Epstein—is titled A Cellarful of Goys, a reference to Epstein being Jewish ("goys" sounding similar to "noise").[5]

The phrase is also in the lyrics of Petula Clark's 1965 hit "I Know a Place". Harry Shearer "dramatically reproduced" quotations from this book for the Pop Chronicles music documentary.[6]

We knew that America would make us or break us as world stars. In fact, she made us.[7]


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