ARDI is the Access to Research for Development and Innovation program, a partnership between the World Intellectual Property Organization and major scientific and technical publishers.[1] ARDI provides access to nearly 10,000 online journals, books and reference works for patent offices, academic and research institutions in 107 developing and least developed countries as of December 2013.[1] The stated objective of ARDI is to "promote the integration of developing countries into the global knowledge economy, allowing them to more fully realize their creative potential."[2]

ARDI is part of Research4Life, the collective name for four programs - HINARI (focusing on health), AGORA (focusing on agriculture), OARE (focusing on environment), and ARDI (focusing on applied science and technology).[3] Research4Life provides developing countries with free or low cost access to academic and professional peer-reviewed content online.[4]


ARDI was launched by the World Intellectual Property Organization in July 2009 in cooperation with 12 major publishers - American Association for the Advancement of Science; American Institute of Physics; Elsevier; Institute of Physics; John Wiley & Sons; Oxford University Press; National Academy of Sciences; Nature Publishing Group; Royal Society of Chemistry; Sage Publications; Springer Science+Business Media; and Taylor & Francis.[5]


Institutions eligible to participate in ARDI are: patent offices, academic institutions, and research institutions.[6] All members of a registered institution (researchers, teaching and administrative staff, students) and its on-site visitors are eligible to use the resources to which access is provided through ARDI.[7]


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