AMS Neve

AMS Neve Ltd
Industry Professional audio design & engineering
Headquarters Burnley, Lancashire
Products Audio & recording equipment

AMS Neve Ltd was the result of the amalgamation in 1992 of AMS (Advanced Music Systems) with Neve Electronics.


Neve Electronics was a British manufacturer of mixing consoles that originated in the work of Rupert Neve in the 1960s. Neve analogue consoles have been considered to be of such high quality that many of twenty or thirty years of age are still in use today at recording studios around the worldeven as digital audio has taken over many aspects of recording technology. Studios with Neve equipment are often sought out by musicians. Models such as the '1073' and '1081' microphone preamps are still among the most popular and expensive in the recording world. Today, the company produces digital consoles as well as analogue systems.

Neve was the first company to develop computer-controlled moving fader automation, NECAM, in the mid-1970s. In 1985 Neve Electronics was acquired by the Siemens group; then in 1992 the Siemens group combined Neve Electronics with another newly acquired company, Advanced Music Systems to form AMS Neve which is still in business today.


AMS Neve won a Technical Grammy Award in 2000.[1][2][3] The company has also won Oscar and Emmy awards.[4]

Notable products

Analogue Consoles:

Digital Consoles:



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