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AC Restaurants en Hotels is a horeca chain that was founded in 1963 in the Netherlands, today there are 40 chains of the company including 12 hotels (in the Netherlands mainly part of Tulip Inn), the letter combination AC means official Alberts Corner.

Restaurant chain in Belgium


In 1963 AC Restaurants was started as a part of the retailer corporation Albert Heijn (later Ahold). Since 1998 AC Restaurants & Hotels was bought by the Italian corporation Autogrill. Autogrill is controlled by Schematrentaquattro S.R.L. a company of the Benetton family, including through Sintonia SA is the main shareholder of the Italian motorway Autostrade SpA.

Locations by country

Country Number of restaurants Location
Belgium Belgium 6
  • Restaurant and Hotel Arlon
  • Restaurant and Hotel Arlux, Arlon
  • Restaurant and Motel Ruisbroek (2 locations)
  • Restaurant Sprimont (2 location)
  • Restaurant Wanlin
  • Restaurant and Hotel Wavre
Netherlands Netherlands 34

Restaurants with Hotel:

  • Restaurant and Hotel Holten (AC Hotel)
  • Restaurant and Hotel Meerkerk (as a part of Tulip Inn)
  • Restaurant and Hotel Amsterdam (as a part of Tulip Inn)
  • Restaurant and Hotel Bodegraven (as a part of Tulip Inn)
  • Restaurant and Hotel Leiderdorp (as a part of Tulip Inn)
  • Restaurant and Hotel Oosterhout (as a part of Tulip Inn)
  • Restaurant and Hotel Sevenum (as a part of Tulip Inn)


  • Restaurant Apeldoorn
  • Restaurant Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht
  • Restaurant Nederweert Noord en Zuid
  • Restaurant Nieuwegein
  • Restaurant Stroe
  • Restaurant 't Harde
  • Restaurant Veenendaal
  • Restaurant Venray
  • Restaurant Zevenaar

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