A4 motorway (Romania)

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A4 motorway
Autostrada A4
Route information
Maintained by Compania Națională de Autostrăzi și Drumuri Naționale din România
Length: 22 km (14 mi)
60 km (37 mi) planned (approx.)
Major junctions
From: Ovidiu
To: Vama Veche (Border with Bulgaria)
Major cities: Constanța, Mangalia
Highway system
Motorways in Romania

The A4 motorway (Romanian: Autostrada A4) is a motorway in Romania that serves as a bypass for the city of Constanța, between Ovidiu and the Port of Constanţa, connecting with the A2 motorway via an interchange southwest of the city. It is 22 km long and is planned to be extended to approximately 60 kilometers, stretching further south to the Bulgarian border south of Mangalia, along the western Black Sea coast.[1] The motorway is part of an extension of the Pan-European Corridor IV, that will be connecting with the Bulgarian city of Varna.[2]


The contract for the construction of the stretch of motorway between Ovidiu and Lazu was awarded in September 2008 to the joint venture between the Italian company Astaldi and the Spanish company FCC Construction, and was due to be completed until November 2011.[3]

A new bridge is under construction over the Danube – Black Sea Canal, downstream of the Agigea lock,[4] in order to allow access to the busier southern terminal of the Port of Constanţa directly from the motorway.[5] Works began in July 2010, and are planned to be completed in 2014.[6]

The bypass was initially built with funds from the state budget, but in the end of 2014, the European Commission awarded funds for the construction from the Cohesion Fund.[7]

Openings timeline

Exit list

Exits and buildings (Southbound)
Constanța bypass (22 km)
km 0 Ovidiu, Constanța Airport opened July 2012
km 3 Parking under construction
km 5 Poiana / Palazu Mare under construction
km 10 Valu lui Traian / Constanța City Centre opened September 2011
km 12 Cernavodă, Bucharest opened July 2011
km 19 Constanța South / Eforie, Mangalia opened July 2011
km 21 Port of Constanța opened July 2013


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