Autostrada A4 (Italy)

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A4 Motorway
Autostrada A4
Autostrada Serenissima
Route information
Part of
Length: 517 km (321 mi)
Existed: 1927 – present
Major junctions
West end: Turin
East end: Trieste
Regions: Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia
Highway system
Autostrade of Italy

The Autostrada A4, or Serenissima, is a motorway which connects Turin and Trieste via Milan and Venice. The city of Venice (or rather, Mestre which is the "land" part of Venice) originally formed a bottleneck on the A4, but is now bypassed by the Passante di Mestre (the old route through Mestre was renumbered A57). The A4 passes through the city of Milan, where it is toll-free.

Due to the different companies that manage the different parts of the motorway, it is often referred to as formed by five sections: Turin-Milan, Milan-Brescia, Brescia-Padua, Padua-Venice and Venice-Trieste. As it runs though the whole Pianura Padana, which is a densely populated and highly industrialized area, A4 is one of the most trafficked motorways of Italy.

A4 is a dual-carriageway, six-lane motorway for most of its length. The stretch between Milano Est tollgate and Bergamo is an eight-lane motorway since 30 September 2007. The stretch from Venice to Trieste is instead still a four-lane motorway, but it is planned to upgrade this stretch over motorway to six lanes.


Passante di Mestre

The route of the "Passante di Mestre" (marked in blue) and the Venice-Mestre motorway system
The Passante di Mestre.

The passante di Mestre is a part of the A4 motorway, opened to traffic on 8 February 2009. The objective of the route is to reduce the volume of auto- and truck-based traffic passing through Mestre (a mainland frazione of Venice) to reach non-local destinations like Austria, Slovenia and other Eastern European countries.

The new includes three lanes plus one emergency lane, each lane measures 3.75 metres (12.3 ft) apart from the emergency lane which measures only 3 metres (9.8 ft), the new stretch of motorway totals 32.3 kilometres (20.1 mi).


TypeExit↓km↓↑km↑ProvinceEuropean Route
Torino Giulio Cesare0,0122,9 TO
Torino Abbadia di Stura
Tangenziale Nord
Traforo del Frejus
2,0120,9 TO
Area Servizio "Settimo Torinese"3,0119,9 TO
Settimo Torinese4,0118,9 TO
Leinì, Volpiano
10,0112,9 TO
Chivasso ovest14,0 108,9 TO
Chivasso centro
Caluso, Ivrea
16,0 106,9 TO
Chivasso est19,0 103,9 TO
Rondissone24,098,9 TO
Barriera Rondissone 24,398,6 TO
Area Servizio "San Rocco" ---- VC
Area Servizio "Cigliano" 31,9-- VC
Cigliano 32.990VC
Borgo d'Ale 36,886,1 VC
- Ivrea - Vercelli
43,879,1 VC
Santhià 45,277,7 VC
54,468,5 VC
Balocco 60,062,9 VC
Area Servizio "Villarboit" 64,258,7 VC
Greggio 67,555,4 VC
Genova - Gravellona T. 72,450,5 NO
Biandrate-Vicolungo 73,649,3 NO
Novara Ovest 82,940,0 NO
Area Servizio Bidirezionale "Novara" 88,734,2 NO
Novara Est 90,532,4 NO
104,518,4 MI
Arluno 110,912,0 MI
Rho 118,44,5 MI
Barriera Milano Ghisolfa 120,82,1 MI
Tangenziale Ovest di Milano
Varese, Sesto C.
Como, Chiasso
120,92,0 MI
Area Servizio "Pero" 122,90,0 MI
n/d n/dMI
Milano V.le Certosa
125,0 516,3MI
Bresso - Milano Niguarda
Superstrada Milano-Meda
129,5511,8 MI
Area Servizio "Lambro" 133,6507,7 MI
Sesto San Giovanni
Cinisello Balsamo - Milano V.le Zara
136,1505,2 MI
Barriera Milano est 138,0503,3 MB
Tangenziale Nord Milano
138,0503,3 MB
Tangenziale Est Milano 144,5496,8 MB
Agrate Brianza 145,5495,8 MB
Area Servizio "Brianza" 148,4492,9 MB
Cavenago-Cambiago 149,7491,6 MB
Trezzo sull'Adda 156,8484,5 MI
Capriate 160,3481,0 BG
Area Servizio Bidirezionale "Brembo" 165,7475,6 BG
Dalmine 165,4475,9 BG
Orio al Serio
172,1469,2 BG
Seriate 178,7462,6 BG
Grumello-Telgate 187,3454,0 BG
Ponte Oglio 190,6450,7 BG
Palazzolo 192,8448,5 BS
Area Servizio Bidirezionale "Sebino" 197,5443,8 BS
Rovato 201,0 440,3 BS
Ospitaletto 206,0435,3 BS
Area Servizio "Val Trompia" 213,7427,6 BS
Brescia Ovest 214,9426,4 BS
Brescia Centro
222,3419,0 BS
Area Servizio "S. Giacomo" 226,5414,8 BS
Brescia Est
228,8413,5 BS
Area Parcheggio "Campagnola" 232,2409,1 BS
Desenzano 243,9397,4 BS
Area Servizio "Monte Alto" 244,6396,7 BS
Sirmione 251,3390.0 BS
Peschiera 258.8382,5 VR
Castelnuovo del Garda (under construction)
Strada Statale 450 di Affi
266.3375,0 VR
Area Parcheggio "Val di Sona" 268,4372.9 VR
270,4370.9 VR
Area Servizio "Monte Baldo" 271,7369.6 VR
Autostrada A22 275,3366.0 VR
Verona Sud 279,8361.5 VR
Verona Est 289,7351.6 VR
Area Servizio Bidirezionale "Scaligera" 300.7340,6 VR
Soave 302,4338.9 VR
Montebello 311,4329.9 VI
Montecchio 320,6320.7 VI
Area Servizio "Villa Morosini ovest" VI
Vicenza Ovest 326,6314.7 VI
Vicenza Est 334,2307.1 VI
Piovene Rocchette 335,6305.7 VI
Area Servizio "Tesina est" 336,0305.3 VI
Grisignano 343,3298.0 VI
Area Servizio Bidirezionale "Limenella" 354,5286.8 PD
Padova Ovest
Tangenziale di Padova
356.2285,1 PD
Padova Est
Tangenziale di Padova
363.3278,0 PD
Bologna 364,2277.1 PD
Area Servizio "Arino" 372.5268.8 VE
Tangenziale di Venezia - Mestre (west) 374.6 VE
Spinea 380.9 VE
Martellago - Scorzè to be opened on July 2012VE
Preganziol 400 TV
Tangenziale di Venezia (north)
402 TV
Tangenziale di Venezia - Quarto d'Altino (east) 407

Meolo-Roncade 19.7 VE-TV
San Donà di Piave-Noventa 28.2 VE
Area Servizio "Calstorta" 35 VE
Cessalto 35.8 TV
Santo Stino di Livenza 42.5 VE
Conegliano 55.4 VE
Area Servizio "Fratta" 59.5 VE
Latisana 68.8 UD
San Giorgio di Nogaro-Porpetto 86.3 UD
Area Servizio "Gonars" 90.3 VE
Villach - Vienna
93.3 UD
Palmanova 94.9 UD
Villesse - Gorizia
Nova Gorica
105.1 GO
Redipuglia - Monfalcone Ovest
Trieste-Ronchi d.L.
110.1 GO
Barriera Lisert 118.7 GO
Monfalcone Est 119.1 GO
Area Servizio "Duino" 122.6 TS
Duino 123.3 TS
Trieste - Istria
126.3 TS
Spur Sistiana - Padriciano
0.0 TS

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  1. Formerly known as Boffalora.

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