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A4161 road

View of the 3 lane dual carriageway at Newport Road looking towards the Southern Way flyover
Major junctions
East end: A4232 (Southern Way)
51°30′01″N 3°08′25″W / 51.5002°N 3.1402°W / 51.5002; -3.1402 (A4161 road (eastern end))
  A4232 A4232 road
A469 A469 road
A4160 A4160 road
A470 A470 road
A4119 A4119 road
A48 A48 road
West end: A48 (Ely Bridge)
51°29′06″N 3°13′43″W / 51.4851°N 3.2286°W / 51.4851; -3.2286 (A4161 road (western end))
Road network

The A4161 is a main road in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom.

The road links Cardiff city centre with Ely and the M4 motorway (Junction 33) via the A48 and the A4232 to the west and Cardiff city centre with Rumney and the A48(M) motorway via the A4232 and the A48 to the east.

History of the road number

Map of Cardiff in 1946, showing the route of the old A48.

The original (1923) route of the A48 was the main east-west link in south Wales. The A48 in Cardiff was re-numbered to the A4161 on 19 November 1971 when the Eastern Avenue dual carriageway became the A48.[1] By 2 November 1975, Queen Street was partly pedestrianised and 2 subways were opened under North Road and Boulevard de Nantes[1] to allow the A4161 then to move from Queen Street to Dumfries Place, Stuttgart Strasse, Boulevard De Nantes. The A48 section between Rumney and St Mellons later became the B4487 and Southern Way was built in 1978.[2]

Historic route of the old A48 in Cardiff

From east to west:

Present day

Throughout its entire length it has 30 mph (48 km/h) speed restrictions.

Current route of the A4161

From east to west it runs through the following roads in Cardiff:

The road then becomes the A470 from North Road (alongside Cardiff Castle through to Duke Street, before becoming the A4161 again from:

On the junction of Newport Road (A4161) and West Grove

Type of road (single / dual carriageway)

From To Type of road
Southern Way Albany Road 3 lane (both ways) dual carriageway
Albany Road Broadway 2 lane single carriageway
Broadway North Road 2 lane (both ways) dual carriageway
North Road and Duke Street (A470)
High Street Cathedral Road 2 lane (both ways) dual carriageway
Cathedral Road Ely Bridge 2 lane single carriageway
Cardiff Bridge


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Coordinates: 51°29′03″N 3°10′37″W / 51.4842°N 3.1769°W / 51.4842; -3.1769 (A4161 road)

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