A24 (company)

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Formerly called
A24 Films
Industry Entertainment
Founded August 20, 2012 (2012-08-20)[1]
  • Daniel Katz
  • David Fenkel
  • John Hodges
Headquarters 31 West 21st Street (Eleventh Floor), New York City, New York, United States
Number of locations
2 (2016)
Key people
  • Daniel Katz
  • David Fenkel
  • John Hodges
Number of employees
11-50[2] (2016)
Divisions A24 Television
Website a24.films

A24 is an American independent entertainment company founded on August 20, 2012[3] by Daniel Katz, David Fenkel, and John Hodges and is based in New York City. It specializes in film production, finance, television production and distribution.

Katz, Fenkel and Hodges prior to A24 worked in film and production, before leaving to pursue the company, which was originally A24 Films. Moderately starting out in 2013 with A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, the company's growth started with the release of Spring Breakers later that year. Their existence became well-known with Room, The Witch and Ex Machina, and has grown exponentially since then. They entered into deals with DirecTV Cinema and Amazon Prime later in 2013, with some films distributed through them, and the name was shortened to A24 in 2016.

Since their formation, A24 has been one of the most well-known independent film companies. Their films have been nominated for Academy Awards four times, and have a television division after their success with The Carmichael Show.


Founding and early years

A24 was founded on August 20, 2012 by film veterans Daniel Katz, David Fenkel, and John Hodges. Katz formerly led the finance group at Guggenheim Partners, Fenkel was the former president, co-founder and partner at Oscilloscope, and Hodges served as Head of Production and Development at Big Beach.[3]

Guggenheim Partners provided seed money for A24 to start up. The company was started for the founders to experience the company's "movies from a distinctive point of view".[4] In October 2012, Nicolette Aizenberg joined A24 as Head of Publicity, carrying over from 42West as Senior Publicity Executive.[5]

The company began in 2013.[6] The company marked its first theatrical release with Roman Coppola's A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, which had a limited release. Other 2013 theatrical releases included Sally Potter's Ginger & Rosa, Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers, Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring, and James Ponsoldt's The Spectacular Now.

In September 2013, A24 entered a $40 million deal with DirecTV Cinema, where DirecTV Cinema will offer the film 30-days prior to a theatrical release by the company; Enemy was the first to be distributed effectively.[7] That same year, A24 entered a deal with Amazon Prime, where A24 distributed films would be available on Amazon Instant Video after they become available on DVD and Blu-ray.[8]

2014–present: Television and later productions

In 2014, A24 ventured out of film and began producing the USA Network series Playing House under the brand. On May 12, 2015, it was reported that the company would be launching their own TV division, with future projects including an FX pilot featuring Jenny Slate and NBC's The Carmichael Show. The company also announced that they would also finance and develop pilots.[9]

In January 2016, Sasha Lloyd joined the company to handle all film, television distribution and business development in the international marketplace.[10] That same year, the company acquired all foreign rights to Swiss Army Man, distributing the film in all territories, and partnering with distributions who previously acquired rights to the film, a first for the company.[11] In June 2016, the company - along with Oscilloscope and distributor Honora, joined BitTorrent Now to distribute upon the work of their portfolio across the ad-supported service.[12]


A GIF image of the alternate version of the A24 logo.

The logo was designed by creative agency GrandArmy. According to the agency's website,

They needed an identity system that felt modern and progressive, yet aesthetically they were drawn to the golden age of mid-century Hollywood, and looked for a solution that would hint at that history.[13]

For the motion graphic, the animator was Adam Grabowski and the sound was designed by Felt, Not Heard.[14] The graphic presents three geometric shapes in which two more appear and lines forming the logo, as it simultaneously disappears. The music conveying the animation is a bowed guitar that "highlights the animation" and a synthesizer which creates the "space for the logo".[15]

GrandArmy on Vimeo described the animation as this:

The A24 logo is based on simple geometry - rectangles, triangles, perfect circles - intersected by one another. The "2" joins these simple shapes with organic forms at the top and bottom, reminiscent of old Hollywood serif numerals. This animation builds the complex logo out of these raw deconstructed forms.

An alternate version is available on Grabowski's Vimeo channel and website.[16] It presents a different animation, in which three geometric shapes pop out and form the logo, as it then unravels from the screen and ends. The music accompanying the graphic is reminiscent of 8-bit video game music.[17]


On average, A24 distributes and produces 18-20 films a year.[4]

Motion pictures from A24, listed by release date
Year Film Release date Box office (USD)
2013 A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III February 8, 2013 $210,565[18]
Ginger & Rosa March 15, 2013 $1.6 million[19]
Spring Breakers $32.1 million[20]
The Bling Ring June 14, 2013 $20 million[21]
The Spectacular Now August 2, 2013 $6.9 million[22]
2014 Enemy March 14, 2014 $3.3 million[23]
Under the Skin April 4, 2014 $5.7 million[24]
Locke April 25, 2014 $5 million[25]
Obvious Child June 6, 2014 $3 million[26]
The Rover June 13, 2014 $2.5 million[27]
Life After Beth August 15, 2014 $254,881[28]
The Captive September 5, 2014 $1.4 million[29]
Tusk September 19, 2014 $1.8 million[30]
Son of a Gun October 16, 2014 $60,402[31]
Revenge of the Green Dragons October 24, 2014 $59,484[32]
Laggies October 24, 2014 $1.8 million[33]
A Most Violent Year December 31, 2014 $5.9 million[34]
2015 While We're Young March 27, 2015 $10 million[35]
Cut Bank April 3, 2015 N/A
Ex Machina April 10, 2015 $36.6 million[36]
Barely Lethal April 30, 2015 $6,075[37]
Slow West May 20, 2015 $229,094[38]
Amy July 3, 2015 $22.4 million[39]
The End of the Tour July 31, 2015 $3 million[40]
Dark Places August 7, 2015 $3.2 million[41]
Mississippi Grind September 25, 2015 $170,053[42]
Room October 16, 2015 $17.4 million[43]
2016 Mojave January 22, 2016 $8,602[44]
The Witch February 19, 2016 $40.4 million[45]
Remember March 11, 2016 $1.1 million[46]
Krisha March 18, 2016 $144,822[47]
Green Room April 15, 2016 $3.8 million[48]
The Adderall Diaries $15,364[49]
The Lobster May 13, 2016 $15 million[50]
De Palma June 10, 2016 $165,237[51]
Swiss Army Man June 24, 2016 $4.6 million[52]
Equals July 15, 2016 $1.3 million[53]
Into the Forest July 29, 2016 $9,995[54]
Morris from America August 19, 2016 $91,151[55]
The Sea of Trees August 26, 2016 $662,762[56]
American Honey September 30, 2016 $1.7 million[57]
Moonlight October 21, 2016 $8.6 million[58]
Oasis: Supersonic October 26, 2016 $1.1 million[59]
The Monster November 11, 2016 $12,544[60]
20th Century Women December 25, 2016
Trespass Against Us January 20, 2017
Free Fire March 17, 2017
How to Talk to Girls at Parties
The Blackcoat's Daughter
The Lovers
Lean on Pete
The Killing of a Sacred Deer
The Exception
It Comes at Night
Television shows by A24, listed by release date
Year Name Air date Number of seasons Number of episodes Distributor
2014 Playing House April 29, 2014 – present 2 18 NBCUniversal Television Distribution
2015 The Carmichael Show August 26, 2015 – present 19
2016 Iron Fisting TBA 1 N/A TBA


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