99 (song)

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West German release with 1980 tour dates
Single by Toto
from the album Hydra
Released January 4, 1980
Format 7" single
Recorded 1979
Genre Soft rock
Length 3:28 (single release)
5:16 (album release)[1]
Label Columbia
Writer(s) David Paich
Producer(s) Toto, Tom Knox, James Guthrie
Toto singles chronology
"St. George and the Dragon"
"All Us Boys"

"99" is a song by the American rock band Toto. The song appeared on the Hydra album in 1979.[2] When released as a single, it reached number 26 on the Billboard charts.[3]

The song was written as a tribute to George Lucas' film THX 1138 and the music video resembles a scene in the movie.[1][2][4] In the video, as in the movie scene where the main character (named "THX-1138") is imprisoned, the room is completely white and everyone is wearing a white jumpsuit.[5] Toto Legend, the former official International Toto Fan Club newsletter, reviewed the video:

'99' was predominantly a performance video, though the set design was rather conceptual. Following David Paich's intention regarding the lyrics, about a sterile society in which names are forgotten and love forbidden, the set was sterile white, with various sized sculptured 99's hanging and standing about, and the band was clad in futuristic white jumpsuits. There were some notable shots in this one — keyboard close-ups and an artistic view of Jeff through a transparent drum head, a technique that several popular videos have copied since.[5]



Track listing

  1. "99" - (3:28)
  2. "Hydra" - (5:04)


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