5 January 2006 Iraq bombings

5 January 2006 Iraq bombings
Location Karbala and Ramadi, Iraq
Date 5 January 2006 (UTC+3)
Target Shia pilgrims, police recruiting centre
Attack type
suicide attack
Deaths about 120 or more
Non-fatal injuries
at least 120

The 5 January 2006 Iraq bombings were a series of suicide attacks that occurred on 5 January 2006, in the Shiite holy city of Karbala and in central city of Ramadi, each killing about 60 or more.

The bombings in Ramadi consisted of two suicide bombers detonating their bombs within minutes of each other. The casualty count by personnel on the ground put the total at 118 (including the two working dogs) 110 of which were Iraqi civilians volunteering to become Iraqi police. Eight were Americans including two working dogs. Thirty civilians died immediately and a further 46 were taken to Camp Ramadi for treatment.


A day later, residents of Ramadi blamed al Qaeda in Iraq for the attack.[1]


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