List of MPs elected in the United Kingdom general election, 2015

Fifty-sixth Parliament of the United Kingdom
55th Parliament 57th Parliament

Election United Kingdom general election, 2015
Government May ministry
Second Cameron ministry – until 13 July 2016
House of Commons
Members 650
Speaker John Bercow
Leader David Lidington
Chris Grayling – until 14 July 2016
Prime Minister Theresa May
David Cameron – until 13 July 2016
Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn
Harriet Harman – acting until 12 September 2015
Third-party leader Angus Robertson
House of Lords
Members 780
Lord Speaker The Lord Fowler
The Baroness D'Souza – until 31 August 2016
Leader The Baroness Evans of Bowes Park
The Baroness Stowell of Beeston – until 14 July 2016
Leader of the Opposition The Baroness Smith of Basildon
Third-party leader The Lord Wallace of Tankerness
Crown-in-Parliament Queen Elizabeth II
1st 27 May 2015 (2015-05-27) – 12 May 2016 (2016-05-12)
2nd 18 May 2016 (2016-05-18) 

The fifty-sixth Parliament of the United Kingdom is the legislature of the United Kingdom following the 2015 general election of Members of Parliament (MPs) to the House of Commons. Parliament, which consists of the House of Lords and the elected House of Commons, was convened on 27 May 2015 at the Palace of Westminster by Queen Elizabeth II.

The election saw each of Parliament's 650 constituencies return one MP to the House of Commons. It resulted in a Conservative majority, a massive loss of seats for the Liberal Democrats, and all but three Scottish seats going to the SNP.

UKIP won its first seat at a general election. Alliance and Respect each had their representation from the last Parliament wiped out. The UUP won representation after none in the previous Parliament.

House of Commons composition

Below is a graphical representation of the House of Commons showing a comparison of party strengths as it was directly after the 2015 general election. This is not a seating plan of the House of Commons, which has five rows of benches on each side, with the government party to the right of the Speaker and opposition parties to the left, but with room for only around two-thirds of MPs to sit at any one time.

This table shows the number of MPs in each party:

Affiliation Members[1]
After the 2015 general election Current
Conservative 330 328
Labour 232 231
SNP 56 54
Liberal Democrat 8 9
DUP 8 8
  Independent 1 4
Sinn Féin 4 4
Plaid Cymru 3 3
SDLP 3 3
UUP 2 2
Green 1 1
  Speaker 1 1
UKIP 1 1
Vacant 1
Total number of seats 650 650
Actual government majority 16 13

List of MPs elected in the general election

The following table is a list of MPs elected, ordered by constituency. Names of incumbents are listed where they stood for re-election; for details of defeated new candidates and the incumbent who stood down in those cases see individual constituency articles.

Constituency Party of incumbent
before election
Member returned (2015)[2] Notes[3]
Aberavon Labour Kinnock, The Hon. StephenThe Hon. Stephen Kinnock (L)Seat held, incumbent Hywel Francis stood down
Aberconwy Conservative Bebb, GutoGuto Bebb (C)Seat held
Aberdeen North Labour Blackman, KirstyKirsty Blackman (SNP)Seat gain, incumbent Frank Doran stood down
Aberdeen South Labour McCaig, CallumCallum McCaig (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Dame Anne Begg
Airdrie and Shotts Labour Gray, NeilNeil Gray (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Pamela Nash
Aldershot Conservative Howarth, Sir GeraldSir Gerald Howarth (C)Seat held
Aldridge-Brownhills Conservative Morton, WendyWendy Morton (C)Seat held, incumbent Sir Richard Shepherd stood down
Altrincham and Sale West Conservative Brady, GrahamGraham Brady (C)Seat held
Alyn and Deeside Labour Tami, MarkMark Tami (L)Seat held
Amber Valley Conservative Mills, NigelNigel Mills (C)Seat held
Angus SNP Weir, MikeMike Weir (SNP)Seat held
Arfon Plaid Cymru Williams, HywelHywel Williams (PC)Seat held
Argyll and Bute Liberal Democrats O'Hara, BrendanBrendan O'Hara (SNP) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Alan Reid
Arundel and South Downs Conservative Herbert, NickNick Herbert (C)Seat held
Ashfield Labour De Piero, GloriaGloria De Piero (L)Seat held
Ashford Conservative Green, DamianDamian Green (C)Seat held
Ashton-under-Lyne Labour Rayner, AngelaAngela Rayner (L)Seat held, incumbent David Heyes stood down
Aylesbury Conservative Lidington, DavidDavid Lidington (C)Seat held
Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock Labour Wilson, CorriCorri Wilson (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Sandra Osborne
Banbury Conservative Prentis, The Hon. VictoriaThe Hon. Victoria Prentis (C)Seat held, incumbent Sir Tony Baldry stood down
Banff and Buchan SNP Whiteford, EilidhEilidh Whiteford (SNP)Seat held
Barking Labour Hodge, Margaret, LadyMargaret, Lady Hodge (L)Seat held
Barnsley Central Labour Jarvis, DanDan Jarvis (L)Seat held
Barnsley East Labour Dugher, MichaelMichael Dugher (L)Seat held
Barrow and Furness Labour Co-operative Woodcock, JohnJohn Woodcock (L Co-op)Seat held
Basildon and Billericay Conservative Baron, JohnJohn Baron (C)Seat held
Basingstoke Conservative Miller, MariaMaria Miller (C)Seat held
Bassetlaw Labour Mann, JohnJohn Mann (L)Seat held
Bath Liberal Democrats Howlett, BenBen Howlett (C) Seat gain, incumbent Don Foster stood down
Batley and Spen Labour Cox, JoJo Cox (L)Seat held, incumbent Mike Wood stood down
Battersea Conservative Ellison, JaneJane Ellison (C)Seat held
Beaconsfield Conservative Grieve, DominicDominic Grieve (C)Seat held
Beckenham Conservative Stewart, BobBob Stewart (C) Seat held
Bedford Conservative Fuller, RichardRichard Fuller (C)Seat held
Belfast East Alliance Robinson, GavinGavin Robinson (DUP) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Naomi Long
Belfast North DUP Dodds, NigelNigel Dodds (DUP)Seat held
Belfast South SDLP McDonnell, AlasdairAlasdair McDonnell (SDLP)Seat held
Belfast West Sinn Féin Maskey, PaulPaul Maskey (SF)Seat held
Bermondsey and Old Southwark Liberal Democrats Coyle, NeilNeil Coyle (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Simon Hughes
Berwick-upon-Tweed Liberal Democrats Trevelyan, Anne-MarieAnne-Marie Trevelyan (C)Seat gain, incumbent Sir Alan Beith stood down
Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk Liberal Democrats Kerr, CalumCalum Kerr (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Michael Moore
Bethnal Green and Bow Labour Ali, RushanaraRushanara Ali (L)Seat held
Beverley and Holderness Conservative Stuart, GrahamGraham Stuart (C)Seat held
Bexhill and Battle Conservative Merriman, HuwHuw Merriman (C)Seat held, incumbent Gregory Barker stood down
Bexleyheath and Crayford Conservative Evennett, DavidDavid Evennett (C)Seat held
Birkenhead Labour Field, FrankFrank Field (L)Seat held
Birmingham, Edgbaston Labour Stuart, GiselaGisela Stuart (L)Seat held
Birmingham, Erdington Labour Dromey, JackJack Dromey (L) Seat held
Birmingham, Hall Green Labour Godsiff, RogerRoger Godsiff (L) Seat held
Birmingham, Hodge Hill Labour Byrne, LiamLiam Byrne (L) Seat held
Birmingham, Ladywood Labour Mahmood, ShabanaShabana Mahmood (L) Seat held
Birmingham, Northfield Labour Burden, RichardRichard Burden (L) Seat held
Birmingham, Perry Barr Labour Mahmood, KhalidKhalid Mahmood (L) Seat held
Birmingham, Selly Oak Labour McCabe, SteveSteve McCabe (L) Seat held
Birmingham, Yardley Liberal Democrats Phillips, JessJess Phillips (L) Seat gain, defeated incumbent John Hemming
Bishop Auckland Labour Goodman, HelenHelen Goodman (L) Seat held
Blackburn Independent[lower-alpha 1] Hollern, KateKate Hollern (L) Seat held, incumbent Jack Straw stood down
Blackley and Broughton Labour Stringer, GrahamGraham Stringer (L) Seat held
Blackpool North and Cleveleys Conservative Maynard, PaulPaul Maynard (C)Seat held
Blackpool South Labour Marsden, GordonGordon Marsden (L) Seat held
Blaenau Gwent Labour Smith, NickNick Smith (L) Seat held
Blaydon Labour Anderson, DavidDavid Anderson (L) Seat held
Blyth Valley Labour Campbell, RonnieRonnie Campbell (L) Seat held
Bognor Regis and Littlehampton Conservative Gibb, NickNick Gibb (C) Seat held
Bolsover Labour Skinner, DennisDennis Skinner (L) Seat held
Bolton North East Labour Crausby, DavidDavid Crausby (L) Seat held
Bolton South East Labour Qureshi, YasminYasmin Qureshi (L) Seat held
Bolton West Labour Green, ChrisChris Green (C) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Julie Hilling
Bootle Labour Dowd, PeterPeter Dowd (L) Seat held, incumbent Joe Benton stood down
Boston and Skegness Conservative Warman, MattMatt Warman (C) Seat held, incumbent Mark Simmonds stood down
Bosworth Conservative Tredinnick, DavidDavid Tredinnick (C) Seat held
Bournemouth East Conservative Ellwood, TobiasTobias Ellwood (C) Seat held
Bournemouth West Conservative Burns, ConorConor Burns (C) Seat held
Bracknell Conservative Lee, PhillipPhillip Lee (C)Seat held
Bradford East Liberal Democrats Hussain, ImranImran Hussain (L) Seat gain, defeated incumbent David Ward
Bradford South Labour Cummins, JudithJudith Cummins (L) Seat held, incumbent Gerry Sutcliffe stood down
Bradford West Respect Shah, NazNaz Shah (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent George Galloway
Braintree Conservative Cleverly, JamesJames Cleverly (C) Seat held, incumbent Brooks Newmark stood down
Brecon and Radnorshire Liberal Democrats Davies, ChristopherChristopher Davies (C) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Roger Hugh Williams
Brent Central Liberal Democrats Butler, DawnDawn Butler (L) Seat gain, incumbent Sarah Teather stood down
Brent North Labour Gardiner, BarryBarry Gardiner (L) Seat held
Brentford and Isleworth Conservative Cadbury, RuthRuth Cadbury (L) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Mary Macleod
Brentwood and Ongar Conservative Pickles, Sir EricSir Eric Pickles (C) Seat held
Bridgend Labour Moon, MadeleineMadeleine Moon (L) Seat held
Bridgwater and West Somerset Conservative Liddell-Grainger, IanIan Liddell-Grainger (C) Seat held
Brigg and Goole Conservative Percy, AndrewAndrew Percy (C) Seat held
Brighton Kemptown Conservative Kirby, SimonSimon Kirby (C)Seat held
Brighton Pavilion Green Party Lucas, CarolineCaroline Lucas (Green) Seat held
Bristol East Labour McCarthy, KerryKerry McCarthy (L) Seat held
Bristol North West Conservative Leslie, CharlotteCharlotte Leslie (C) Seat held
Bristol South Labour Smyth, KarinKarin Smyth (L)Seat held, incumbent Dame Dawn Primarolo stood down
Bristol West Liberal Democrats Debbonaire, ThangamThangam Debbonaire (L) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Stephen Williams
Broadland Conservative Simpson, KeithKeith Simpson (C)Seat held
Bromley and Chislehurst Conservative Neill, BobBob Neill (C) Seat held
Bromsgrove Conservative Javid, SajidSajid Javid (C) Seat held
Broxbourne Conservative Walker, CharlesCharles Walker (C) Seat held
Broxtowe Conservative Soubry, AnnaAnna Soubry (C) Seat held
Buckingham The Speaker seeking re-election Bercow, JohnJohn Bercow (Speaker)Seat held
Burnley Liberal Democrats Cooper, JulieJulie Cooper (L) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Gordon Birtwistle
Burton Conservative Griffiths, AndrewAndrew Griffiths (C) Seat held
Bury North Conservative Nuttall, DavidDavid Nuttall (C)Seat held
Bury South Labour Lewis, IvanIvan Lewis (L) Seat held
Bury St Edmunds Conservative Churchill, JoJo Churchill (C)Seat held, incumbent David Ruffley stood down
Caerphilly Labour David, WayneWayne David (L)Seat held
Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross Liberal Democrats Monaghan, PaulPaul Monaghan (SNP) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Viscount Thurso
Calder Valley Conservative Whittaker, CraigCraig Whittaker (C)Seat held
Camberwell and Peckham Labour Harman, HarrietHarriet Harman (L)Seat held
Camborne and Redruth Conservative Eustice, GeorgeGeorge Eustice (C)Seat held
Cambridge Liberal Democrats Zeichner, DanielDaniel Zeichner (L) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Julian Huppert
Cannock Chase Conservative Milling, AmandaAmanda Milling (C)Seat held, incumbent Aidan Burley stood down
Canterbury Conservative Brazier, JulianJulian Brazier (C)Seat held
Cardiff Central Liberal Democrats Stevens, JoJo Stevens (L) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Jenny Willott
Cardiff North Conservative Williams, CraigCraig Williams (C)Seat held, incumbent Jonathan Evans stood down
Cardiff South and Penarth Labour Co-operative Doughty, StephenStephen Doughty (L Co-op)Seat held
Cardiff West Labour Brennan, KevinKevin Brennan (L)Seat held
Carlisle Conservative Stevenson, JohnJohn Stevenson (C)Seat held
Carmarthen East and Dinefwr Plaid Cymru Edwards, JonathanJonathan Edwards (PC)Seat held
Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire Conservative Hart, SimonSimon Hart (C)Seat held
Carshalton and Wallington Liberal Democrats Brake, TomTom Brake (LD)Seat held
Castle Point Conservative Harris, RebeccaRebecca Harris (C)Seat held
Central Ayrshire Labour Whitford, PhilippaPhilippa Whitford (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Brian Donohoe
Central Devon Conservative Stride, MelMel Stride (C)Seat held
Central Suffolk and North Ipswich Conservative Poulter, DanielDaniel Poulter (C)Seat held
Ceredigion Liberal Democrats Williams, MarkMark Williams (LD)Seat held
Charnwood Conservative Argar, EdwardEdward Argar (C)Seat held, incumbent Stephen Dorrell stood down
Chatham and Aylesford Conservative Crouch, TraceyTracey Crouch (C)Seat held
Cheadle Liberal Democrats Robinson, MaryMary Robinson (C) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Mark Hunter
Chelmsford Conservative Burns, Sir SimonSir Simon Burns (C) Seat held
Chelsea and Fulham Conservative Hands, GregGreg Hands (C) Seat held
Cheltenham Liberal Democrats Chalk, AlexAlex Chalk (C) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Martin Horwood
Chesham and Amersham Conservative Gillan, CherylCheryl Gillan (C) Seat held
Chesterfield Labour Perkins, TobyToby Perkins (L)Seat held
Chichester Conservative Tyrie, AndrewAndrew Tyrie (C)Seat held
Chingford and Woodford Green Conservative Duncan Smith, IainIain Duncan Smith (C)Seat held
Chippenham Liberal Democrats Donelan, MichelleMichelle Donelan (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Duncan Hames
Chipping Barnet Conservative Villiers, TheresaTheresa Villiers (C)Seat held
Chorley Labour Hoyle, LindsayLindsay Hoyle (L)Seat held
Christchurch Conservative Chope, ChristopherChristopher Chope (C)Seat held
Cities of London and Westminster Conservative Field, MarkMark Field (C)Seat held
City of Chester Conservative Matheson, ChrisChris Matheson (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Stephen Mosley
Clacton UKIP Carswell, DouglasDouglas Carswell (UKIP)Seat held
Cleethorpes Conservative Vickers, MartinMartin Vickers (C) Seat held
Clwyd South Labour Jones, Susan ElanSusan Elan Jones (L)Seat held
Clwyd West Conservative Jones, DavidDavid Jones (C)Seat held
Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill Labour Boswell, PhilPhil Boswell (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Tom Clarke
Colchester Liberal Democrats Quince, WillWill Quince (C) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Sir Bob Russell
Colne Valley Conservative McCartney, JasonJason McCartney (C)Seat held
Congleton Conservative Bruce, FionaFiona Bruce (C)Seat held
Copeland Labour Reed, JamieJamie Reed (L)Seat held
Corby Labour Co-operative Pursglove, TomTom Pursglove (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Andy Sawford
The Cotswolds Conservative Clifton-Brown, GeoffreyGeoffrey Clifton-Brown (C)Seat held
Coventry North East Labour Fletcher, ColleenColleen Fletcher (L) Seat held, incumbent Bob Ainsworth stood down
Coventry North West Labour Robinson, GeoffreyGeoffrey Robinson (L) Seat held
Coventry South Labour Cunningham, JimJim Cunningham (L) Seat held
Crawley Conservative Smith, HenryHenry Smith (C)Seat held
Crewe and Nantwich Conservative Timpson, EdwardEdward Timpson (C)Seat held
Croydon Central Conservative Barwell, GavinGavin Barwell (C)Seat held
Croydon North Labour Co-operative Reed, SteveSteve Reed (L Co-op) Seat held
Croydon South Conservative Philp, ChrisChris Philp (C)Seat held, incumbent Sir Richard Ottaway stood down
Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East Labour McDonald, StuartStuart McDonald (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Gregg McClymont
Cynon Valley Labour Clwyd, AnnAnn Clwyd (L) Seat held
Dagenham and Rainham Labour Cruddas, JonJon Cruddas (L) Seat held
Darlington Labour Chapman, JennyJenny Chapman (L) Seat held
Dartford Conservative Johnson, GarethGareth Johnson (C)Seat held
Daventry Conservative Heaton-Harris, ChrisChris Heaton-Harris (C) Seat held
Delyn Labour Hanson, DavidDavid Hanson (L) Seat held
Denton and Reddish Labour Gwynne, AndrewAndrew Gwynne (L) Seat held
Derby North Labour Solloway, AmandaAmanda Solloway (C) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Chris Williamson
Derby South Labour Beckett, Dame MargaretDame Margaret Beckett (L) Seat held
Derbyshire Dales Conservative McLoughlin, PatrickPatrick McLoughlin (C) Seat held
Devizes Conservative Perry, ClaireClaire Perry (C) Seat held
Dewsbury Conservative Sherriff, PaulaPaula Sherriff (L) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Simon Reevell
Don Valley Labour Flint, CarolineCaroline Flint (L)Seat held
Doncaster Central Labour Winterton, RosieRosie Winterton (L)Seat held
Doncaster North Labour Miliband, EdEd Miliband (L)Seat held
Dover Conservative Elphicke, CharlieCharlie Elphicke (C)Seat held
Dudley North Labour Austin, IanIan Austin (L)Seat held
Dudley South Conservative Wood, MikeMike Wood (C)Seat held, incumbent Chris Kelly stood down
Dulwich and West Norwood Labour Hayes, HelenHelen Hayes (L)Seat held, incumbent Dame Tessa Jowell stood down
Dumfries and Galloway Labour Arkless, RichardRichard Arkless (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Russell Brown
Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale Conservative Mundell, DavidDavid Mundell (C)Seat held
Dundee East SNP Hosie, StewartStewart Hosie (SNP)Seat held
Dundee West Labour Law, ChrisChris Law (SNP)Seat gain, incumbent Jim McGovern stood down
Dunfermline and West Fife Labour Chapman, DouglasDouglas Chapman (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Thomas Docherty
City of Durham Labour Blackman-Woods, RobertaRoberta Blackman-Woods (L) Seat held
Dwyfor Meirionnydd Plaid Cymru Saville-Roberts, LizLiz Saville-Roberts (PC)Seat held, incumbent Elfyn Llwyd stood down
Ealing Central and Acton Conservative Huq, RupaRupa Huq (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Angie Bray
Ealing North Labour Pound, StephenStephen Pound (L) Seat held
Ealing Southall Labour Sharma, VirendraVirendra Sharma (L) Seat held
Easington Labour Morris, GrahameGrahame Morris (L) Seat held
East Antrim DUP Wilson, SammySammy Wilson (DUP) Seat held
East Devon Conservative Swire, HugoHugo Swire (C)Seat held
East Dunbartonshire Liberal Democrats Nicolson, JohnJohn Nicolson (SNP) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Jo Swinson
East Ham Labour Timms, StephenStephen Timms (L) Seat held
East Hampshire Conservative Hinds, DamianDamian Hinds (C)Seat held
East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow Labour Cameron, LisaLisa Cameron (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Michael McCann
East Londonderry DUP Campbell, GregoryGregory Campbell (DUP) Seat held
East Lothian Labour Kerevan, GeorgeGeorge Kerevan (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Fiona O'Donnell
East Renfrewshire Labour Oswald, KirstenKirsten Oswald (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Jim Murphy
East Surrey Conservative Gyimah, SamSam Gyimah (C)Seat held
East Worthing and Shoreham Conservative Loughton, TimTim Loughton (C)Seat held
East Yorkshire Conservative Knight, Sir GregSir Greg Knight (C)Seat held
Eastbourne Liberal Democrats Ansell, CarolineCaroline Ansell (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Stephen Lloyd
Eastleigh Liberal Democrats Davies, MimsMims Davies (C) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Mike Thornton
Eddisbury Conservative Sandbach, AntoinetteAntoinette Sandbach (C)Seat held, incumbent Stephen O'Brien stood down
Edinburgh East Labour Sheppard, TommyTommy Sheppard (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Sheila Gilmore
Edinburgh North and Leith Labour Co-operative Brock, DeidreDeidre Brock (SNP) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Mark Lazarowicz
Edinburgh South Labour Murray, IanIan Murray (L) Seat held
Edinburgh South West Labour Cherry, JoannaJoanna Cherry (SNP)Seat gain, incumbent Alistair Darling stood down
Edinburgh West Liberal Democrats Thomson, MichelleMichelle Thomson (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Michael Crockart
Edmonton Labour Co-operative Osamor, KateKate Osamor (L Co-op) Seat held, incumbent Andy Love stood down
Ellesmere Port and Neston Labour Madders, JustinJustin Madders (L) Seat held, incumbent Andrew Miller stood down
Elmet and Rothwell Conservative Shelbrooke, AlecAlec Shelbrooke (C)Seat held
Eltham Labour Efford, CliveClive Efford (L) Seat held
Enfield North Conservative Ryan, JoanJoan Ryan (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Nick de Bois
Enfield Southgate Conservative Burrowes, DavidDavid Burrowes (C)Seat held
Epping Forest Conservative Laing, EleanorEleanor Laing (C)Seat held
Epsom and Ewell Conservative Grayling, ChrisChris Grayling (C)Seat held
Erewash Conservative Throup, MaggieMaggie Throup (C)Seat held, incumbent Jessica Lee stood down
Erith and Thamesmead Labour Pearce, TeresaTeresa Pearce (L) Seat held
Esher and Walton Conservative Raab, DominicDominic Raab (C)Seat held
Exeter Labour Bradshaw, BenBen Bradshaw (L)Seat held
Falkirk Independent[lower-alpha 1] McNally, JohnJohn McNally (SNP)Seat gain, incumbent Eric Joyce (originally a Labour MP) stood down
Fareham Conservative Fernandes, SuellaSuella Fernandes (C)Seat held, incumbent Mark Hoban stood down
Faversham and Mid Kent Conservative Whately, HelenHelen Whately (C)Seat held, incumbent Sir Hugh Robertson stood down
Feltham and Heston Labour Co-operative Malhotra, SeemaSeema Malhotra (L Co-op) Seat held
Fermanagh and South Tyrone Sinn Féin Elliott, TomTom Elliott (UUP) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Michelle Gildernew
Filton and Bradley Stoke Conservative Lopresti, JackJack Lopresti (C)Seat held
Finchley and Golders Green Conservative Freer, MikeMike Freer (C)Seat held
Folkestone and Hythe Conservative Collins, DamianDamian Collins (C)Seat held
Forest of Dean Conservative Harper, MarkMark Harper (C)Seat held
Foyle SDLP Durkan, MarkMark Durkan (SDLP)Seat held
Fylde Conservative Menzies, MarkMark Menzies (C) Seat held
Gainsborough Conservative Leigh, Sir EdwardSir Edward Leigh (C) Seat held
Garston and Halewood Labour Eagle, MariaMaria Eagle (L)Seat held
Gateshead Labour Mearns, IanIan Mearns (L)Seat held
Gedling Labour Coaker, VernonVernon Coaker (L)Seat held
Gillingham and Rainham Conservative Chishti, RehmanRehman Chishti (C) Seat held
Glasgow Central Labour Thewliss, AlisonAlison Thewliss (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Anas Sarwar
Glasgow East Labour McGarry, NatalieNatalie McGarry (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Margaret Curran
Glasgow North Labour Grady, PatrickPatrick Grady (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Ann McKechin
Glasgow North East Labour McLaughlin, AnneAnne McLaughlin (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Willie Bain
Glasgow North West Labour Monaghan, CarolCarol Monaghan (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent John Robertson
Glasgow South Labour McDonald, StewartStewart McDonald (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Tom Harris
Glasgow South West Labour Co-operative Stephens, ChrisChris Stephens (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Ian Davidson
Glenrothes Labour Grant, PeterPeter Grant (SNP)Seat gain, incumbent Lindsay Roy stood down
Gloucester Conservative Graham, RichardRichard Graham (C)Seat held
Gordon Liberal Democrats Salmond, AlexAlex Salmond (SNP)Seat gain, incumbent Sir Malcolm Bruce stood down
Gosport Conservative Dinenage, CarolineCaroline Dinenage (C)Seat held
Gower Labour Davies, ByronByron Davies (C)Seat gain, incumbent Martin Caton stood down
Grantham and Stamford Conservative Boles, NicholasNicholas Boles (C)Seat held
Gravesham Conservative Holloway, AdamAdam Holloway (C)Seat held
Great Grimsby Labour Onn, MelanieMelanie Onn (L)Seat held, incumbent Austin Mitchell stood down
Great Yarmouth Conservative Lewis, BrandonBrandon Lewis (C)Seat held
Greenwich and Woolwich Labour Pennycook, MatthewMatthew Pennycook (L)Seat held, incumbent Nick Raynsford stood down
Guildford Conservative Milton, AnneAnne Milton (C)Seat held
Hackney North and Stoke Newington Labour Abbott, DianeDiane Abbott (L)Seat held
Hackney South and Shoreditch Labour Co-operative Hillier, MegMeg Hillier (L Co-op)Seat held
Halesowen and Rowley Regis Conservative Morris, JamesJames Morris (C)Seat held
Halifax Labour Co-operative Lynch, HollyHolly Lynch (L)Seat held, incumbent Linda Riordan stood down
Haltemprice and Howden Conservative Davis, DavidDavid Davis (C)Seat held
Halton Labour Twigg, DerekDerek Twigg (L)Seat held
Hammersmith Labour Slaughter, AndyAndy Slaughter (L)Seat held
Hampstead and Kilburn Labour Siddiq, TulipTulip Siddiq (L)Seat held, incumbent Glenda Jackson stood down
Harborough Conservative Garnier, Sir EdwardSir Edward Garnier (C)Seat held
Harlow Conservative Halfon, RobertRobert Halfon (C)Seat held
Harrogate and Knaresborough Conservative Jones, AndrewAndrew Jones (C)Seat held
Harrow East Conservative Blackman, BobBob Blackman (C)Seat held
Harrow West Labour Co-operative Thomas, GarethGareth Thomas (L Co-op)Seat held
Hartlepool Labour Wright, IainIain Wright (L)Seat held
Harwich and North Essex Conservative Jenkin, The Hon. BernardThe Hon. Bernard Jenkin (C)Seat held
Hastings and Rye Conservative Rudd, AmberAmber Rudd (C)Seat held
Havant Conservative Mak, AlanAlan Mak (C) Seat held, incumbent David Willetts stood down
Hayes and Harlington Labour McDonnell, JohnJohn McDonnell (L)Seat held
Hazel Grove Liberal Democrats Wragg, WilliamWilliam Wragg (C) Seat gain, incumbent Sir Andrew Stunell stood down
Hemel Hempstead Conservative Penning, MikeMike Penning (C)Seat held
Hemsworth Labour Trickett, JonJon Trickett (L)Seat held
Hendon Conservative Offord, MatthewMatthew Offord (C)Seat held
Henley Conservative Howell, JohnJohn Howell (C)Seat held
Hereford and South Herefordshire Conservative Norman, JesseJesse Norman (C)Seat held
Hertford and Stortford Conservative Prisk, MarkMark Prisk (C)Seat held
Hertsmere Conservative Dowden, OliverOliver Dowden (C)Seat held, incumbent James Clappison stood down
Hexham Conservative Opperman, GuyGuy Opperman (C)Seat held
Heywood and Middleton Labour McInnes, LizLiz McInnes (L)Seat held
High Peak Conservative Bingham, AndrewAndrew Bingham (C)Seat held
Hitchin and Harpenden Conservative Lilley, PeterPeter Lilley (C)Seat held
Holborn and St Pancras Labour Starmer, KeirKeir Starmer (L)Seat held, incumbent Frank Dobson stood down
Hornchurch and Upminster Conservative Watkinson, Dame AngelaDame Angela Watkinson (C)Seat held
Hornsey and Wood Green Liberal Democrats West, CatherineCatherine West (L) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Lynne Featherstone
Horsham Conservative Quin, JeremyJeremy Quin (C)Seat held, incumbent Francis Maude stood down
Houghton and Sunderland South Labour Phillipson, BridgetBridget Phillipson (L)Seat held
Hove Conservative Kyle, PeterPeter Kyle (L)Seat gain, incumbent Mike Weatherley stood down
Huddersfield Labour Co-operative Sheerman, BarryBarry Sheerman (L Co-op)Seat held
Huntingdon Conservative Djanogly, JonathanJonathan Djanogly (C)Seat held
Hyndburn Labour Jones, GrahamGraham Jones (L)Seat held
Ilford North Conservative Streeting, WesWes Streeting (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Lee Scott
Ilford South Labour Co-operative Gapes, MikeMike Gapes (L Co-op)Seat held
Inverclyde Labour Cowan, RonnieRonnie Cowan (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Iain McKenzie
Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey Liberal Democrats Hendry, DrewDrew Hendry (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Danny Alexander
Ipswich Conservative Gummer, The Hon. BenThe Hon. Ben Gummer (C)Seat held
Isle of Wight Conservative Turner, AndrewAndrew Turner (C)Seat held
Islington North Labour Corbyn, JeremyJeremy Corbyn (L)Seat held
Islington South and Finsbury Labour Thornberry, EmilyEmily Thornberry (L)Seat held
Islwyn Labour Co-operative Evans, ChrisChris Evans (L Co-op)Seat held
Jarrow Labour Hepburn, StephenStephen Hepburn (L)Seat held
Keighley Conservative Hopkins, KrisKris Hopkins (C)Seat held
Kenilworth and Southam Conservative Wright, JeremyJeremy Wright (C)Seat held
Kensington Independent[lower-alpha 1] Borwick, Victoria, LadyVictoria, Lady Borwick (C)Seat held, incumbent Sir Malcolm Rifkind stood down
Kettering Conservative Hollobone, PhilipPhilip Hollobone (C)Seat held
Kilmarnock and Loudoun Labour Co-operative Brown, AlanAlan Brown (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Cathy Jamieson
Kingston and Surbiton Liberal Democrats Berry, JamesJames Berry (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Ed Davey
Kingston upon Hull East Labour Turner, KarlKarl Turner (L)Seat held
Kingston upon Hull North Labour Johnson, DianaDiana Johnson (L)Seat held
Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle Labour Johnson, AlanAlan Johnson (L)Seat held
Kingswood Conservative Skidmore, ChrisChris Skidmore (C)Seat held
Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath Labour Mullin, RogerRoger Mullin (SNP)Seat gain, incumbent Gordon Brown stood down
Knowsley Labour Howarth, GeorgeGeorge Howarth (L)Seat held
Lagan Valley DUP Donaldson, JeffreyJeffrey Donaldson (DUP)Seat held
Lanark and Hamilton East Labour Crawley, AngelaAngela Crawley (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Jimmy Hood
Lancaster and Fleetwood Conservative Smith, CatCat Smith (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Eric Ollerenshaw
Leeds Central Labour Benn, HilaryHilary Benn (L)Seat held
Leeds East Labour Burgon, RichardRichard Burgon (L)Seat held, incumbent George Mudie stood down
Leeds North East Labour Hamilton, FabianFabian Hamilton (L)Seat held
Leeds North West Liberal Democrats Mulholland, GregGreg Mulholland (LD)Seat held
Leeds West Labour Reeves, RachelRachel Reeves (L)Seat held
Leicester East Labour Vaz, KeithKeith Vaz (L)Seat held
Leicester South Labour Co-operative Ashworth, JonJon Ashworth (L Co-op)Seat held
Leicester West Labour Kendall, LizLiz Kendall (L)Seat held
Leigh Labour Burnham, AndyAndy Burnham (L)Seat held
Lewes Liberal Democrats Caulfield, MariaMaria Caulfield (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Norman Baker
Lewisham East Labour Alexander, HeidiHeidi Alexander (L)Seat held
Lewisham West and Penge Labour Dowd, JimJim Dowd (L)Seat held
Lewisham Deptford Labour Foxcroft, VickyVicky Foxcroft (L)Seat held, incumbent Dame Joan Ruddock stood down
Leyton and Wanstead Labour Cryer, JohnJohn Cryer (L)Seat held
Lichfield Conservative Fabricant, MichaelMichael Fabricant (C)Seat held
Lincoln Conservative McCartney, KarlKarl McCartney (C) Seat held
Linlithgow and East Falkirk Labour Day, MartynMartyn Day (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Michael Connarty
Liverpool Riverside Labour Co-operative Ellman, LouiseLouise Ellman (L Co-op) Seat held
Liverpool Walton Labour Rotheram, SteveSteve Rotheram (L)Seat held
Liverpool Wavertree Labour Co-operative Berger, LucianaLuciana Berger (L Co-op)Seat held
Liverpool West Derby Labour Co-operative Twigg, StephenStephen Twigg (L Co-op)Seat held
Livingston Labour Bardell, HannahHannah Bardell (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Graeme Morrice
Llanelli Labour Griffith, NiaNia Griffith (L)Seat held
Loughborough Conservative Morgan, NickyNicky Morgan (C)Seat held
Louth and Horncastle Conservative Atkins, VictoriaVictoria Atkins (C) Seat held, incumbent Sir Peter Tapsell stood down
Ludlow Conservative Dunne, PhilipPhilip Dunne (C) Seat held
Luton North Labour Hopkins, KelvinKelvin Hopkins (L)Seat held
Luton South Labour Co-operative Shuker, GavinGavin Shuker (L Co-op)Seat held
Macclesfield Conservative Rutley, DavidDavid Rutley (C) Seat held
Maidenhead Conservative May, TheresaTheresa May (C) Seat held
Maidstone and The Weald Conservative Grant, HelenHelen Grant (C) Seat held
Makerfield Labour Fovargue, YvonneYvonne Fovargue (L)Seat held
Maldon Conservative Whittingdale, JohnJohn Whittingdale (C) Seat held
Manchester Central Labour Co-operative Powell, LucyLucy Powell (L Co-op)Seat held
Manchester, Gorton Labour Kaufman, Sir GeraldSir Gerald Kaufman (L)Seat held
Manchester Withington Liberal Democrats Smith, JeffJeff Smith (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent John Leech
Mansfield Labour Meale, Sir AlanSir Alan Meale (L)Seat held
Meon Valley Conservative Hollingbery, GeorgeGeorge Hollingbery (C) Seat held
Meriden Conservative Spelman, CarolineCaroline Spelman (C) Seat held
Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney Labour Jones, GeraldGerald Jones (L)Seat held, incumbent Dai Havard stood down
Mid Bedfordshire Conservative Dorries, NadineNadine Dorries (C) Seat held
Mid Derbyshire Conservative Latham, PaulinePauline Latham (C) Seat held
Mid Dorset and North Poole Liberal Democrats Tomlinson, MichaelMichael Tomlinson (C) Seat gain, incumbent Annette Brooke stood down
Mid Norfolk Conservative Freeman, GeorgeGeorge Freeman (C) Seat held
Mid Sussex Conservative Soames, Sir NicholasSir Nicholas Soames (C) Seat held
Mid Ulster Sinn Féin Molloy, FrancieFrancie Molloy (SF)Seat held
Mid Worcestershire Conservative Huddleston, NigelNigel Huddleston (C)Seat held, incumbent Sir Peter Luff stood down
Middlesbrough Labour McDonald, AndyAndy McDonald (L) Seat held
Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour Blenkinsop, TomTom Blenkinsop (L) Seat held
Midlothian Labour Thompson, OwenOwen Thompson (SNP)Seat gain, incumbent David Hamilton stood down
Milton Keynes North Conservative Lancaster, MarkMark Lancaster (C)Seat held
Milton Keynes South Conservative Stewart, IainIain Stewart (C)Seat held
Mitcham and Morden Labour McDonagh, SiobhainSiobhain McDonagh (L) Seat held
Mole Valley Conservative Beresford, Sir PaulSir Paul Beresford (C)Seat held
Monmouth Conservative Davies, DavidDavid Davies (C)Seat held
Montgomeryshire Conservative Davies, GlynGlyn Davies (C) Seat held
Moray SNP Robertson, AngusAngus Robertson (SNP)Seat held
Morecambe and Lunesdale Conservative Morris, DavidDavid Morris (C)Seat held
Morley and Outwood Labour Co-operative Jenkyns, AndreaAndrea Jenkyns (C) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Ed Balls
Motherwell and Wishaw Labour Fellows, MarionMarion Fellows (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Frank Roy
Na h-Eileanan an Iar (Western Isles) SNP MacNeil, AngusAngus MacNeil (SNP)Seat held
Neath Labour Rees, ChristinaChristina Rees (L) Seat held, incumbent Peter Hain stood down
New Forest East Conservative Lewis, JulianJulian Lewis (C)Seat held
New Forest West Conservative Swayne, DesmondDesmond Swayne (C)Seat held
Newark Conservative Jenrick, RobertRobert Jenrick (C)Seat held
Newbury Conservative Benyon, RichardRichard Benyon (C)Seat held
Newcastle upon Tyne Central Labour Onwurah, ChinyeluChinyelu Onwurah (L)Seat held
Newcastle upon Tyne East Labour Brown, NickNick Brown (L)Seat held
Newcastle upon Tyne North Labour McKinnell, CatherineCatherine McKinnell (L)Seat held
Newcastle-under-Lyme Labour Farrelly, PaulPaul Farrelly (L)Seat held
Newport East Labour Morden, JessicaJessica Morden (L)Seat held
Newport West Labour Flynn, PaulPaul Flynn (L)Seat held
Newry and Armagh Sinn Féin Brady, MickeyMickey Brady (SF)Seat held, incumbent Conor Murphy stood down
Newton Abbot Conservative Morris, Anne MarieAnne Marie Morris (C)Seat held
Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford Labour Cooper, YvetteYvette Cooper (L)Seat held
North Antrim DUP Paisley, Jr., The Hon. IanThe Hon. Ian Paisley, Jr. (DUP) Seat held
North Ayrshire and Arran Labour Gibson, PatriciaPatricia Gibson (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Katy Clark
North Cornwall Liberal Democrats Mann, ScottScott Mann (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Dan Rogerson
North Devon Liberal Democrats Heaton-Jones, PeterPeter Heaton-Jones (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Sir Nick Harvey
North Dorset Conservative Hoare, SimonSimon Hoare (C)Seat held, incumbent Robert Walter stood down
North Down Independent Hermon, Sylvia, LadySylvia, Lady Hermon (Ind) Seat held
North Durham Labour Jones, KevanKevan Jones (L)Seat held
North East Bedfordshire Conservative Burt, AlistairAlistair Burt (C)Seat held
North East Cambridgeshire Conservative Barclay, StephenStephen Barclay (C)Seat held
North East Derbyshire Labour Engel, NataschaNatascha Engel (L)Seat held
North East Fife Liberal Democrats Gethins, StephenStephen Gethins (SNP)Seat gain, incumbent Sir Menzies Campbell stood down
North East Hampshire Conservative Jayawardena, RanilRanil Jayawardena (C)Seat held, incumbent James Arbuthnot stood down
North East Hertfordshire Conservative Heald, Sir OliverSir Oliver Heald (C)Seat held
North East Somerset Conservative Rees-Mogg, The Hon. JacobThe Hon. Jacob Rees-Mogg (C)Seat held
North Herefordshire Conservative Wiggin, BillBill Wiggin (C)Seat held
North Norfolk Liberal Democrats Lamb, NormanNorman Lamb (LD)Seat held
North Shropshire Conservative Paterson, OwenOwen Paterson (C)Seat held
North Somerset Conservative Fox, LiamLiam Fox (C)Seat held
North Swindon Conservative Tomlinson, JustinJustin Tomlinson (C)Seat held
North Thanet Conservative Gale, Sir RogerSir Roger Gale (C)Seat held
North Tyneside Labour Glindon, MaryMary Glindon (L)Seat held
North Warwickshire Conservative Tracey, CraigCraig Tracey (C)Seat held, incumbent Dan Byles stood down
North West Cambridgeshire Conservative Vara, ShaileshShailesh Vara (C)Seat held
North West Durham Labour Glass, PatPat Glass (L)Seat held
North West Hampshire Conservative Malthouse, KitKit Malthouse (C)Seat held, incumbent Sir George Young, Bt stood down
North West Leicestershire Conservative Bridgen, AndrewAndrew Bridgen (C)Seat held
North West Norfolk Conservative Bellingham, HenryHenry Bellingham (C)Seat held
North Wiltshire Conservative Gray, JamesJames Gray (C)Seat held
Northampton North Conservative Ellis, MichaelMichael Ellis (C)Seat held
Northampton South Conservative Mackintosh, DavidDavid Mackintosh (C)Seat held, incumbent Brian Binley stood down
Norwich North Conservative Smith, ChloeChloe Smith (C)Seat held
Norwich South Liberal Democrats Lewis, CliveClive Lewis (L) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Simon Wright
Nottingham East Labour Co-operative Leslie, ChrisChris Leslie (L Co-op)Seat held
Nottingham North Labour Allen, GrahamGraham Allen (L)Seat held
Nottingham South Labour Greenwood, LilianLilian Greenwood (L)Seat held
Nuneaton Conservative Jones, MarcusMarcus Jones (C)Seat held
Ochil and South Perthshire Labour Ahmed-Sheikh, TasminaTasmina Ahmed-Sheikh (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Gordon Banks
Ogmore Labour Irranca-Davies, HuwHuw Irranca-Davies (L)Seat held
Old Bexley and Sidcup Conservative Brokenshire, JamesJames Brokenshire (C)Seat held
Oldham East and Saddleworth Labour Abrahams, DebbieDebbie Abrahams (L)Seat held
Oldham West and Royton Labour Meacher, MichaelMichael Meacher (L)Seat held
Orkney and Shetland Liberal Democrats Carmichael, AlistairAlistair Carmichael (LD)Seat held
Orpington Conservative Johnson, JoJo Johnson (C)Seat held
Oxford East Labour Smith, AndrewAndrew Smith (L)Seat held
Oxford West and Abingdon Conservative Blackwood, NicolaNicola Blackwood (C)Seat held
Paisley and Renfrewshire North Labour Newlands, GavinGavin Newlands (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Jim Sheridan
Paisley and Renfrewshire South Labour Black, MhairiMhairi Black (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Douglas Alexander
Pendle Conservative Stephenson, AndrewAndrew Stephenson (C)Seat held
Penistone and Stocksbridge Labour Smith, AngelaAngela Smith (L)Seat held
Penrith and The Border Conservative Stewart, RoryRory Stewart (C)Seat held
Perth and North Perthshire SNP Wishart, PetePete Wishart (SNP)Seat held
Peterborough Conservative Jackson, StewartStewart Jackson (C)Seat held
Plymouth, Moor View Labour Mercer, JohnnyJohnny Mercer (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Alison Seabeck
Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport Conservative Colvile, OliverOliver Colvile (C)Seat held
Pontypridd Labour Smith, OwenOwen Smith (L)Seat held
Poole Conservative Syms, RobertRobert Syms (C)Seat held
Poplar and Limehouse Labour Fitzpatrick, JimJim Fitzpatrick (L)Seat held
Portsmouth North Conservative Mordaunt, PennyPenny Mordaunt (C)Seat held
Portsmouth South Independent[lower-alpha 1] Drummond, FlickFlick Drummond (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Mike Hancock (originally a Liberal Democrat MP)
Preseli Pembrokeshire Conservative Crabb, StephenStephen Crabb (C)Seat held
Preston Labour Co-operative Hendrick, MarkMark Hendrick (L Co-op)Seat held
Pudsey Conservative Andrew, StuartStuart Andrew (C)Seat held
Putney Conservative Greening, JustineJustine Greening (C)Seat held
Rayleigh and Wickford Conservative Francois, MarkMark Francois (C)Seat held
Reading East Conservative Wilson, RobRob Wilson (C)Seat held
Reading West Conservative Sharma, AlokAlok Sharma (C)Seat held
Redcar Liberal Democrats Turley, AnnaAnna Turley (L Co-op) Seat gain, incumbent Ian Swales stood down
Redditch Conservative Lumley, KarenKaren Lumley (C)Seat held
Reigate Conservative Blunt, CrispinCrispin Blunt (C)Seat held
Rhondda Labour Bryant, ChrisChris Bryant (L)Seat held
Ribble Valley Conservative Evans, NigelNigel Evans (C)Seat held
Richmond (Yorks) Conservative Sunak, RishiRishi Sunak (C)Seat held, incumbent William Hague stood down
Richmond Park Conservative Goldsmith, ZacZac Goldsmith (C)Seat held
Rochdale Labour Danczuk, SimonSimon Danczuk (L)Seat held
Rochester and Strood UKIP Tolhurst, KellyKelly Tolhurst (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Mark Reckless
Rochford and Southend East Conservative Duddridge, JamesJames Duddridge (C)Seat held
Romford Conservative Rosindell, AndrewAndrew Rosindell (C)Seat held
Romsey and Southampton North Conservative Nokes, CarolineCaroline Nokes (C)Seat held
Ross, Skye and Lochaber Liberal Democrats Blackford, IanIan Blackford (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Charles Kennedy
Rossendale and Darwen Conservative Berry, JakeJake Berry (C)Seat held
Rother Valley Labour Barron, Sir KevinSir Kevin Barron (L)Seat held
Rotherham Labour Champion, SarahSarah Champion (L) Seat held
Rugby Conservative Pawsey, MarkMark Pawsey (C)Seat held
Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner Conservative Hurd, The Hon. NickThe Hon. Nick Hurd (C)Seat held
Runnymede and Weybridge Conservative Hammond, PhilipPhilip Hammond (C)Seat held
Rushcliffe Conservative Clarke, KennethKenneth Clarke (C)Seat held
Rutherglen and Hamilton West Labour Co-operative Ferrier, MargaretMargaret Ferrier (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Tom Greatrex
Rutland and Melton Conservative Duncan, Sir AlanSir Alan Duncan (C)Seat held
Saffron Walden Conservative Haselhurst, Sir AlanSir Alan Haselhurst (C)Seat held
Salford and Eccles Labour Long-Bailey, RebeccaRebecca Long-Bailey (L)Seat held, incumbent Hazel Blears stood down
Salisbury Conservative Glen, JohnJohn Glen (C)Seat held
Scarborough and Whitby Conservative Goodwill, RobertRobert Goodwill (C)Seat held
Scunthorpe Labour Dakin, NicNic Dakin (L)Seat held
Sedgefield Labour Wilson, PhilPhil Wilson (L)Seat held
Sefton Central Labour Esterson, BillBill Esterson (L)Seat held
Selby and Ainsty Conservative Adams, NigelNigel Adams (C)Seat held
Sevenoaks Conservative Fallon, MichaelMichael Fallon (C)Seat held
Sheffield Central Labour Blomfield, PaulPaul Blomfield (L)Seat held
Sheffield South East Labour Betts, CliveClive Betts (L)Seat held
Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough Labour Harpham, HarryHarry Harpham (L)Seat held, incumbent David Blunkett stood down
Sheffield Hallam Liberal Democrats Clegg, NickNick Clegg (LD)Seat held
Sheffield Heeley Labour Co-operative Haigh, LouiseLouise Haigh (L)Seat held, incumbent Meg Munn stood down
Sherwood Conservative Spencer, MarkMark Spencer (C)Seat held
Shipley Conservative Davies, PhilipPhilip Davies (C)Seat held
Shrewsbury and Atcham Conservative Kawczynski, DanielDaniel Kawczynski (C)Seat held
Sittingbourne and Sheppey Conservative Henderson, GordonGordon Henderson (C)Seat held
Skipton and Ripon Conservative Smith, JulianJulian Smith (C)Seat held
Sleaford and North Hykeham Conservative Phillips, StephenStephen Phillips (C)Seat held
Slough Labour Mactaggart, FionaFiona Mactaggart (L)Seat held
Solihull Liberal Democrats Knight, JulianJulian Knight (C) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Lorely Burt
Somerton and Frome Liberal Democrats Warburton, DavidDavid Warburton (C) Seat gain, incumbent David Heath stood down
South Antrim DUP Kinahan, DannyDanny Kinahan (UUP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent William McCrea
South Basildon and East Thurrock Conservative Metcalfe, StephenStephen Metcalfe (C)Seat held
South Cambridgeshire Conservative Allen, HeidiHeidi Allen (C)Seat held, incumbent Andrew Lansley stood down
South Derbyshire Conservative Wheeler, HeatherHeather Wheeler (C)Seat held
South Dorset Conservative Drax, RichardRichard Drax (C)Seat held
South Down SDLP Ritchie, MargaretMargaret Ritchie (SDLP)Seat held
South East Cambridgeshire Conservative Frazer, LucyLucy Frazer (C)Seat held, incumbent Sir James Paice stood down
South East Cornwall Conservative Murray, SheryllSheryll Murray (C)Seat held
South Holland and The Deepings Conservative Hayes, JohnJohn Hayes (C)Seat held
South Leicestershire Conservative Costa, AlbertoAlberto Costa (C)Seat held, incumbent Andrew Robathan stood down
South Norfolk Conservative Bacon, RichardRichard Bacon (C)Seat held
South Northamptonshire Conservative Leadsom, AndreaAndrea Leadsom (C)Seat held
South Ribble Conservative Kennedy, SeemaSeema Kennedy (C)Seat held, incumbent Lorraine Fullbrook stood down
South Shields Labour Lewell-Buck, EmmaEmma Lewell-Buck (L)Seat held
South Staffordshire Conservative Williamson, GavinGavin Williamson (C)Seat held
South Suffolk Conservative Cartlidge, JamesJames Cartlidge (C)Seat held, incumbent Tim Yeo stood down
South Swindon Conservative Buckland, RobertRobert Buckland (C)Seat held
South Thanet Conservative Mackinlay, CraigCraig Mackinlay (C)Seat held, incumbent Laura Sandys stood down
South West Bedfordshire Conservative Selous, AndrewAndrew Selous (C)Seat held
South West Devon Conservative Streeter, GaryGary Streeter (C)Seat held
South West Hertfordshire Conservative Gauke, DavidDavid Gauke (C)Seat held
South West Norfolk Conservative Truss, ElizabethElizabeth Truss (C)Seat held
South West Surrey Conservative Hunt, JeremyJeremy Hunt (C)Seat held
South West Wiltshire Conservative Murrison, AndrewAndrew Murrison (C)Seat held
Southampton Itchen Labour Smith, RoystonRoyston Smith (C)Seat gain, incumbent John Denham stood down
Southampton Test Labour Whitehead, AlanAlan Whitehead (L)Seat held
Southend West Conservative Amess, Sir DavidSir David Amess (C)Seat held
Southport Liberal Democrats Pugh, JohnJohn Pugh (LD)Seat held
Spelthorne Conservative Kwarteng, KwasiKwasi Kwarteng (C)Seat held
St Albans Conservative Main, AnneAnne Main (C)Seat held
St Austell and Newquay Liberal Democrats Double, SteveSteve Double (C) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Steve Gilbert
St Helens North Labour McGinn, ConorConor McGinn (L)Seat held, incumbent David Watts stood down
St Helens South and Whiston Labour Rimmer, MarieMarie Rimmer (L)Seat held, incumbent Shaun Woodward stood down
St Ives Liberal Democrats Thomas, DerekDerek Thomas (C) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Andrew George
Stafford Conservative Lefroy, JeremyJeremy Lefroy (C)Seat held
Staffordshire Moorlands Conservative Bradley, KarenKaren Bradley (C)Seat held
Stalybridge and Hyde Labour Co-operative Reynolds, JonathanJonathan Reynolds (L Co-op)Seat held
Stevenage Conservative McPartland, StephenStephen McPartland (C)Seat held
Stirling Labour Paterson, StevenSteven Paterson (SNP)Seat gain, incumbent Dame Anne McGuire stood down
Stockport Labour Coffey, AnnAnn Coffey (L)Seat held
Stockton North Labour Cunningham, AlexAlex Cunningham (L)Seat held
Stockton South Conservative Wharton, JamesJames Wharton (C)Seat held
Stoke-on-Trent Central Labour Hunt, The Hon. TristramThe Hon. Tristram Hunt (L)Seat held
Stoke-on-Trent North Labour Smeeth, RuthRuth Smeeth (L)Seat held, incumbent Joan Walley stood down
Stoke-on-Trent South Labour Flello, RobRob Flello (L)Seat held
Stone Conservative Cash, Sir BillSir Bill Cash (C)Seat held
Stourbridge Conservative James, MargotMargot James (C)Seat held
Strangford DUP Shannon, JimJim Shannon (DUP)Seat held
Stratford-on-Avon Conservative Zahawi, NadhimNadhim Zahawi (C)Seat held
Streatham Labour Umunna, ChukaChuka Umunna (L)Seat held
Stretford and Urmston Labour Green, KateKate Green (L)Seat held
Stroud Conservative Carmichael, NeilNeil Carmichael (C)Seat held
Suffolk Coastal Conservative Coffey, ThereseTherese Coffey (C)Seat held
Sunderland Central Labour Elliott, JulieJulie Elliott (L)Seat held
Surrey Heath Conservative Gove, MichaelMichael Gove (C)Seat held
Sutton and Cheam Liberal Democrats Scully, PaulPaul Scully (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Paul Burstow
Sutton Coldfield Conservative Mitchell, AndrewAndrew Mitchell (C) Seat held
Swansea East Labour Harris, CarolynCarolyn Harris (L)Seat held, incumbent Siân James stood down
Swansea West Labour Co-operative Davies, GeraintGeraint Davies (L Co-op)Seat held
Tamworth Conservative Pincher, ChristopherChristopher Pincher (C)Seat held
Tatton Conservative Osborne, GeorgeGeorge Osborne (C)Seat held
Taunton Deane Liberal Democrats Pow, RebeccaRebecca Pow (C) Seat gain, incumbent Jeremy Browne stood down
Telford Labour Allan, LucyLucy Allan (C) Seat gain, defeated incumbent David Wright
Tewkesbury Conservative Robertson, LaurenceLaurence Robertson (C)Seat held
Thirsk and Malton Conservative Hollinrake, KevinKevin Hollinrake (C)Seat held, incumbent Anne McIntosh stood down
Thornbury and Yate Liberal Democrats Hall, LukeLuke Hall (C) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Steve Webb
Thurrock Conservative Doyle-Price, JackieJackie Doyle-Price (C) Seat held
Tiverton and Honiton Conservative Parish, NeilNeil Parish (C)Seat held
Tonbridge and Malling Conservative Tugendhat, TomTom Tugendhat (C)Seat held, incumbent Sir John Stanley stood down
Tooting Labour Khan, SadiqSadiq Khan (L)Seat held
Torbay Liberal Democrats Foster, KevinKevin Foster (C) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Adrian Sanders
Torfaen Labour Thomas-Symonds, NickNick Thomas-Symonds (L)Seat held, incumbent Paul Murphy stood down.
Torridge and West Devon Conservative Cox, GeoffreyGeoffrey Cox (C)Seat held
Totnes Conservative Wollaston, SarahSarah Wollaston (C)Seat held
Tottenham Labour Lammy, DavidDavid Lammy (L)Seat held
Truro and Falmouth Conservative Newton, SarahSarah Newton (C)Seat held
Tunbridge Wells Conservative Clark, GregGreg Clark (C) Seat held
Twickenham Liberal Democrats Mathias, TaniaTania Mathias (C) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Vince Cable
Tynemouth Labour Campbell, AlanAlan Campbell (L)Seat held
Upper Bann DUP Simpson, DavidDavid Simpson (DUP) Seat held
Uxbridge and South Ruislip Conservative Johnson, BorisBoris Johnson (C)Seat held, incumbent Sir John Randall stood down
Vale of Clwyd Labour Davies, JamesJames Davies (C) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Chris Ruane
Vale of Glamorgan Conservative Cairns, AlunAlun Cairns (C) Seat held
Vauxhall Labour Hoey, KateKate Hoey (L)Seat held
Wakefield Labour Creagh, MaryMary Creagh (L)Seat held
Wallasey Labour Eagle, AngelaAngela Eagle (L)Seat held
Walsall North Labour Winnick, DavidDavid Winnick (L)Seat held
Walsall South Labour Vaz, ValerieValerie Vaz (L)Seat held
Walthamstow Labour Co-operative Creasy, StellaStella Creasy (L Co-op)Seat held
Wansbeck Labour Lavery, IanIan Lavery (L)Seat held
Wantage Conservative Vaizey, The Hon. EdThe Hon. Ed Vaizey (C) Seat held
Warley Labour Spellar, JohnJohn Spellar (L)Seat held
Warrington North Labour Jones, HelenHelen Jones (L)Seat held
Warrington South Conservative Mowat, DavidDavid Mowat (C) Seat held
Warwick and Leamington Conservative White, ChrisChris White (C) Seat held
Washington and Sunderland West Labour Hodgson, SharonSharon Hodgson (L)Seat held
Watford Conservative Harrington, RichardRichard Harrington (C) Seat held
Waveney Conservative Aldous, PeterPeter Aldous (C) Seat held
Wealden Conservative Ghani, NusNus Ghani (C) Seat held, incumbent Charles Hendry stood down
Weaver Vale Conservative Evans, GrahamGraham Evans (C) Seat held
Wellingborough Conservative Bone, PeterPeter Bone (C) Seat held
Wells Liberal Democrats Heappey, JamesJames Heappey (C) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Tessa Munt
Welwyn Hatfield Conservative Shapps, GrantGrant Shapps (C) Seat held
Wentworth and Dearne Labour Healey, JohnJohn Healey (L) Seat held
West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine Liberal Democrats Donaldson, StuartStuart Donaldson (SNP) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Sir Robert Smith, Bt
West Bromwich East Labour Watson, TomTom Watson (L) Seat held
West Bromwich West Labour Co-operative Bailey, AdrianAdrian Bailey (L Co-op) Seat held
West Dorset Conservative Letwin, OliverOliver Letwin (C) Seat held
West Dunbartonshire Labour Co-operative Docherty, MartinMartin Docherty (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Gemma Doyle
West Ham Labour Brown, LynLyn Brown (L)Seat held
West Lancashire Labour Cooper, RosieRosie Cooper (L)Seat held
West Suffolk Conservative Hancock, MatthewMatthew Hancock (C)Seat held
West Tyrone Sinn Féin Doherty, PatPat Doherty (SF)Seat held
West Worcestershire Conservative Baldwin, HarrietHarriet Baldwin (C)Seat held
Westminster North Labour Buck, KarenKaren Buck (L)Seat held
Westmorland and Lonsdale Liberal Democrats Farron, TimTim Farron (LD)Seat held
Weston-super-Mare Conservative Penrose, JohnJohn Penrose (C)Seat held
Wigan Labour Nandy, LisaLisa Nandy (L)Seat held
Wimbledon Conservative Hammond, StephenStephen Hammond (C)Seat held
Winchester Conservative Brine, SteveSteve Brine (C)Seat held
Windsor Conservative Afriyie, AdamAdam Afriyie (C)Seat held
Wirral South Labour McGovern, AlisonAlison McGovern (L)Seat held
Wirral West Conservative Greenwood, MargaretMargaret Greenwood (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Esther McVey
Witham Conservative Patel, PritiPriti Patel (C)Seat held
Witney Conservative Cameron, DavidDavid Cameron (C)Seat held
Woking Conservative Lord, JonathanJonathan Lord (C)Seat held
Wokingham Conservative Redwood, JohnJohn Redwood (C)Seat held
Wolverhampton North East Labour Reynolds, EmmaEmma Reynolds (L) Seat held
Wolverhampton South East Labour McFadden, PatPat McFadden (L) Seat held
Wolverhampton South West Conservative Marris, RobRob Marris (L) Seat gain, defeated incumbent Paul Uppal
Worcester Conservative Walker, The Hon. RobinThe Hon. Robin Walker (C)Seat held
Workington Labour Hayman, SueSue Hayman (L)Seat held, incumbent Sir Tony Cunningham stood down
Worsley and Eccles South Labour Keeley, BarbaraBarbara Keeley (L)Seat held
Worthing West Conservative Bottomley, Sir PeterSir Peter Bottomley (C)Seat held
The Wrekin Conservative Pritchard, MarkMark Pritchard (C)Seat held
Wrexham Labour Lucas, IanIan Lucas (L)Seat held
Wycombe Conservative Baker, SteveSteve Baker (C)Seat held
Wyre and Preston North Conservative Wallace, BenBen Wallace (C)Seat held
Wyre Forest Conservative Garnier, MarkMark Garnier (C)Seat held
Wythenshawe and Sale East Labour Kane, MikeMike Kane (L)Seat held
Yeovil Liberal Democrats Fysh, MarcusMarcus Fysh (C) Seat gain, defeated incumbent David Laws
Ynys Môn (Anglesey) Labour Owen, AlbertAlbert Owen (L)Seat held
York Central Labour Maskell, RachaelRachael Maskell (L Co-op)Seat held, incumbent Sir Hugh Bayley stood down
York Outer Conservative Sturdy, JulianJulian Sturdy (C)Seat held
  1. 1 2 3 4 The incumbents for these seats were originally members of political parties before either being suspended or resigning from their respective parties and subsequently sitting as independents for the remainder of the Parliament.

Changes and by-elections

After the general election, changes can occur in the composition of the House of Commons. This happens as a result of the election of Deputy Speakers, by-elections, defections, suspensions or removal of whip.

After the swearing in of MPs and the elections of the Speaker and the Deputy Speakers, the initial actual government majority was calculated to be sixteen. This is subject to changes from the composition of the House of Commons.

Technically, MPs cannot resign. However, they can effectively do so by requesting to be appointed as the Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead or the Crown Steward and Bailiff of the three Chiltern Hundreds of Stoke, Desborough and Burnham, which vacates their seat.

The net outcome of all changes over the course of the Parliament has resulted in one fewer Labour MP, two fewer SNP MPs and three more independent MPs.

Deputy Speakers

In accordance with a decision taken by the House of Commons on the final day of its sitting in the previous Parliament, the Speaker appointed two members to serve as Temporary Deputy Speakers until the Deputy Speakers had been elected. Directly after the 2015 State Opening of Parliament, the Speaker nominated Sir Roger Gale (Conservative, North Thanet) and George Howarth (Labour, Knowsley) for these positions.[4]

The election of Deputy Speakers took place on 3 June 2015.[5]

Although Deputy Speakers do not resign from their parties, they cease to vote (except to break ties) and they do not participate in party-political activity until the next election.


By-elections are held for seats that become vacant.

# Constituency Incumbent Date of by-election Winner By-election
Party Name Date seat vacated Cause of vacation Party Name
1Oldham West and Royton LabourMichael Meacher21 October 2015Death[6]3 December 2015 LabourJim McMahonDetails
2Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough LabourHarry Harpham4 February 2016Death[7]5 May 2016[8] LabourGill Furniss[9]Details
3Ogmore LabourHuw Irranca-Davies23 March 2016Resignation[10]5 May 2016[8] LabourChris Elmore[11]Details
4Tooting LabourSadiq Khan9 May 2016Resignation[12]16 June 2016[13] LabourRosena Allin-Khan[14]Details
5Batley and Spen LabourJo Cox16 June 2016Death20 October 2016[15] LabourTracy Brabin[16]Details
6Witney ConservativeDavid Cameron12 September 2016Resignation[17]20 October 2016[15] ConservativeRobert Courts[16]Details
7Richmond Park ConservativeZac Goldsmith25 October 2016Resignation[18] 1 December 2016[18] Liberal Democrat Sarah Olney Details
8Sleaford and North Hykeham ConservativeStephen Phillips4 November 2016Resignation[19] 8 December 2016[19] TBD TBD Details

Defections, suspensions and removal of whip

In some situations, the label under which MPs sit in the House of Commons can change. When this happens, MPs often become independents.

SNP Independent
29 September 2015
Thomson withdrew from the SNP whip on 29 September 2015 after her business became the subject of a police investigation into alleged irregularities regarding property deals.[20] As a result, she now sits as an independent. In line with party rules, upon withdrawing from the whip, her SNP membership was suspended.
SNP Independent
24 November 2015
McGarry withdrew from the SNP whip on 24 November 2015 after being named as under investigation by the police regarding financial discrepancies relating to Women for Independence, a campaign organisation for which she is a founder.[21] As a result, she now sits as an independent. In line with party rules, upon withdrawing from the whip, her SNP membership was suspended.
Labour Independent
31 December 2015
Danczuk was suspended from the Labour Party on 31 December 2015, pending an investigation by the National Executive Committee, after allegations were made that he exchanged explicit messages with a 17-year-old girl. As a result of the suspension, he has been withdrawn from the Labour whip, and now sits as an independent.[22]
Labour Independent Labour
27 April 2016 5 July 2016
Shah was suspended from the Labour Party on 27 April 2016 pending an investigation into social media comments which she made, including proposing the relocation of Israel to North America. As a result of the suspension, she was withdrawn from the Labour whip and she sat as an independent,[23] before being reinstated on 5 July 2016.[24]
Conservative Suspended Conservative
11–12 October 2016
Tomlinson was suspended from the House of Commons from 11–12 October 2016 after a vote by MPs on 10 October 2016. This was in accordance with a recommendation by the Privileges Committee after it found that he had committed a contempt by disclosing a confidential draft report by the Public Accounts Committee to an employee of[25]

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