41st People's Choice Awards

41st People's Choice Awards
Date January 7, 2015
Location Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles, California
Hosted by Anna Faris and Allison Janney
Television/Radio coverage
Network CBS

The 41st People's Choice Awards, honoring the best in popular culture for 2014, were held January 7, 2015, at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California, and were broadcast live on CBS at 9:00 pm EST. The ceremony was hosted by Anna Faris and Allison Janney. Nominations were announced on November 4, 2014.[1]

Shailene Woodley led the movie nominees with four, including Favorite Movie Duo, in which she was nominated twice for her films Divergent and The Fault in Our Stars. In the television categories, Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries led the nominees with five each. Sam Smith had four music nominations.[1] The Favorite Alternative Band category was omitted in this ceremony, though it, along with the Favorite Rock Band category, may return next year.[2]



Nominees & winners

The full list of nominees and winners are as follows:[3][4]


Favorite Movie Favorite Action Movie
Favorite Comedic Movie Favorite Dramatic Movie
Favorite Movie Actor Favorite Movie Actress
Favorite Action Movie Actor Favorite Action Movie Actress
Favorite Comedic Movie Actor Favorite Comedic Movie Actress
Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress
Favorite Movie Duo Favorite Family Movie
Favorite Thriller Movie


Favorite TV Show Favorite Network TV Comedy
Favorite Network TV Drama Favorite Network TV Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Favorite TV Crime Drama
Favorite Comedic TV Actor Favorite Comedic TV Actress
Favorite Dramatic TV Actor Favorite Dramatic TV Actress
Favorite Crime Drama TV Actor Favorite Crime Drama TV Actress
Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actress
Favorite Cable TV Comedy Favorite Cable TV Drama
Favorite Cable Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show Favorite Cable TV Actor
Favorite Cable TV Actress Favorite TV Dramedy
Favorite Competition TV Show Favorite TV Icon
Favorite Daytime TV Host(s) Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host
Favorite TV Duo Favorite TV Character We Miss Most
Favorite Actor In A New TV Series Favorite Actress In A New TV Series
Favorite Sketch Comedy TV Show Favorite Animated TV Show
Favorite New TV Comedy Favorite New TV Drama


Favorite Male Artist Favorite Female Artist
Favorite Group/Band Favorite Breakout Artist
Favorite Male Country Artist Favorite Female Country Artist
Favorite Country Group Favorite Pop Artist
Favorite Hip-Hop Artist Favorite R&B Artist
Favorite Song Favorite Album


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