41st Army (Russia)

41st Army
Active May 16, 1942 - April 9, 1943 / 1998 - present
Country Soviet Union/Russian Federation
Branch Soviet Army/Russian Ground Forces
Size two Motor Rifle divisions and one Motor Rifle brigade
Part of Siberian Military District
Garrison/HQ Novosibirsk
Engagements Operation Mars
G. F. Tarasov
A. M. Managarov
I. I. Popov

The 41st Army (Russian: 41-я армия) is a field army of the Russian Ground Forces, currently part of the Siberian Military District. Originally, it was formed in 1942 as part of the Soviet Red Army, during World War II. It was reformed in 1998, probably on December 1, when the Transbaikal Military District and Siberian Military District were amalgamated.

War service

The 41st army was created in May 1942, on the base of Nikolai Berzarin and Tarasov's operative groups. Its structure also included the 134th, 135th, 179th and 234th rifle divisions, the 17th Guards Rifle Division, the 21st Tank Brigade, two separate Guards mortar battalions, and several other separate elements.[1]

From May to November 1942, the army was focused on defending the South-Western approach to the city of Bely. In late November, the army joined the Rzhev offensive operation (also known as "Operation Mars"). During that time, the army was engaged with the German XLI Panzer Corps. The army's offensive failed, and they were surrounded by the German XXX Army Corps (Germany). By December 8, the surrounded forced were destroyed.

In March 1943, the newly reinforced 41st Army joined the Rzhev-Vyazma operation. The offensive was a success and German forces in the Rzhev-Vyazma area were annihilated.[2] Following the operation, the forces of the army were transferred to the 39th Army and the 43rd Army, while the 41st Army itself was sent to the STAVKA reserves. On April 9, 1943, the army was disbanded and its remaining forces would form the Reserve Front.


June 1, 1942:[3]

September 1, 1942:[4]

December 1, 1942:[5]

March 1, 1943:[6]

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