2020 Winter Youth Olympics

III Winter Youth Olympic Games

Lausanne Candidate City Logo
Host city Lausanne
Country   Switzerland
Nations participating approx. 205
Athletes participating approx. 1,100
Events 70
Sports 15
Opening ceremony 10 January
Closing ceremony 19 January
Main venue Stade Pierre de Coubertin
<  Lillehammer 2016

The 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games (French: Les IIIe Jeux olympiques de la jeunesse d'hiver, German: Olympische Jugend-Winterspiele 2020, Italian: I Giochi olimpici giovanili invernali, Romansch: Gieus olimpics da giuvenils d'enviern 2020) will be the third edition of the Winter Youth Olympics; a major international multi-sport event and cultural festival for youths to be celebrated in 2020 in the tradition of the Olympic Games during the XXXII Olympiad.


Bids were due by 28 November 2013, the candidates cites were selected on 5 December 2014 and Lausanne was elected host city on 31 July 2015.[1][2]

2020 Winter Youth Olympics bidding results
City Nation Votes
Lausanne   Switzerland 71
Brașov  Romania 10





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