2015 Colombia helicopter crash

2015 Colombia helicopter crash

A UH-60 Black Hawk, similar to the helicopter involved in the crash
Date August 4, 2015
Site Colombia
Crew 18
Fatalities 16[1]
Injuries (non-fatal) 2
Aircraft type UH-60 Black Hawk[2]

On August 4, 2015, 16 policemen died in a helicopter accident in northwestern Colombia. The Colombian Defense Minister, Luis Carlos Villegas, stated that the crash was most likely caused by bad weather.[2] The flight was part of an operation against Clan Úsuga, a criminal organization composed of former right-wing paramilitary group members. Two other helicopters flew on the same mission but did not encounter difficulties and did not hear any hostile fire.[2]


The helicopter crash happened 4 days after a Colombian Air Force CASA/IPTN CN-235 transport airplane crashed in Cesar Department, killing all 11 service members aboard.[3] So far in 2015, 35 members of the military or police have been killed in 5 separate accidents involving aircraft. The spate of casualties have led to questions about the efficacy of the military's air operations procedures.[4] A debate was organized in the Congress of Colombia to discuss the accidents, and the Defense Minister and Air Force Commander were called upon to testify.[5] An investigation found the helicopter to have may been shot down.[6]


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