2014 Libertarian National Convention

Libertarian National Convention
presidential election
Date(s) 26–29 June 2014
City Columbus, Ohio
Venue Hyatt Regency
Notable speakers

Judge James Gray, 2012 LP Vice-Presidential Candidate
Michael Grossberg, Founder, Libertarian Futurist Society
Gary E Johnson, 2012 LP Presidential Candidate
Rob Kampia, Executive Director of the Marijuana Policy Project
Alexander McCobin, Executive Director of Students for Liberty
Guy Montrose, Chair, United Kingdom Libertarian Party (LPUK)
Lawrence Reed, President, Foundation for Economic Education
Mark Skousen, Founder and Producer, FreedomFest
Ben Swann, Investigative Reporter, Truth in Media
Jeffrey Tucker, CLO, Liberty.me; Publisher and Executive Editor, Laissez Faire Books

Andrew Withers, Cofounder and Past Chair, United Kingdom Libertarian Party (LPUK)

The 2014 Libertarian National Convention was a biennial convention of the Libertarian Party that was held in Columbus, Ohio from Thursday June 26 to Sunday June 29, 2014. [1]

Nicholas Sarwark of Denver was elected Chair of the Libertarian National Committee. [2]


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