2011–12 UCI America Tour

2011–12 UCI America Tour
Eighth edition of the UCI America Tour
Dates 2 October 2011 (2011-10-02)–15 September 2012
Location North America and South America
Rounds 29
Individual champion  Rory Sutherland (AUS) (UnitedHealthcare)
Teams' champion Real Cycling Team
Nations' champion  Colombia

The 2011–12 UCI America Tour was the eighth season for the UCI America Tour. The season began on 2 October 2011 with the Tobago Cycling Classic and ended on 15 September 2012 with the Univest Grand Prix.

The points leader, based on the cumulative results of previous races, wears the UCI America Tour cycling jersey. Miguel Ubeto from Venezuela was the defending champion of the 2010–11 UCI America Tour. Rory Sutherland from Australia was crowned as the 2011–12 UCI America Tour champion.

Throughout the season, points are awarded to the top finishers of stages within stage races and the final general classification standings of each of the stages races and one-day events. The quality and complexity of a race also determines how many points are awarded to the top finishers, the higher the UCI rating of a race, the more points are awarded.

The UCI ratings from highest to lowest are as follows:



Date Race Name Location UCI Rating Winner Team
2 October Tobago Cycling Classic  Trinidad and Tobago 1.2  Riccardo Zoidl (AUT) RC Arbö-Gourmetfein Wels
16–23 October Volta de São Paulo  Brazil 2.2  José Eriberto Rodrigues (BRA) Padaria Real-Caloi
6–13 November Vuelta a Bolivia  Bolivia 2.2  Juan Cotumba (BOL) Pio Rico
22–27 November Vuelta a Chiapas  Mexico 2.2  Iván Casas (COL) Boyacá Orgullo de America
16–28 December Vuelta a Costa Rica  Costa Rica 2.2  José Adrian Bonilla (CRC) Citi Economy Blue


Date Race Name Location UCI Rating Winner Team
5–15 January Vuelta de Chile  Chile 2.2  Patricio Almonacid (CHI) Clos de Pirque-Trek
8 January Copa América de Ciclismo  Brazil 1.2  Francisco Chamorro (ARG) Real Cycling Team
13–22 January Vuelta al Táchira  Venezuela 2.2  Jimmi Briceño (VEN) Loteria del Táchira
23–29 January Tour de San Luis  Argentina 2.1  Levi Leipheimer (USA) Omega Pharma–Quick-Step
20–27 February Vuelta Independencia Nacional  Dominican Republic 2.2  Nelson Sánchez (DOM) La Vega-Com.Nal.Ener
21–26 February Rutas de América  Uruguay 2.2  Jorge Soto (URU) Club Porongos
9 March Pan American Cycling ChampionshipsTime Trial  Argentina CC  Matías Médici (ARG) Argentina (national team)
11 March Pan American Cycling ChampionshipsRoad Race  Argentina CC  Maximiliano Richeze (ARG) Argentina (national team)
18–25 March Vuelta Mexico  Mexico 2.2  Oscar Sevilla (ESP) Empacadora San Marcos
30 March–8 April Vuelta al Uruguay  Uruguay 2.2  Magno Nazaret (BRA) Funvic–Pindamonhangaba
15 April Tour of the Battenkill  United States 1.2  Francisco Mancebo (ESP) CompetitiveCyclist.com
2–6 May Tour of the Gila  United States 2.2  Rory Sutherland (AUS) UnitedHealthcare
13–20 May Tour of California  United States 2.HC  Robert Gesink (NED) Rabobank
13–20 May Vuelta a Guatemala  Guatemala 2.2  Ramiro Rincón (COL) EPM–UNE
31 May–3 June Coupe des Nations Ville Saguenay  Canada 2.Ncup  Arman Kamyshev (KAZ) Kazakhstan (national team)
3 June TD Bank International Championship  United States 1.HC  Alexander Serebryakov (RUS) Team Type 1–Sanofi
12–17 June Tour de Beauce  Canada 2.2  Rory Sutherland (AUS) UnitedHealthcare
12–24 June Vuelta a Colombia  Colombia 2.2  Félix Cárdenas (COL) GW Shimano
6–15 July Vuelta a Venezuela  Venezuela 2.2  Miguel Ubeto (VEN) Androni Giocattoli–Venezuela
3–5 August Tour of Elk Grove  United States 2.1  François Parisien (CAN) SpiderTech–C10
7–12 August Tour of Utah  United States 2.1  Johann Tschopp (SUI) BMC Racing Team
20–26 August USA Pro Cycling Challenge  United States 2.HC  Christian Vande Velde (USA) Garmin–Sharp
29 August–2 September Tour do Rio  Brazil 2.2  Kleber Silva (BRA) Real Cycling Team
15 September Univest Grand Prix  United States 1.2  Patrick Bevin (NZL) Bissell

Final standings

Individual classification

Rank Name Team Points
1  Rory Sutherland (AUS) UnitedHealthcare 184.8
2  Maximiliano Richeze (ARG) Team Nippo 166
3  Miguel Ubeto (VEN) Androni Giocattoli–Venezuela 150
4  Félix Cárdenas (COL) 148
5  Edgardo Simón (ARG) Real Cycling Team 121
6  Alexander Serebryakov (RUS) Team Type 1–Sanofi 119
7  François Parisien (CAN) SpiderTech–C10 99
8  Magno Nazaret (BRA) Funvic–Pindamonhangaba 96
9  Otávio Bulgarelli (BRA) Funvic–Pindamonhangaba 96
10  Bruno Langlois (CAN) 96

Team classification

Rank Team Points
1 Real Cycling Team 404
2 Funvic–Pindamonhangaba 404
3 UnitedHealthcare 352.2
4 Optum–Kelly Benefit Strategies 302
5 Team Nippo 299
6 Team Type 1–Sanofi 281
7 Androni Giocattoli–Venezuela 281
8 EPM–UNE 245
9 SpiderTech–C10 242
10 Gobernación de Antioquia-Indeportes Antioquia 193

Nation classification

Rank Nation Points
1  Colombia 1571.2
2  United States 1103.8
3  Argentina 964
4  Canada 928
5  Brazil 816
6  Venezuela 789.8
7  Costa Rica 310
8  Chile 279
9  Uruguay 254
10  Netherlands Antilles 220

Nation under-23 classification

Rank Nation under-23 Points
1  Colombia 422
2  United States 389.4
3  Venezuela 142
4  Costa Rica 130
5  Canada 103
6  Dominican Republic 84
7  Argentina 77
8  Netherlands Antilles 72
9  Chile 69
10  Suriname 67

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