2010 United States tomato shortage

The 2010 United States tomato shortage was a shortage of tomatoes in the United States between March and April 2010 caused by unseasonably cold weather in Florida in January 2010 which destroyed 60-70% of the state's tomato crop.[1] There was also a shortage of tomatoes over the new year holiday, caused by the Californian harvest finishing before the Florida harvest began.[2]

The shortage caused several fast food chains to stop offering tomatoes unless requested[3][4] and supermarkets rationed their supplies.[5]

Prices for tomatoes in the Eastern United States reached prices several times the cost prior to the crop loss.[5][6] Wholesale prices rose from around $7 for a 25 lb box to $30.[7] During the shortage, more tomatoes were imported from Canada[8] and Mexico.[5]

The total cost of the cold weather to Florida tomato producers was approximately $150 million, according to USDA calculations.[5]

The tomato shortage came to an end around late April 2010, as crops had recovered.[6]

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