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The 2010 Tongan Legislative Assembly is the current term of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga. Its composition was determined by the 2010 elections, the first under a new system which saw the majority of seats elected by universal suffrage.[1] The Taimi Media Network described it as "Tonga's first democratically elected Parliament".[2]

The Speaker of the 2010 Assembly was Lord Lasike,[3] until he lost his seat in Parliament on 18 July 2012, following conviction for illicit ammunitions ownership. He was replaced as Speaker by Lord Fakafanua.[4] The Deputy Speaker was initially Lord Tuʻiʻafitu,[3] until he was appointed Minister for Health on 2 July 2012, whereupon he was replaced by Lord Tu'iha'teiho.[5]

Initial party standings

 Summary of the 25 November 2010 Tongan Legislative Assembly election results
Parties Votes % Seats
Democratic Party of the Friendly Islands 10,953 28.49 12
Independents 25,873 67.30 5
People's Democratic Party 934 2.43 0
Sustainable Nation-Building Party 519 1.35 0
Tongan Democratic Labor Party 168 0.44 0
Noble representatives 54 9
Total 38,447 100.00 26
Source: Matangi Tonga


Initial MPs

Name Party Electorate Term
ʻAkilisi PohivaDPFITongatapu 1Ninth
Semisi Kioa Lafu SikaDPFITongatapu 2First
Sitiveni HalapuaDPFITongatapu 3First
'Isileli PuluDPFITongatapu 4Fourth
'Aisake Valu EkeIndependentTongatapu 5First
Siosifa Tu'itupou Tu'utafaivaDPFITongatapu 6First
Sione Sangster SaulalaDPFITongatapu 7First
P. Sione Havea TaioneDPFITongatapu 8First
Kaveinga Fa'anunuDPFITongatapu 9First
Semisi Palu 'Ifoni TapuelueluDPFITongatapu 10First
Sunia FiliIndependentʻEua 11Fifth
Mo'ale FinauDPFIHaʻapai 12First
'Uliti UataDPFIHaʻapai 13Eighth
Lisiate 'AkoloIndependentVavaʻu 14Third
Samiu VaipuluIndependentVavaʻu 15Seventh
Viliami Uasike LatuIndependentVavaʻu 16First
Sosefo Fe'aomoeata VakataDPFIOngo Niua 17First
Hon. TuʻivakanōIndependentTongatapu Noble 1Sixth
Hon. MaʻafuIndependentTongatapu Noble 2Second
Hon. VaeaIndependentTongatapu Noble 3First
Hon. TuʻilakepaIndependentVavaʻu Noble 2Fourth
Hon. Tu'i'afituIndependentVavaʻu Noble 1First
Hon. LasikeIndependentʻEua NobleThird
Hon. Fusitu'aIndependentNiuas NobleFirst?
Hon. Tu'iha'teihoIndependentHaʻapai Noble 1Third
Hon. FakafanuaIndependentHaʻapai Noble 2Second

Summary of changes


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