2006 Webby Awards

The 10th annual 2006 Webby Awards were held on June 12, 2006,[1] at the Cipriani Hotel in New York City and were hosted by the comedian Jon Stewart.[2][3] Judging was provided by the 500-person International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences,[4] and winners were selected from among 5,500 entries from around 40 countries worldwide.[5] This award ceremony saw the creation of a new award category, "Best Viral Video".[6]

Nominees and winners

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Category Webby Award winner People's Voice winner Other nominees
Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics Bebop Jeans

(Archived 13 June 2006 via Wayback)
White Noise


(Archived 12 June 2006 via Wayback)
DSD Animations


(Archived 15 June 2006 via Wayback)

Survival of the Phatest

(Archived 27 June 2006 via Wayback)
Clemenger BBDO

Weird TV

(Archived 12 June 2006 via Wayback)
Eat.tv, Inc.

Best Game Stackopolis

(Archived 13 June 2006 via Wayback)
Bloc Media


(Archived 11 June 2006 via Wayback)
Miniclip Ltd


(Archived 12 June 2006 via Wayback)
Bloc Media

Star Wars Galaxies

(Archived 11 June 2006 via Wayback)
Sony Online Entertainment

Toontown Online

(Archived 12 June 2006 via Wayback)
Walt Disney Internet Group

Best Game-Related Gamasutra

(Archived 11 June 2006 via Wayback)
CMP Game Group


(Archived 11 June 2006 via Wayback)
CNET Networks


(Archived 14 June 2006 via Wayback)
IGN Entertainment


(Archived 13 June 2006 via Wayback)


(Archived 12 June 2006 via Wayback)

Best Humor The Onion

McSweeney's Internet Tendency

The League of Thinning Men

Terabyte Interactive
The Smoking Gun

Court TV News
Weird TV

Best Weird Snopes.com

BURST! Media

Carmichael Lynch
Boneless Pig Farmers Association Of America

Car Stuck Girls

Swen Goebbels
Weird TV

Eat.tv, Inc.
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Winners and nominees are generally named according to the organization or website winning the award, although the recipient is, technically, the web design firm or internal department that created the winning site and in the case of corporate websites, the designer's client. Web links are provided for informational purposes, both in the most recently available archive.org version before the awards ceremony and, where available, the current website. Many older websites no longer exist, are redirected, or have been substantially redesigned.

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