2006 WNBA Playoffs

2006 WNBA Playoffs
Conference Conf. Champion Coach
East Detroit Shock Bill Laimbeer
West Sacramento Monarchs John Whisenant
Dates: August 17 - September 9
Finals Champion: Detroit Shock
Eastern Conference Western Conference
1st Connecticut 1st Los Angeles
2nd Detroit 2nd Sacramento
3rd Indiana 3rd Houston
4th Washington 4th Seattle
WNBA Playoffs



The 2006 WNBA Playoffs was the postseason for the Women's National Basketball Association's 2006 season which ended with the Eastern Conference champion Detroit Shock defeating the Western Conference champion Sacramento Monarchs 3-2.


Playoff qualifying

Eastern Conference

The following teams clinched a playoff berth in the East:

  1. Connecticut Sun (26–8)
  2. Detroit Shock (23–11)
  3. Indiana Fever (21–13)
  4. Washington Mystics (18–16)

Western Conference

The following teams clinched a playoff berth in the West:

  1. Los Angeles Sparks (25–9)
  2. Sacramento Monarchs (21–13)
  3. Houston Comets (18–16)
  4. Seattle Storm (18–16)


This was the outlook for the 2006 WNBA Playoffs. Teams in italics had home court advantage. Teams in bold advanced to the next round. Numbers to the left of each team indicate the team's original playoffs seeding in their respective conferences. Numbers to the right of each team indicate the number of games the team won in that round.

Conference Semi-Finals
Conference Finals
WNBA Finals
E1 Connecticut 2
E4 Washington 0
E1 Connecticut 1
E2 Detroit 2
E2 Detroit 2
E3 Indiana 0
E2 Detroit 3
W2 Sacramento 2
W1 Los Angeles 2
W4 Seattle 1
W1 Los Angeles 0
W2 Sacramento 2
W2 Sacramento 2
W3 Houston 0

Eastern Conference

First Round

(1) Connecticut Sun vs. (4) Washington Mystics

August 20
Washington Mystics 65, Connecticut Sun 68
Connecticut wins series, 2–0

(2) Detroit Shock vs. (3) Indiana Fever

August 19
Indiana Fever 83, Detroit Shock 98
Detroit wins series, 2–0

Conference Finals

(1) Connecticut Sun vs. (2) Detroit Shock

August 27
Detroit Shock 79, Connecticut Sun 55
Detroit wins series, 2–1

Western Conference

First Round

(1) Los Angeles Sparks vs. (4) Seattle Storm

August 22
Seattle Storm 63, Los Angeles Sparks 68
Los Angeles wins series, 2–1

(2) Sacramento Monarchs vs. (3) Houston Comets

August 19
Houston Comets 64, Sacramento Monarchs 92
Sacramento wins series, 2–0

Conference Finals

(1) Los Angeles Sparks vs. (2) Sacramento Monarchs

August 26
Sacramento Monarchs 72, Los Angeles Sparks 58
Sacramento wins series, 2–0

WNBA Finals: (2) Sacramento Monarchs vs. (2) Detroit Shock

Main article: 2006 WNBA Finals
September 9
Sacramento Monarchs 75, Detroit Shock 80
Detroit wins series, 3–2


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