2004 United States Olympic Trials (track and field)

2004 United States Olympic Trials
Host city Sacramento, California, United States
Date(s) June 9–July 18
Main stadium Hornet Stadium
Level Senior
Type Outdoor
Events 40 (men: 20; women: 20)

The 2004 United States Olympic Trials for track and field were held at Hornet Stadium in Sacramento, California. Organised by USA Track and Field, the ten-day competition lasted from July 9 until July 18 and served as the national championships in track and field for the United States.

The results of the event determined qualification for the American Olympic team at the 2004 Summer Olympics, held in Athens. Provided they had achieved the Olympic "A" standard,[1] the top three athletes gained a place on the Olympic team. In the event that a leading athlete did not hold an "A" standard, or an athlete withdrew, the next highest finishing athlete with an "A" standard was selected instead.

The trials for the men's marathon were held February 7 in Birmingham, Alabama,[2] the women's marathon were held April 23 in St Louis[3] and the trials for the men's 50 km race walk were held February 15 in Chula Vista, California.[4]

Medal summary

Key: Athlete without "A" standard, not selected.


Men track events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres Maurice Greene9.91 Justin Gatlin9.92 Shawn Crawford9.93
200 metres Shawn Crawford19.99 Justin Gatlin20.01 Bernard Williams20.30
400 metres Jeremy Wariner44.37 Otis Harris44.67 Derrick Brew44.69
800 metres Jonathan Johnson 1:44.77 Khadevis Robinson 1:44.91 Derrick Peterson 1:45.08
1500 metres Alan Webb3:36.13 Charlie Gruber3:38.45 Rob Myers≠ 3:38.93
5000 metres Tim Broe13:27.36 Jonathon Riley13:30.85 Bolota Asmerom13:32.77
10,000 metres[a] Meb Keflezighi27:36.49 CR Abdi Abdirahman27:55.00 Dan Browne28:07.47
Marathon Alan Culpepper2:11:42 Meb Keflezighi2:11:47 Dan Browne2:12:02
110 metres hurdles Terrence Trammell13.09 Duane Ross13.21 Allen Johnson13.25
400 metres hurdles James Carter47.68 Angelo Taylor48.03 Bennie Brazell48.05
3000 metres steeplechase Daniel Lincoln8:15.02 CR Anthony Famiglietti8:17.91 Robert Gary8:19.46
20 km walk Tim Seaman 1:27:08.00 John Nunn 1:28:20.00 Kevin Eastler 1:29:17.00

Men field events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
High jump Jamie Nieto2.33 m (7 ft 712 in) Matt Hemingway2.30 m (7 ft 612 in) Tora Harris2.27 m (7 ft 514 in)
Pole vault Timothy Mack5.90 m (19 ft 414 in) Toby Stevenson5.85 m (19 ft 214 in) Derek Miles5.80 m (19 ft 014 in)
Long jump Dwight Phillips8.28 m (27 ft 134 in) Tony Allmond8.10 m (26 ft 634 in) John Moffitt8.07 m (26 ft 512 in)
Triple jump[5] Melvin Lister17.78 m (58 ft 4 in) Walter Davis17.63 m (57 ft 10 in) Kenta Bell17.58 m (57 ft 8 in)
Shot put Adam Nelson21.64 m (70 ft 1134 in) Reese Hoffa21.14 m (69 ft 414 in) John Godina21.08 m (69 ft 134 in)
Discus throw Jarred Rome65.77 m (215 ft 9 in) Ian Waltz64.69 m (212 ft 2 in) Casey Malone64.47 m (211 ft 6 in)
Hammer throw James Parker77.58 m (254 ft 6 in) A. G. Kruger76.02 m (249 ft 4 in) Travis Nutter72.46 m (237 ft 8 in)
Javelin throw Breaux Greer82.39 m (270 ft 3 in) Brian Chaput≠79.81 m (261 ft 10 in) Leigh Smith76.38 m (250 ft 7 in)
Decathlon Bryan Clay8660 Tom Pappas8517 Paul Terek8312


a As winner Meb Keflezighi chose not to compete in the 10,000 metres event at the Olympics, 22nd placed Dathan Ritzenhein, who had the "A" standard of 27:49.00 from a previous race, was included in the Olympic team.


Women track events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres LaTasha Colander10.97 Lauryn Williams11.10 Gail Devers11.11
200 metres Allyson Felix22.28 Muna Lee22.36 LaShauntea Moore22.64
400 metres Monique Hennagan49.56 Sanya Richards49.89 DeeDee Trotter50.28
800 metres Jearl Miles-Clark1:59.06 Nicole Teter2:00.25 Hazel Clark2:00.37
1500 metres Carrie Tollefson4:08.32 Jennifer Toomey4:08.43 Amy Rudolph4:08.57
5000 metres Shayne Culpepper15:07.41 Marla Runyan15:07.48 Shalane Flanagan15:10.52
10,000 metres[b] Deena Kastor31:09.65 CR Elva Dryer31:58.14 Kate O'Neill32:07.25
100 metres hurdles Gail Devers12.55 Joanna Hayes12.55 Melissa Morrison12.61
400 metres hurdles Sheena Johnson52.95 CR Brenda Taylor53.36 Lashinda Demus53.43
3000 metres steeplechase[c] Ann Gaffigan≠9:39.35 CR Kathryn Andersen≠9:30.75 Carrie Messner9:33.11
20 km walk Teresa Vaill1:35:57.00 Joanne Dow1:38:42.00 Bobbi Chapman≠1:39:01.00

Women field events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
High jump Tisha Waller 1.98 m (6 ft 534 in) Chaunté Howard 1.95 m (6 ft 434 in) Amy Acuff 1.95 m (6 ft 434 in)
Pole vault Stacy Dragila4.75 m (15 ft 7 in) CR Jillian Schwartz4.55 m (14 ft 11 in) Kellie Suttle4.55 m (14 ft 11 in)
Long jump[d] Marion Jones7.11 m (23 ft 334 in) Grace Upshaw6.83 m (22 ft 434 in) Akiba McKinney6.57 m (21 ft 612 in)
Triple jump[e] Tiombe Hurd14.45 m (47 ft 434 in) CR Shakeema Walker≠14.06 m (46 ft 112 in) Vanitta Kinard≠13.73 m (45 ft 012 in)
Shot put Laura Gerraughty18.50 m (60 ft 814 in) Kristin Heaston18.10 m (59 ft 412 in) Jillian Camarena17.73 m (58 ft 2 in)
Discus throw Aretha Hill63.55 m (208 ft 5 in) Stephanie Brown61.90 m (203 ft 1 in) Seilala Sua61.60 m (202 ft 1 in)
Hammer throw[f] Erin Gilreath70.42 m (231 ft 0 in) CR Anna Mahon69.23 m (227 ft 1 in) Amber Campbell65.98 m (216 ft 5 in)
Javelin throw Kim Kreiner55.65 m (182 ft 6 in) Sarah Malone≠54.22 m (177 ft 10 in) Denise O'Connell≠54.05 m (177 ft 3 in)
Heptathlon Shelia Burrell 6194 pts Tiffany Lott-Hogan 6159 pts Michelle Perry 6126 pts



b Deena Kastor chose to focus on the marathon and so was not entered in the 10,000 metres in Athens.
c Women's 3000 metre steeplechase was not an event at the 2004 Summer Olympics.
d As third placed Akiba McKinney did not have the "A" standard of 6.70 m, fourth placed Rose Richmond was included in her the Olympic team
e Shakeema Walker and Vanitta Kinard did not have the "A" standard of 14.20 m, so sixth placed Yuliana Perez was included.
f As third placed Amber Campbell did not have the "A" standard of 67.50 m, fourth placed Jackie Jeschelnig was included in the team.



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