2000s in science and technology

This page contains major developments and trends in Science and Technology for the 2000s.

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The Mars Exploration Rovers have provided huge amounts of information by functioning well beyond NASA's original estimates.


Information technology

This contemporary illustration shows the look personal computers took, which differed from the monitor-over-system unit look that dominated much of the late 20th century. Personal computers also started coming out mainly in black,[3] in contrast to the universal creamy white of much of the late 20th century.
As with the 1980s and 1990s, there continued to be smaller system units, including all-in-one computers.

Software development


TiVo typified the growth in DVRs

Vehicles and energy


Small, powerful, accessibly priced mobile phones became highly common, and by the end of the decade were expanding quickly in third-world countries.[11][12]


Space technology


General retail

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