2×2 (album)

This article is about the Milli Vanilli double album. For other uses, see Two by Two (disambiguation).
Studio album / Compilation album by Milli Vanilli
Released 1989 (UK)
Genre Dance, pop
Label Carrere
Milli Vanilli chronology
All or Nothing: The U.S.-Remix Album
The Remix Album

2×2 is a double album by Milli Vanilli which was released in the United Kingdom in 1989.[1] Disc one of the album contains the original European studio album All or Nothing,[2] while disc two contains the All or Nothing remix album.[3]

While in the U.S. Arista Records renamed, remixed and repackaged the first Milli Vanilli album All or Nothing as Girl You Know It's True and broke the act in that market with that method, in the U.K. BMG decided to issue both All or Nothing releases as a double album. This is evident in the cassette version of the release where one cassette has a label (covering the "All or Nothing" title typography) and the other cassette does not. Disc one and disc two also contain exactly the same "NY Subway Version" of "Girl You Know It's True" (lifted from the 12" single) despite the first disc version not being labeled so. Although it was not marketed as a package of two albums in the U.K., another tell-tale sign is the inclusion of two mixes of a non-single track "Dreams to Remember" and only one version of "Blame It on the Rain".

Track listing

Disc one
No. Title Length
1. "Can't You Feel My Love"    
2. "Boy in the Tree"    
3. "Money"    
4. "Dance with the Devil"    
5. "Girl I'm Gonna Miss You"    
6. "All or Nothing"    
7. "Baby Don't Forget My Number"    
8. "Dreams to Remember"    
9. "Is It Love"    
10. "Ma Baker"    
11. "Girl You Know It's True"    
Disc two
No. Title Length
1. "Blame It on the Rain" (Club Mix – Long Version)  
2. "More Than You'll Ever Know"    
3. "Take It as It Comes"    
4. "It's Your Thing"    
5. "Dreams to Remember" (Remix)  
6. "All or Nothing" (Club Mix)  
7. "Baby Don't Forget My Number" (Remix) (this version was originally labeled as "The European Remix" on the single release)  
8. "Girl I'm Gonna Miss You" (long version)  
9. "Girl You Know It's True" (N.Y. Subway Mix – Long Version)  


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