Akai videotape format

1/4 inch Akai

Akai X-500VT 1/4 inch VTR at DC Video
Media type Magnetic tape
Read mechanism Helical scan
Write mechanism Helical scan
Standard Interlaced video
Developed by Akai
Usage Home movies

The 1/4 inch Akai is a portable helical scan EIA and CCIR analog recording video tape recorder (VTR) with two video record heads on the scanning drum. The units were available with an optional RF modulator to play back through a TV set, as well as a detachable video monitor. The Akai Electric Ltd. VTR plant was in Tokyo, Japan.

Early B&W models

Camera Specs:

Akai produced two types of black and white VTR using 1/4 inch tape: Portables using an open reel of 13 cm diameter (VT-100/-110/-120), and a single stationary model using a 27 cm open reel, designated VT-700. The model shown here, X500VT, was sold only in Japan and the United States, and in very low quantities.

Color model

VTR Specs:

Camera Specs:

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