1996 NBA All-Star Game

1996 NBA All-Star Game
1234 Total
East 33284127 129
West 32262238 118
Date February 11, 1996
Arena Alamodome
City San Antonio, Texas
MVP Michael Jordan
Attendance 36,037
NBA All-Star Game
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The 1996 NBA All-Star Game was the 46th edition of the NBA All-Star Game, an exhibition basketball game played on Sunday February 11, 1996. The event was held at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas and was a part of the 50th season of the NBA.[1] The game was televised nationally by the television providers TNT and TBS in the United States. As for Canada the game was televised nationally by TSN. There were 36,037 people in attendance. Michael Jordan put on a show for the fans in his first game back from retirement and ended up receiving the game's most valuable player award.


Phil Jackson from the Chicago Bulls coached the Eastern Conference and George Karl from the Seattle SuperSonics coached the Western Conference.[2] The rosters for the All-Star game were chosen via a fan ballot. The fans would vote for every position, as well as the coaches, and the players that received the most votes would be placed on a team. If a player were unable to participate due to an injury, then the commissioner would select another player as a replacement. Grant Hill led the all-star voting with 1,358,004 votes with Michael Jordan being right behind him with 1,341,422 votes. The rest of the Eastern conference starters were Anfernee Hardaway, Scottie Pippen and Shaquille O’Neal. The reserves included Patrick Ewing, Reggie Miller, Vin Baker and Terrell Brandon. For the West, the person that led the all-star voting was Charles Barkley with 1,268,195 votes. Clyde Drexler, after seven appearances with Portland Trail Blazers, appeared in the game for the first time as a Houston Rocket. The rest of the Western starters were Jason Kidd, Shawn Kemp, and Hakeem Olajuwon. The reserves included David Robinson, Gary Payton, Sean Elliott, and Karl Malone.

All-Star Game

Box Score

February 11, 1996
Western Conference 118, Eastern Conference 129
Scoring by quarter: 32–33, 26–28, 22–41, 38–27
Pts: Gary Payton, David Robinson 18 each
Rebs: David Robinson 11
Asts: Jason Kidd 10
Pts: Shaquille O'Neal 25
Rebs: Shaquille O'Neal 10
Asts: Penny Hardaway 7
Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas
Attendance: 36,037

This game was played after what is considered by many experts as one of largest drafts in the NBA history due to the future hall of fame talent that was added that year.[3] The anticipation for this game was high compared to the years before. This game was the first All-Star game that Michael Jordan played in after returning from his first retirement. He scored 20 points, 4 rebounds and 1 assist shooting at about a 73% average for the game.[4] Shaquille O’Neal, scored 25 points with 10 rebounds to lead the East in scoring and rebounds. For the West on the other hand, Jason Kidd was the assist leader with 10 assists in his first All-Star Game appearance. The scoring leaders for the West were David Robinson and Gary Payton with both players contributing 18 points respectively. The East won the game with a score of 129-118. Although there was a great deal of controversy with fans saying that Shaquille O’Neal deserved the award, Michael Jordan ended up receiving the All-Star game’s Most Valuable Player.


Eastern Conference All-Stars
Pos Player Team No. of selections Votes
G Penny Hardaway Orlando Magic 2nd 1,050,461
G Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls 10th 1,341,422
F Grant Hill Detroit Pistons 1st 1,358,004
F Scottie Pippen Chicago Bulls 2nd 1,289,649
C Shaquille O'Neal Orlando Magic 2nd 1,290,591
F Vin Baker Milwaukee Bucks 2nd 259,279
G Terrell Brandon Cleveland Cavaliers
C Patrick Ewing New York Knicks 10th 437,003
F Juwan Howard Washington Bullets
G Reggie Miller Indiana Pacers 4th 471,162
C Alonzo Mourning Miami Heat 2nd 847,899
F Glen Rice Charlotte Hornets 1st 296,143

Western Conference All-Stars
Pos Player Team No. of selections Votes
G Clyde Drexler Houston Rockets 1st 1,070,040
G Jason Kidd Dallas Mavericks 2nd 1,049,946
F Charles Barkley Phoenix Suns 1st 1,268,195
F Shawn Kemp Seattle SuperSonics 2nd 1,021,384
C Hakeem Olajuwon Houston Rockets 1st 1,240,329
F Sean Elliott San Antonio Spurs
F Karl Malone Utah Jazz 3rd 986,028
C Dikembe Mutombo Denver Nuggets 3rd 369,053
G Gary Payton Seattle SuperSonics 3rd
G Mitch Richmond Sacramento Kings 8th 323,619
C David Robinson San Antonio Spurs 2nd 1,037,245
G John Stockton Utah Jazz 3rd 823,826


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