1996 African Cup of Champions Clubs Final

1996 African Champions Cup Final
Event 1996 African Cup of Champions Clubs
Zamalek won 5–4 on penalties
First leg
Date 30 November 1996
Venue Lekan Salami Stadium, Ibadan
Referee Ian McLeod (South Africa)
Attendance 30,000
Second leg
Date 13 December 1996
Venue Cairo Stadium, Cairo

The 1996 African Cup of Champions Clubs Final was a football tie held over two legs in December 1996 between Shooting Stars, and Zamalek.

Zamalek from Egypt won that final, became the 1st African team to win Cup of Champions for fourth time.

Match details

First leg

30 November 1996
Shooting Stars Nigeria 2–1 Egypt Zamalek
Patrick  34'
Babalade  63'
Mostafa  89'
Lekan Salami Stadium
Attendance: 30,000
Referee: Ian McLeod (South Africa)
Shooting Stars:
GK ' Nigeria Abiodun Baruwa
RB ' Nigeria Awoyemi
CB ' Nigeria Emmanuel Teberen
CB ' Nigeria Ajibade Babalade  75'
LB ' Nigeria Sam Pam
CM ' Nigeria Madueme
CM ' Nigeria Mancha
RW ' Nigeria Duke Udi
AM ' Nigeria Patrick Pascal Onya
LW ' Nigeria Alatishe  60'
CF ' Nigeria Ogaya
MF ' Nigeria Ovie Ighofose  75'
FW ' Nigeria Sanni Abacha  60'
Nigeria Ahmodu
GK ' Egypt Nader El-Sayed
CB ' Egypt Motamed Gamal
CB 2 Egypt Medhat Abdel Hady
LB 8 Egypt Ashraf Kasem
CM 15 Egypt Tarek Mostafa
CM ' Egypt Effat Nssar
RW ' Egypt Ismail Youssef
AM 7 Egypt Osama Nabih
CM ' Egypt Mohamed Sabry  70'
FW ' Algeria Kamel Kaci-Saïd
FW ' Egypt Ahmed El-Kass
CM ' Egypt Nabil Mahmoud  70'
Germany Werner Olk

Assistant referees:

Fourth official:

Second leg

GK ' Egypt Hussein El-Sayed  ?'
RB 15 Egypt Tarek Mostafa
CB 8 Egypt Ashraf Kasem
CB 2 Egypt Medhat Abdel-Hady
LB ' Egypt Nabil Mahmoud
CM ' Egypt Moetemed Gamal
CM 7 Egypt Ismail Youssef
RW ' Egypt Mohamed Sabry  ?'
AM ' Egypt Osama Nabih
FW 16 Egypt Ayman Mansour
FW ' Algeria Kamel Kaci-Saïd  ?'
GK ' Egypt Nader El-Sayed  ?'
CM ' Egypt Sami El-Sheshini  ?'
FW ' Egypt Ahmed El-Kass  ?'
Germany Werner Olk
GK ' Nigeria Abiodun Baruwa
RB ' Nigeria
CB Nigeria
CB Nigeria
LB Nigeria
CM Nigeria
CM Nigeria
RW Nigeria
AM Nigeria
LW Nigeria
CF ' Nigeria
Nigeria Ahmodu

Man of the Match:

Assistant referees:

Fourth official:

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