1995 All-Pro Team

The 1995 All-Pro Team is composed of the National Football League players that were named to the Associated Press, Pro Football Writers Association, and The Sporting News All-Pro Teams in 1995. Both first and second teams are listed for the AP team. These are the three teams that are included in Total Football II: The Official Encyclopedia of the National Football League. In 1995 the Pro Football Writers Association and Pro Football Weekly combined their All-pro teams, a practice which continued through 2008. In 1995 all three All-pro teams returned to a 4-3 defense, picking only one middle linebacker.


Position First Team Second Team
Quarterback Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers (AP, PFWA, TSN) Dan Marino, Miami Dolphins (AP-2t)
Steve Young, San Francisco 49ers (AP-2t)
Running back Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys (AP, PFWA, TSN)
Barry Sanders, Detroit Lions (AP, PFWA, TSN)
Curtis Martin, New England Patriots (PFWA)
Marshall Faulk, Indianapolis Colts (AP-2)
Chris Warren, Seattle Seahawks (AP-2)
Wide receiver Jerry Rice, San Francisco 49ers (AP, PFWA, TSN)
Herman Moore, Detroit Lions (AP, PFWA, TSN)
Cris Carter, Minnesota Vikings (AP-2)
Carl Pickens, Cincinnati Bengals (AP-2)
Tight end Ben Coates, New England Patriots (AP, PFWA, TSN) Shannon Sharpe, Denver Broncos (AP-2)
Tackle Willie Roaf, New Orleans Saints (AP, PFWA, TSN)
Lomas Brown, Detroit Lions (AP, PFWA)
Erik Williams, Dallas Cowboys (TSN)
Gary Zimmerman, Denver Broncos (AP-2)
Richmond Webb, Miami Dolphins (AP-2)
Guard Nate Newton, Dallas Cowboys (AP, PFWA, TSN)
Randall McDaniel, Minnesota Vikings (AP, PFWA)
Larry Allen, Dallas Cowboys (TSN)
Larry Allen, Dallas Cowboys (AP-2)
Steve Wisniewski, Oakland Raiders (AP-2)
Center Dermontti Dawson, Pittsburgh Steelers (AP, PFWA, TSN) Kevin Glover, Detroit Lions (AP-2)


Position First Team Second Team
Defensive end Bruce Smith, (AP, PFWA, TSN)
Reggie White, Green Bay Packers (AP. PFWA, TSN)
Neil Smith, Kansas City Chiefs (AP-2)
William Fuller, Philadelphia Eagles (AP-2)
Defensive tackle John Randle, Minnesota Vikings (AP, PFWA, TSN)
Chester McGlockton, Los Angeles Raiders (AP, PFWA)
Eric Swann, Arizona Cardinals (TSN)
Dana Stubblefield, San Francisco 49ers (AP-2)
Andy Harmon, Philadelphia Eagles (AP-2)
Middle linebacker Junior Seau, San Diego Chargers (PFWA, TSN)
Ken Norton Jr., San Francisco 49ers (AP)
Junior Seau, San Diego Chargers (AP-2)
Outside linebacker Bryce Paup, Buffalo Bills (AP, PFWA, TSN)
Greg Lloyd, Pittsburgh Steelers (AP, PFWA, TSN)
Ken Harvey, Arizona Cardinals (AP-2)
William Thomas, Philadelphia Eagles (AP-2)
Cornerback Aeneas Williams, Arizona Cardinals (AP, PFWA, TSN)
Eric Davis, San Francisco 49ers (AP, PFWA)
Deion Sanders, Dallas Cowboys (TSN)
Terry McDaniel, Los Angeles Raiders (AP-2)
Dale Carter, Kansas City Chiefs (AP-2)
Safety Darren Woodson, Dallas Cowboys (AP, PFWA, TSN)
Merton Hanks, San Francisco 49ers (AP, PFWA, TSN)
Carnell Lake, Pittsburgh Steelers (AP-2)
Tim McDonald, San Francisco 49ers (AP-2)

Special teams

Position First Team Second Team
Kicker Morten Andersen, Atlanta Falcons (AP, PFWA, TSN) Jason Elam, Denver Broncos (AP-2)
Punter Darren Bennett, San Diego Chargers (AP, PFWA, TSN) Luis Aguiar, Kansas City Chiefs (AP-2)
Kick Returner Brian Mitchell, Washington Redskins (AP, PFWA, TSN) Glyn Milburn, Denver Broncos (AP-2)
Punt Returner Brian Mitchell, Washington Redskins (PFWA)
Glyn Milburn, Denver Broncos (TSN)
Special Teams Steve Tasker, Buffalo Bills (PFWA)



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