1994 NFL Draft

1994 NFL Draft
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General Information
Date(s) April 24–25, 1994
Location Marriott Marquis
in New York City, NY
TV coverage (US) ESPN
222 total selections  in 7 rounds
First selection Dan Wilkinson, DT
Cincinnati Bengals
Mr. Irrelevant Marty Moore, LB
New England Patriots
Most selections (11) Buffalo Bills
Fewest selections (5) Denver Broncos,
Seattle Seahawks
Hall of Famers

The 1994 NFL draft was the procedure by which National Football League teams selected amateur college football players. It is officially known as the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting. The draft was held April 24–25, 1994, at the Marriot Marquis in New York City, New York.[1][2] The league also held a supplemental draft after the regular draft and before the regular season. This was the first draft in which the rounds were reduced to seven in total.

The highlight of ESPN's coverage of this draft was a verbal altercation between ESPN draft expert Mel Kiper, Jr. and Indianapolis Colts' GM Bill Tobin. While disputing the Colts pick of linebacker Trev Alberts of Nebraska (when Kiper felt a quarterback such as Trent Dilfer made more sense), Tobin famously said to the ESPN crew "Who in the hell is Mel Kiper, anyway? I mean, here's a guy who criticizes everybody, whoever they take. In my knowledge of him, he's never even put on a jockstrap, he's never been a player, he's never been a coach, he's never been a scout, he's never been an administrator, and all of a sudden, he's an expert. Mel Kiper has no more credentials to do what he's doing than my neighbor, and my neighbor's a postman and he doesn't even have season tickets to the NFL." Tobin would be fired as Colts GM in 1997 while Kiper is still employed by ESPN. Alberts is considered a draft bust with just four sacks in three seasons; Dilfer, although never a star, had a productive career, including game-managing the Baltimore Ravens to a win in Super Bowl XXXV several years after being drafted. This was also the final draft for both Los Angeles football teams for over two decades; by the 1995 draft, the Raiders had returned to Oakland and the Rams began a 21-year tenancy in St. Louis.

Player selections

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* = compensatory selection
= Pro Bowler[3]
= Hall of Famer[4]
Positions key
C Center CB Cornerback DB Defensive back DE Defensive end
DL Defensive lineman DT Defensive tackle FB Fullback FS Free safety
G Guard HB Halfback K Placekicker KR Kick returner
LB Linebacker LS Long snapper OT Offensive tackle OL Offensive lineman
NT Nose tackle P Punter PR Punt returner QB Quarterback
RB Running back S Safety SS Strong safety TB Tailback
TE Tight end WR Wide receiver        
Rnd. Pick # NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
1 1 Cincinnati Bengals Wilkinson, DanDan Wilkinson  DT Ohio State Big Ten
1 2 Indianapolis Colts Faulk, MarshallMarshall Faulkdouble-dagger RB San Diego State WAC
1 3 Washington Redskins Shuler, HeathHeath Shuler  QB Tennessee SEC
1 4 New England Patriots McGinest, WillieWillie McGinest  LB USC Pac-10
1 5 Indianapolis Colts Alberts, TrevTrev Alberts  LB Nebraska Big Eight
1 6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dilfer, TrentTrent Dilfer  QB Fresno State WAC
1 7 San Francisco 49ers Young, BryantBryant Young  DT Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
1 8 Seattle Seahawks Adams, SamSam Adams  DT Texas A&M SWC
1 9 Cleveland Browns Langham, AntonioAntonio Langham  CB Alabama SEC
1 10 Arizona Cardinals Miller, JamirJamir Miller  LB UCLA Pac-10
1 11 Chicago Bears Thierry, JohnJohn Thierry  DE Alcorn State SWAC
1 12 New York Jets Glenn, AaronAaron Glenn  CB Texas A&M SWC
1 13 New Orleans Saints Johnson, JoeJoe Johnson  DE Louisville Ind. (I-A)
1 14 Philadelphia Eagles Williams, BernardBernard Williams  T Georgia SEC
1 15 Los Angeles Rams Gandy, WayneWayne Gandy  T Auburn SEC
1 16 Green Bay Packers Taylor, AaronAaron Taylor  T Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
1 17 Pittsburgh Steelers Johnson, CharlesCharles Johnson  WR Colorado Big Eight
1 18 Minnesota Vikings Washington, DewayneDewayne Washington  CB North Carolina State ACC
1 19 Minnesota Vikings Steussie, ToddTodd Steussie  T California Pac-10
1 20 Miami Dolphins Bowens, TimTim Bowens  DT Mississippi SEC
1 21 Detroit Lions Morton, JohnnieJohnnie Morton  WR USC Pac-10
1 22 Los Angeles Raiders Fredrickson, RobRob Fredrickson  LB Michigan State Big Ten
1 23 Dallas Cowboys Carver, ShanteShante Carver  DE Arizona State Pac-10
1 24 New York Giants Lewis, ThomasThomas Lewis  WR Indiana Big Ten
1 25 Kansas City Chiefs Hill, GregGreg Hill  RB Texas A&M SWC
1 26 Houston Oilers Ford, HenryHenry Ford  DE Arkansas SEC
1 27 Buffalo Bills Burris, JeffJeff Burris  CB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
1 28 San Francisco 49ers Floyd, WilliamWilliam Floyd  FB FSU ACC
1* 29 Cleveland Browns Alexander, DerrickDerrick Alexander  WR Michigan Big Ten
2 30 Cincinnati Bengals Scott, DarnayDarnay Scott  WR San Diego State WAC
2 31 Washington Redskins Johnson, Tre'Tre' Johnson  T Temple Big East
2 32 Indianapolis Colts Mahlum, EricEric Mahlum  G California Pac-10
2 33 Los Angeles Rams Bruce, IsaacIsaac Bruce  WR Memphis Ind. (I-A)
2 34 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rhett, ErrictErrict Rhett  RB Florida SEC
2 35 New England Patriots Lee, KevinKevin Lee  WR Alabama SEC
2 36 Seattle Seahawks Mawae, KevinKevin Mawae  G Louisiana State SEC
2 37 Philadelphia Eagles Walker, BruceBruce Walker  DT UCLA Pac-10
2 38 Arizona Cardinals Levy, ChuckChuck Levy  RB Arizona Pac-10
2 39 Chicago Bears Spears, MarcusMarcus Spears  T Northwestern State-Louisiana Southland
2 40 Minnesota Vikings Palmer, DavidDavid Palmer  WR Alabama SEC
2 41 New York Jets Yarborough, RyanRyan Yarborough  WR Wyoming WAC
2 42 Philadelphia Eagles Garner, CharlieCharlie Garner  RB Tennessee SEC
2 43 San Diego Chargers Davis, IsaacIsaac Davis  G Arkansas SEC
2 44 New Orleans Saints Bates, MarioMario Bates  RB Arizona State Pac-10
2 45 Atlanta Falcons Emanuel, BertBert Emanuel  WR Rice SWC
2 46 Dallas Cowboys Allen, LarryLarry Allendouble-dagger G Sonoma State NCAC
2 47 New York Giants Randolph, ThomasThomas Randolph  CB Kansas State Big Eight
2 48 Buffalo Bills Brooks, BuckyBucky Brooks  WR North Carolina ACC
2 49 Los Angeles Rams Wright, TobyToby Wright  S Nebraska Big Eight
2 50 Pittsburgh Steelers Buckner, BrentsonBrentson Buckner  DE Clemson ACC
2 51 Denver Broncos Aldridge, AllenAllen Aldridge  LB Houston SWC
2 52 Los Angeles Raiders Folston, JamesJames Folston  LB Louisiana–Monroe Southland
2 53 San Francisco 49ers Mitchell, KevinKevin Mitchell  LB Syracuse Big East
2 54 Miami Dolphins Beavers, AubreyAubrey Beavers  LB Oklahoma Big Eight
2 55 Minnesota Vikings Smith, FernandoFernando Smith  DE Jackson State SWAC
2 56 Los Angeles Rams Ottis, BradBrad Ottis  DE Wayne State MIFC
2 57 Detroit Lions Malone, VanVan Malone  CB Texas SWC
2 58 Kansas City Chiefs Bennett, DonnellDonnell Bennett  FB Miami (FL) Big East
2 59 New York Giants Sehorn, JasonJason Sehorn  CB USC Pac-10
2 60 Houston Oilers Nunley, JeremyJeremy Nunley  DE Alabama SEC
2 61 Buffalo Bills Johnson, LonnieLonnie Johnson  TE Florida State ACC
2 62 San Francisco 49ers Drakeford, TyronneTyronne Drakeford  FS Virginia Tech Big East
2 63 San Diego Chargers Parker, VaughnVaughn Parker  G UCLA Pac-10
2 64 Buffalo Bills Rogers, SamSam Rogers  LB Colorado Big Eight
2 65 Miami Dolphins Ruddy, TimTim Ruddy  G Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
3 66 Cincinnati Bengals Cothran, JeffJeff Cothran  FB Ohio State Big Ten
3 67 Indianapolis Colts Mathews, JasonJason Mathews  T Texas A&M SWC
3 68 Washington Redskins Winans, TydusTydus Winans  WR Fresno State WAC
3 69 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bishop, HaroldHarold Bishop  TE Louisiana State SEC
3 70 San Diego Chargers Coleman, AndreAndre Coleman  WR Kansas State Big Eight
3 71 Los Angeles Rams Lyle, KeithKeith Lyle  S Virginia ACC
3 72 Atlanta Falcons Phillips, AnthonyAnthony Phillips  CB Texas A&M–Kingsville Lone Star
3 73 Seattle Seahawks Smith, LamarLamar Smith  RB Houston SWC
3 74 Chicago Bears Flanigan, JimJim Flanigan  DT Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
3 75 Cleveland Browns Bandison, RomeoRomeo Bandison  DT Oregon Pac-10
3 76 Arizona Cardinals Braham, RichRich Braham  G West Virginia Big East
3 77 Philadelphia Eagles Panos, JoeJoe Panos  G Wisconsin Big Ten
3 78 New England Patriots Collier, ErvinErvin Collier  DT Florida A&M MEAC
3 79 New Orleans Saints Tubbs, WinfredWinfred Tubbs  LB Texas SWC
3 80 Los Angeles Raiders Jones, CalvinCalvin Jones  RB Nebraska Big Eight
3 81 Buffalo Bills Perry, MarloMarlo Perry  LB Jackson State SWAC
3 82 San Diego Chargers Clark, WillieWillie Clark  CB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
3 83 Los Angeles Rams Bostic, JamesJames Bostic  RB Auburn SEC
3 84 Green Bay Packers Johnson, LeShonLeShon Johnson  RB NIU Big West
3 85 San Francisco 49ers Brien, DougDoug Brien  K California Pac-10
3 86 Cincinnati Bengals Shine, SteveSteve Shine  LB Northwestern Big Ten
3 87 San Francisco 49ers Fleming, CoryCory Fleming  WR Tennessee SEC
3 88 Pittsburgh Steelers Gildon, JasonJason Gildon  LB Oklahoma State Big Eight
3 89 Arizona Cardinals England, EricEric England  DE Texas A&M SWC
3 90 New England Patriots Burch, JoeJoe Burch  C Texas Southern SWAC
3 91 Pittsburgh Steelers Morris, BamBam Morris  RB Texas Tech SWC
3 92 Kansas City Chiefs Dawson, LakeLake Dawson  WR Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
3 93 Detroit Lions Bonham, ShaneShane Bonham  DT Tennessee SEC
3 94 New York Jets Benfatti, LouLou Benfatti  DT Penn State Big Ten
3 95 New York Giants Downs, GaryGary Downs  RB North Carolina State ACC
3 96 Kansas City Chiefs Penn, ChrisChris Penn  WR Tulsa Ind. (I-A)
3 97 Washington Redskins Patton, JoeJoe Patton  G Alabama A&M N/A
3 98 Buffalo Bills Louchiey, CoreyCorey Louchiey  T South Carolina SEC
3 99 Atlanta Falcons Kalaniuvalu, AlaiAlai Kalaniuvalu  G Oregon State Pac-10
3 100 Los Angeles Rams Jones, ErnestErnest Jones  LB Oregon Pac-10
3 101 Houston Oilers Floyd, MalcolmMalcolm Floyd  WR Fresno State WAC
3 102 Dallas Cowboys Hegamin, GeorgeGeorge Hegamin  T North Carolina State ACC
3 103 Philadelphia Eagles Zomalt, EricEric Zomalt  S California Pac-10
4 104 Cincinnati Bengals Sawyer, CoreyCorey Sawyer  CB Florida State ACC
4 105 Washington Redskins Hawes, KurtKurt Hawes  TE Utah WAC
4 106 Indianapolis Colts Banta, BradfordBradford Banta  TE USC Pac-10
4 107 Arizona Cardinals Carter, PerryPerry Carter  CB Southern Mississippi Ind.
4 108 Los Angeles Rams Brantley, ChrisChris Brantley  WR Rutgers Big East
4 109 Dallas Cowboys Jackson, WillieWillie Jackson  WR Florida SEC
4 110 Seattle Seahawks Whigham, LarryLarry Whigham  S Louisiana-Monroe Southland
4 111 Atlanta Falcons Klein, PerryPerry Klein  QB C.W. Post N/A
4 112 Miami Dolphins Woolfork, RonnieRonnie Woolfork  LB Colorado Big Eight
4 113 Arizona Cardinals Reece, JohnJohn Reece  CB Nebraska Big Eight
4 114 Chicago Bears Harris, RaymontRaymont Harris  FB Ohio State Big Ten
4 115 Arizona Cardinals Irving, TerryTerry Irving  LB McNeese State Southland
4 116 New Orleans Saints Nussmeier, DougDoug Nussmeier  QB Idaho Big Sky
4 117 New York Jets Parker, OrlandoOrlando Parker  WR Troy State Ind. (I-AA)
4 118 Atlanta Falcons Davis, MitchMitch Davis  LB Georgia SEC
4 119 Houston Oilers Davis, MikeMike Davis  CB Cincinnati Ind.
4 120 Los Angeles Raiders Robbins, AustinAustin Robbins  DE North Carolina ACC
4 121 New England Patriots Burke, JohnJohn Burke  TE Virginia Tech Big East
4 122 Pittsburgh Steelers Faumui, Ta'aseTa'ase Faumui  DE Hawaii WAC
4 123 Denver Broncos Fuller, RandyRandy Fuller  CB Tennessee State OVC
4 124 Detroit Lions Bryant, VaughnVaughn Bryant  DB Stanford Pac-10
4 125 Minnesota Vikings Wells, MikeMike Wells  DT Iowa Big Ten
4 126 Green Bay Packers Wilkins, GabeGabe Wilkins  DT Gardner–Webb SAC
4 127 Kansas City Chiefs Walker, BracyBracy Walker  S North Carolina ACC
4 128 New York Giants Maumalanga, ChrisChris Maumalanga  DT Kansas Big Eight
4 129 Houston Oilers Jackson, SeanSean Jackson  RB Florida State ACC
4 130 Buffalo Bills Crocker, SeanSean Crocker  DB North Carolina ACC
4 131 Dallas Cowboys Dotson, DeWayneDeWayne Dotson  LB Mississippi SEC
4^ New York Giants Wooten, TitoTito Wooten  S Louisiana–Monroe Southland
5 132 Cincinnati Bengals Pollard, TrentTrent Pollard  T Eastern Washington Big Sky
5 133 Indianapolis Colts Covington, JohnJohn Covington  S Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
5 134 Minnesota Vikings Hammonds, ShellyShelly Hammonds  DB Penn State Big Ten
5 135 New England Patriots O'Neill, PatPat O'Neill  P Syracuse Big East
5 136 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pierson, PetePete Pierson  T Washington Pac-10
5 137 San Diego Chargers Laing, AaronAaron Laing  TE New Mexico State Big West
5 138 Atlanta Falcons Houston, HarrisonHarrison Houston  WR Florida SEC
5 139 Arizona Cardinals Redmon, AnthonyAnthony Redmon  G Auburn SEC
5 140 Pittsburgh Steelers Bell, MyronMyron Bell  S Michigan State Big Ten
5 141 Cleveland Browns Booth, IssacIssac Booth  DB California Pac-10
5 142 New Orleans Saints Carroll, HermanHerman Carroll  DE Mississippi State SEC
5 143 New Orleans Saints Novitsky, CraigCraig Novitsky  G UCLA Pac-10
5 144 Philadelphia Eagles Goodwin, MarvinMarvin Goodwin  DB UCLA Pac-10
5 145 San Diego Chargers Harrison, RodneyRodney Harrison  S Western Illinois Gateway
5 146 Green Bay Packers Mickens, TerryTerry Mickens  WR Florida A&M MEAC
5 147 Miami Dolphins Gaines, WilliamWilliam Gaines  DT Florida SEC
5 148 Pittsburgh Steelers Brown, GaryGary Brown  T Georgia Tech ACC
5 149 Green Bay Packers Levens, DorseyDorsey Levens  RB Georgia Tech ACC
5 150 San Diego Chargers Krein, DarrenDarren Krein  DE Miami (FL) Big East
5 151 Kansas City Chiefs Burton, JamesJames Burton  CB Fresno State WAC
5 152 New York Jets Morris, HoraceHorace Morris  LB Tennessee SEC
5 153 San Francisco 49ers Peterson, AnthonyAnthony Peterson  LB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
5 154 Detroit Lions Semple, TonyTony Semple  G Memphis Ind. (I-A)
5 155 New York Giants Bratzke, ChadChad Bratzke  DE Eastern Kentucky OVC
5 156 Kansas City Chiefs Waldrop, RobRob Waldrop  DT Arizona Pac-10
5 157 Houston Oilers Lewis, RoderickRoderick Lewis  TE Arizona Pac-10
5 158 Buffalo Bills Ofodile, A.J.A.J. Ofodile  TE Missouri Big Eight
5 159 Los Angeles Raiders Patterson, RooseveltRoosevelt Patterson  G Alabama SEC
5 160 San Diego Chargers Vinson, TonyTony Vinson  RB Towson Ind. (FCS)
5 161 Houston Oilers Reid, JimJim Reid  T Virginia ACC
5^ Dallas Cowboys Davis, JohnJohn Davis  TE Emporia State N/A
6 162 Cincinnati Bengals von Oelhoffen, KimoKimo von Oelhoffen  DT Boise State Big Sky
6 163 Washington Redskins Nottage, DexterDexter Nottage  DE Florida A&M MEAC
6 164 Indianapolis Colts Warren, LamontLamont Warren  RB Colorado Big Eight
6 165 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Carter, BernardBernard Carter  LB East Carolina Ind. (I-A)
6 166 New England Patriots Hawkins, SteveSteve Hawkins  WR Western Michigan MAC
6 167 Los Angeles Rams Brady, RickeyRickey Brady  TE Oklahoma Big Eight
6 168 New England Patriots Lane, MaxMax Lane  T Navy N/A
6 169 Green Bay Packers Kearney, JayJay Kearney  WR West Virginia Big East
6 170 Chicago Bears Hill, LloydLloyd Hill  WR Texas Tech SWC
6 171 Cleveland Browns Strait, RobertRobert Strait  RB Baylor SWC
6 172 Arizona Cardinals Samuels, TerryTerry Samuels  TE Kentucky SEC
6 173 New York Jets Lester, FredFred Lester  RB Alabama A&M Bulldogs SIAC
6 174 Philadelphia Eagles McCoy, RyanRyan McCoy  LB Houston SWC
6 175 Green Bay Packers Hamilton, RuffinRuffin Hamilton  LB Tulane Ind.
6 176 New Orleans Saints Mitchell, DerrellDerrell Mitchell  WR Texas Tech SWC
6 177 Miami Dolphins Boyer, BrantBrant Boyer  LB Arizona Pac-10
6 178 Pittsburgh Steelers Miller, JimJim Miller  QB Michigan State Big Ten
6 179 Minnesota Vikings Jordan, AndrewAndrew Jordan  TE Western Carolina SoCon
6 180 Pittsburgh Steelers Ravotti, EricEric Ravotti  LB Penn State Big Ten
6 181 Green Bay Packers Schroeder, BillBill Schroeder  WR Wisconsin–La Crosse N/A
6 182 San Francisco 49ers Woodall, LeeLee Woodall  LB West Chester N/A
6 183 Detroit Lions Borgella, JocelynJocelyn Borgella  DB Cincinnati Ind.
6 184 Cincinnati Bengals Reynolds, JerryJerry Reynolds  T Nevada–Las Vegas Big West
6 185 Kansas City Chiefs Daigle, AnthonyAnthony Daigle  RB Fresno State WAC
6 186 New York Giants Winrow, JasonJason Winrow  G Ohio State Big Ten
6 187 Houston Oilers Gissendaner, LeeLee Gissendaner  WR Northwestern Big Ten
6 188 Buffalo Bills Abrams, AnthonyAnthony Abrams  DE Clark Atlanta N/A
6 189 Los Angeles Rams Edwards, RonaldRonald Edwards  T North Carolina A&T MEAC
6 190 Green Bay Packers Duckworth, PaulPaul Duckworth  LB Connecticut Yankee
6 191 Dallas Cowboys Studstill, DarrenDarren Studstill  S West Virginia Big East
6 192 Buffalo Bills Knox, KevinKevin Knox  WR Florida State ACC
6 193 Philadelphia Eagles Berger, MitchMitch Berger  P Colorado Big Eight
6 194 Houston Oilers Wortham, BarronBarron Wortham  LB Texas-El Paso WAC
7 195 Cincinnati Bengals Stallings, RamondoRamondo Stallings  DE San Diego State WAC
7 196 Indianapolis Colts Teichelman, LanceLance Teichelman  DT Texas A&M SWC
7 197 Washington Redskins Frerotte, GusGus Frerotte  QB Tulsa Ind. (I-A)
7 198 New England Patriots Walker, JayJay Walker  QB Howard MEAC
7 199 Kansas City Chiefs Matthews, SteveSteve Matthews  QB Memphis Ind. (I-A)
7 200 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pyne, JimJim Pyne  C Virginia Tech Big East
7 201 Atlanta Falcons Anderson, JamalJamal Anderson  RB Utah WAC
7 202 Seattle Seahawks Crumpler, CarlesterCarlester Crumpler  TE East Carolina Ind. (I-A)
7 203 Cleveland Browns Hewitt, AndreAndre Hewitt  OT Georgia SEC
7 204 Arizona Cardinals Harvey, FrankFrank Harvey  RB Georgia SEC
7 205 Chicago Bears Collier, DennisDennis Collier  DB Colorado Big Eight
7 206 Philadelphia Eagles Montgomery, MarkMark Montgomery  RB Wisconsin Big Ten
7 207 San Diego Chargers Beehn, ZaneZane Beehn  LB Kentucky SEC
7 208 New York Jets Foley, GlennGlenn Foley  QB Boston College Big East
7 209 Pittsburgh Steelers Abrams, BriceBrice Abrams  RB Michigan State Big Ten
7 210 Denver Broncos Burns, KeithKeith Burns  LB Oklahoma State Big Eight
7 211 Minnesota Vikings Bercich, PetePete Bercich  LB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
7 212 Denver Broncos By'not'e, ButlerButler By'not'e  CB Ohio State Big Ten
7 213 New Orleans Saints Lundberg, LanceLance Lundberg  OT Nebraska Big Eight
7 214 Miami Dolphins Hill, SeanSean Hill  CB Montana State Big Sky
7 215 Detroit Lions Beer, TomTom Beer  LB Wayne State MIFC
7 216 Dallas Cowboys McIntosh, ToddrickToddrick McIntosh  DT Florida State ACC
7 217 Los Angeles Raiders Holmberg, RobRob Holmberg  LB Penn State Big Ten
7 218 Denver Broncos Nalen, TomTom Nalen  C Boston College Big East
7 219 Kansas City Chiefs Greene, TracyTracy Greene  TE Grambling State SWAC
7 220 Houston Oilers Hall, LemanskiLemanski Hall  LB Alabama SEC
7 221 Buffalo Bills Johnson, FilmelFilmel Johnson  DB Illinois Big Ten
7 222 New England Patriots Moore, MartyMarty Moore  LB Kentucky SEC

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler[N 1]
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Arizona Cardinals Alexander, BrentBrent Alexander  S Tennessee State OVC
Cleveland Browns Lyle, RickRick Lyle  DE Missouri Big Eight
Dallas Cowboys Boniol, ChrisChris Boniol  K Louisiana Tech Big West
Dallas Cowboys Cunningham, RichieRichie Cunningham  K Louisiana–Lafayette Big West
Dallas Cowboys Joyce, MattMatt Joyce  OT Richmond Yankee
Dallas Cowboys McCormack, HurvinHurvin McCormack  DT Indiana Big Ten
Dallas Cowboys Richardson, TonyTony Richardson  FB Auburn SEC
Denver Broncos Carswell, DwayneDwayne Carswell  TE Liberty Ind. (I-AA)
Denver Broncos Smith, RodRod Smith  WR Missouri Southern State MIAA
Green Bay Packers Miller, JoshJosh Miller  P Arizona Pac-10
Green Bay Packers Warner, KurtKurt Warner  QB Northern Iowa Gateway
Indianapolis Colts Whittington, BernardBernard Whittington  DE Indiana Big Ten
Indianapolis Colts Booker, VaughnVaughn Booker  DE Cincinnati Ind.
Los Angeles Rams Farr, D'MarcoD'Marco Farr  DT Washington Pac-10
Los Angeles Rams Williams, JayJay Williams  DE Wake Forest ACC
Miami Dolphins Jackson, TyokaTyoka Jackson  DE Penn State Big Ten
Miami Dolphins Quarles, SheltonShelton Quarles  LB Vanderbilt SEC
Minnesota Vikings Carter, TonyTony Carter  RB Minnesota Big Ten
Minnesota Vikings Griffith, RobertRobert Griffith  CB San Diego State WAC
New England Patriots Tylski, RichRich Tylski  G Utah State Big West
New Orleans Saints McCollum, AndyAndy McCollum  C Toledo MAC
New York Jets McIver, EverettEverett McIver  G Elizabeth City State N/A
Philadelphia Eagles Dixon, MarkMark Dixon  G Virginia ACC
Philadelphia Eagles Fiedler, JayJay Fiedler  QB Dartmouth Ivy
Philadelphia Eagles Wilkins, JeffJeff Wilkins  K Youngstown State Ind. (FCS)
Pittsburgh Steelers Rasby, WalterWalter Rasby  TE Wake Forest ACC
San Diego Chargers Binn, DavidDavid Binn  LS California Pac-10
San Francisco 49ers Garcia, JeffJeff Garcia  QB San Jose State Big West
Seattle Seahawks Atkins, JamesJames Atkins  OL Louisiana–Lafayette Big West
Seattle Seahawks Bellamy, JayJay Bellamy  S Rutgers Big East
Seattle Seahawks Hamilton, BobbyBobby Hamilton  DE Southern Miss Ind.
Seattle Seahawks McKnight, JamesJames McKnight  WR Liberty Ind. (I-AA)

Hall of Famers

Inducted: class of 2011
Inducted: class of 2013


  1. Players are identified as a Pro Bowler if they were selected for the Pro Bowl at any time in their career.


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  3. Players are identified as a Pro Bowler if they were selected for the Pro Bowl at any time in their career.
  4. Players are identified as a Hall of Famer if they have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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