1988 European Cup Winners' Cup Final

1988 European Cup Winners' Cup Final
Event 1987–88 European Cup Winners' Cup
Date 11 May 1988
Venue Stade de la Meinau, Strasbourg
Referee Dieter Pauly (West Germany)
Attendance 39,446

The 1988 European Cup Winners' Cup Final was a football match contested between Mechelen of Belgium and the defending champions, Ajax of Netherlands. It was the final match of the 1987–88 European Cup Winners' Cup and the 28th European Cup Winners' Cup Final. The final was held at Stade de la Meinau in Strasbourg, France. Mechelen won the match 1–0 thanks to a goal by Piet den Boer.

Route to the final

For more details on this topic, see 1987–88 European Cup Winners' Cup.
Belgium Mechelen Round Netherlands Ajax
Opponent Agg. 1st leg 2nd leg Opponent Agg. 1st leg 2nd leg
Romania Dinamo București 3–0 1–0 (H) 2–0 (A) First round Republic of Ireland Dundalk 6–0 4–0 (H) 2–0 (A)
Scotland St Mirren 2–0 0–0 (H) 2–0 (A) Second round Germany Hamburg 3–0 1–0 (A) 2–0 (H)
Soviet Union Dinamo Minsk 2–1 1–0 (H) 1–1 (A) Quarter-finals Switzerland Young Boys 2–0 1–0 (A) 1–0 (H)
Italy Atalanta 4–2 2–1 (H) 2–1 (A) Semi-finals France Marseille 5–1 3–0 (A) 2–1 (H)



11 May 1988
20:15 CEST
Mechelen Belgium 1–0 Netherlands Ajax
Den Boer  53' Report
GK 1 Belgium Michel Preud'homme
RB 6 Belgium Koen Sanders  61'
CB 3 Belgium Lei Clijsters (c)
CB 4 Netherlands Graeme Rutjes
LB 9 Belgium Geert Deferm
RM 5 Netherlands Wim Hofkens  73'
CM 2 Belgium Marc Emmers
LM 8 Netherlands Erwin Koeman
RW 7 Belgium Pascal De Wilde  60'
LW 10Israel Eli Ohana
CF 11Netherlands Piet den Boer  81'
GK 16Belgium Pierre Drouguet
DF Belgium Raymond Jaspers
MF 12Belgium Paul De Mesmaeker  60'
MF 13Belgium Paul Theunis  73'
MF West Germany Joachim Benfeld
Netherlands Aad de Mos
GK 1 Netherlands Stanley Menzo
RB 2 Netherlands Danny Blind Red card 16'
CB 3 Netherlands Frank Verlaat  73'
CB 6 Netherlands Jan Wouters  90'
LB 4 Sweden Peter Larsson
RM 8 Netherlands Arnold Scholten
CM 5 Netherlands Aron Winter
LM 10Netherlands Arnold Mühren
RW 7 Netherlands John van 't Schip (c)  57'
LW 11Netherlands Rob Witschge
CF 9 Netherlands John Bosman
GK 12Netherlands Lloyd Doesburg
MF 14 Netherlands Richard Witschge
MF 13Scotland Ally Dick
MF 15Netherlands Dennis Bergkamp  57'
FW 16Netherlands Henny Meijer  73'
Netherlands Barry Hulshoff

Assistant referees:
West Germany Karl-Heinz Tritschler (West Germany)
West Germany Aron Schmidhuber (West Germany)

Match rules

  • 90 minutes.
  • 30 minutes of extra time if necessary.
  • Penalty shoot-out if scores still level.
  • Five named substitutes.
  • Maximum of two substitutions.

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