1986 European Super Cup

The 1986 UEFA Super Cup was played between FC Steaua Bucureşti and FC Dynamo Kyiv, with Steaua winning 10.[1]

Match details

FC Steaua Bucureşti
FC Dynamo Kyiv
GK 1 Romania Dumitru Stângaciu
RB 2 Romania Ştefan Iovan (c)
CB 4 Romania Adrian Bumbescu
CB 6 Romania Miodrag Belodedici
LB 3 Romania Ilie Bărbulescu
CB 8 Romania Lucian Bălan
RM 5 Romania Tudorel Stoica
CM 11 Romania László Bölöni
CM 10 Romania Gheorghe Hagi  84'
FW 7Romania Marius Lăcătuş  89'
FW 9Romania Victor Pițurcă
RB 14Romania Mihail Majearu  89'
FW 16Romania Gavril Balint  84'
Romania Anghel Iordănescu
GK 1 Soviet Union Viktor Chanov
DF 8 Soviet Union Anatoliy Demyanenko (c)
DF 5 Soviet Union Vasiliy Rats
DF 4 Soviet Union Oleg Kuznetsov
DF 3 Soviet Union Sergei Baltacha
MF 2 Soviet Union Andriy Bal
MF 7 Soviet Union Pavel Yakovenko
MF 6 Soviet Union Vadym Yevtushenko
MF 9 Soviet Union Aleksandr Zavarov  77'
FW 10Soviet Union Igor Belanov  50'
FW 11Soviet Union Oleg Blokhin
MF 13 Soviet Union Alexei Mikhailichenko  50'
MF 12 Soviet Union Oleg Morozov  77'
Soviet Union Valeri Lobanovsky

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