1983 São Paulo FC season

São Paulo
1983 season
Chairman Brazil José Douglas Dallora
Manager Argentina José Poy
Brazil José Carlos Serrão*
Brazil Mário Travaglini
Série A Quarterfinals
Campeonato Paulista Runners-up

The 1983 São Paulo F.C. season details the competitions entered, matches played and teams faced by the São Paulo Futebol Clube in the 1983 season, showing the result in each event. Both friendly and official events are included. São Paulo Futebol Clube is a professional football club based in São Paulo, Brazil. They play in the Campeonato Paulista, São Paulo's state league, and the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A or Brasileirão, Brazil's national league.


Games played 73 (22 Campeonato Brasileiro, 48 Campeonato Paulista, 3 Friendly match)
Games won 38 (13 Campeonato Brasileiro, 24 Campeonato Paulista, 1 Friendly match)
Games drawn 23 (5 Campeonato Brasileiro, 18 Campeonato Paulista, 0 Friendly match)
Games lost 12 (4 Campeonato Brasileiro, 6 Campeonato Paulista, 2 Friendly match)
Goals scored 125
Goals conceded 67
Goal difference +58
Best result 5–1 (H) v Uberaba - Campeonato Brasileiro - 1983.4.2
Worst result 1–5 (A) v Grêmio - Campeonato Brasileiro - 1981.4.17
Top scorer

Source: São Paulo FC


Trans-Atlantic Challenge Cup

Official competitions

Campeonato Brasileiro


Final Position Points Matches Wins Draws Losses Goals For Goals Away Win%
5th 31 22 13 5 4 47 17 70%

Campeonato Paulista


Final Position Points Matches Wins Draws Losses Goals For Goals Away Win%
2nd 66 48 24 18 6 70 39 68%

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