1974 Little League World Series

1974 Little League World Series
Dates August 20–
August 24
Teams participating 8
Champion Taiwan Kaohsiung Little League
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Runner-up United StatesCalifornia Red Bluff Little League
Red Bluff, California

The 1974 Little League World Series took place between August 20 and August 24 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The Kaohsiung Little League of Kaohsiung, Taiwan defeated the Red Bluff Little League of Red Bluff, California in the championship game of the 28th Little League World Series. All teams were invited to Washington, D.C. after the tournament and were the first official guests greeted by the newly inaugurated President Gerald Ford. After this series, foreign teams were banned from the competition; however, the ban was rescinded one year later allowing foreign teams to qualify for the 1976 series, and each thereafter.

This was the fourth consecutive title for Taiwan. As of 2011 this is the second longest winning streak by a Country/State. This was the last LLWS to match U.S. teams with International teams in the opening round of play. This was also the first, and only, LLWS to feature shutouts in all first round games and second round games of the winner's bracket.


United States International
Ohio Tallmadge, Ohio
Central Region
CanadaBritish Columbia Esquimalt, British Columbia
Canada Region
Esquimalt Vic-West
Connecticut New Haven, Connecticut
East Region
Walter "Pop" Smith
Greece Athens, Greece
Europe Region
Athena Airport
Tennessee Jackson, Tennessee
South Region
Taiwan Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Far East Region
California Red Bluff, California
West Region
Red Bluff
Venezuela Maracaibo, Venezuela
Latin America Region

Championship bracket

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
August 20        
 Connecticut Connecticut  0
August 22
 Taiwan Taiwan  16  
 Taiwan Taiwan  3
August 21
   Ohio Ohio  0  
 Ohio Ohio  8
August 24
 Greece Greece  0  
 Taiwan Taiwan  12
August 20
   California California  1
 Canada Canada  0
August 22
 California California  3  
 United StatesCalifornia California  4 Third place
August 21 (F/7)
   Venezuela Venezuela  0  
 Tennessee Tennessee  0  Ohio Ohio  0
 Venezuela Venezuela  1    Venezuela Venezuela  2
August 23

Consolation bracket

  Games A & B Game D
August 20
 Greece Greece 9  
 Connecticut Connecticut 13  
August 22
     Tennessee Tennessee 14
   Connecticut Connecticut 3
Game C
August 21 August 22 (F/9)
 Canada Canada 0  Greece Greece  2
 Tennessee Tennessee 10    Canada Canada  3
1974 Little League World Series Champions

Kaohsiung Little League
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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