1969 NBA Playoffs

1969 NBA playoffs

The 1969 NBA Playoffs was the postseason tournament of the National Basketball Association's 1968–69 season. The tournament concluded with the Eastern Division champion Boston Celtics defeating the Western Division champion Los Angeles Lakers 4 games to 3 in the NBA Finals.

Despite finishing in 4th place, the Celtics won their second straight NBA title, marking their 11th overall as their era of 1960s dominance drew to a close. They upset Philadelphia and New York on the way to the Finals. Out west, the San Francisco Warriors stunned the Lakers by winning the first 2 in L.A., and Bay Area fans were thinking of avenging the prior year's sweep by the Lakers with a sweep of their own. But the Lakers won 4 straight to win the series in 6.

This year marked the debut of the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award; it was awarded to Jerry West of the Lakers, which marks the only time so far that the trophy has been given to a player on the losing team.

The second-year San Diego Rockets made their first playoff appearance; the next time they appeared was in 1975 as the Houston Rockets.

  Division Semifinals Division Finals NBA Finals
  1  L.A. Lakers 4  
3  San Francisco 2  
  1  L.A. Lakers 4  
Western Division
    2  Atlanta 1  
4  San Diego 2
  2  Atlanta 4  
    W1  L.A. Lakers 3
  E4  Boston 4
  1  Baltimore 0  
3  New York 4  
3  New York 2
Eastern Division
    4  Boston 4  
4  Boston 4
  2  Philadelphia 1  

Western Division

Champion: Los Angeles Lakers

Division Semifinals

(1) Los Angeles Lakers vs. (3) San Francisco Warriors: Lakers win series 4-2

(2) Atlanta Hawks vs. (4) San Diego Rockets: Hawks win series 4-2

Division Finals

(1) Los Angeles Lakers vs. (2) Atlanta Hawks: Lakers win series 4-1

Eastern Division

Champion: Boston Celtics

Division Semifinals

(1) Baltimore Bullets vs. (3) New York Knicks: Knicks win series 4-0

(2) Philadelphia 76ers vs. (4) Boston Celtics: Celtics win series 4-1

Division Finals

(3) New York Knicks vs. (4) Boston Celtics: Celtics win series 4-2

NBA Finals

Main article: 1969 NBA Finals

(1) Los Angeles Lakers vs. (4) Boston Celtics: Celtics win series 4-3

In Game 7, Don Nelson hit a foul-line jumper which dropped through the basket after hitting the back rim and bouncing several feet straight up. The shot gave the Celtics a 105-102 lead after the Lakers cut their lead to 103-102.

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