1967 Penang Hartal riot

1967 Penang Hartal riot
Date 24 November – 13 December 1967
Location Penang
Causes Protest against the devaluation of the old currency by the administration of Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first prime minister.
Methods Protest, general strike, riot
Parties to the civil conflict
Penang Labour Party
Lead figures
Lim Kean Siew
27 killed
137 injured

The 1967 Penang Hartal riot (Malay: Hartal Pulau Pinang 1967), initially intended as a peaceful protest began on 24 November 1967. However, the 1967 Hartal escalated into a bloody situation of heightened racial tension which turned the relatively peaceful holiday island into a deserted, cowboy town. The protest was even cited as one of the major events which might have prepared the grounds for the 1969 racial riots[1][2][3][4] Twenty years earlier, the all-Malaya hartal shut down the whole Malay peninsula.[5]

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