1961 Major League Baseball expansion draft

1961 MLB expansion draft
General information
Date(s) October 10, 1961
First selections
Overall selections 45 (plus two selections in 1963)

The 1961 MLB Expansion Draft was held by Major League Baseball on October 10, 1961, to fill the rosters of the New York Mets and the Houston Colt .45s. The Mets and the Colt .45s (later renamed the Astros) were the new franchises which would enter the league in the 1962 season. The pool of players out of which they could select was limited to the existing National League ballclubs.[1]

Due to the poor performance of the Mets and Colt .45s after two seasons, another draft was held for the teams. The other existing National League clubs made four players from their 40-man roster available at $30,000 apiece. Only eight players could be selected between the two clubs.[2]

1961 Draft

Regular Phase, $75,000 per player
Pick Player Position Selected by Previous team
1Eddie BressoudIFHouston Colt .45sSan Francisco Giants
2Hobie LandrithCNew York MetsSan Francisco Giants
3Bob AspromonteIFHouston Colt .45sLos Angeles Dodgers
4Elio ChacónIFNew York MetsCincinnati Reds
5Bob LillisIFHouston Colt .45sSt. Louis Cardinals
6Roger CraigPNew York MetsLos Angeles Dodgers
7Dick DrottPHouston Colt .45sChicago Cubs
8Gus BellOFNew York MetsCincinnati Reds
9Al HeistOFHouston Colt .45sChicago Cubs
10Joe ChristopherOFNew York MetsPittsburgh Pirates
11Román MejíasOFHouston Colt .45sPittsburgh Pirates
12Félix MantillaIFNew York MetsMilwaukee Braves
13George WilliamsIFHouston Colt .45sPhiladelphia Phillies
14Gil Hodges1BNew York MetsLos Angeles Dodgers
15Jesse HickmanPHouston Colt .45sPhiladelphia Phillies
16Craig AndersonPNew York MetsSt. Louis Cardinals
17Merritt RanewCHouston Colt .45sMilwaukee Braves
18Ray DaviaultPNew York MetsSan Francisco Giants
19Don TaussigOFHouston Colt .45sSt. Louis Cardinals
20John DeMeritOFNew York MetsMilwaukee Braves
21Bobby ShantzPHouston Colt .45sPittsburgh Pirates
22Al JacksonPNew York MetsPittsburgh Pirates
23Norm Larker1BHouston Colt .45sLos Angeles Dodgers
24Sammy DrakeIFNew York MetsChicago Cubs
25Sam JonesPHouston Colt .45sSan Francisco Giants
26Chris CannizzaroCNew York MetsSt. Louis Cardinals
27Paul RoofPHouston Colt .45sMilwaukee Braves
28Choo-Choo ColemanCNew York MetsPhiladelphia Phillies
29Ken JohnsonPHouston Colt .45sCincinnati Reds
30Ed Bouchee1BNew York MetsChicago Cubs
31Dick Gernert1BHouston Colt .45sCincinnati Reds
32Bob SmithOFNew York MetsPhiladelphia Phillies
Regular Phase, $50,000 per player
Pick Player Position Selected by Previous team
33Ed OlivaresIFHouston Colt .45sSt. Louis Cardinals
34Sherman JonesPNew York MetsCincinnati Reds
35Jim UmbrichtPHouston Colt .45sPittsburgh Pirates
36Jim HickmanOFNew York MetsSt. Louis Cardinals
37Jim GoldenPHouston Colt .45sLos Angeles Dodgers
Premium Phase, $125,000 per player
Pick Player Position Selected by Previous team
38Joe AmalfitanoIFHouston Colt .45sSan Francisco Giants
39Jay HookPNew York MetsCincinnati Reds
40Turk FarrellPHouston Colt .45sLos Angeles Dodgers
41Bob MillerPNew York MetsSt. Louis Cardinals
42Hal SmithCHouston Colt .45sPittsburgh Pirates
43Don ZimmerIFNew York MetsChicago Cubs
44Al SpanglerOFHouston Colt .45sMilwaukee Braves
45Lee WallsIF/OFNew York MetsPhiladelphia Phillies

1963 Draft

Player Position Selected by Previous team
Claude RaymondPHouston Colt. 45sMilwaukee Braves
Jack FisherPNew York MetsSan Francisco Giants


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