1951 NBA draft

1951 NBA draft
General information
Date(s) April 25, 1951
Location New York City, New York
Territorial pick(s) Myer Skoog, Minneapolis Lakers
First selection Gene Melchiorre, Baltimore Bullets
NBA draft
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The 1951 NBA draft was the fifth annual draft of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The draft was held on April 25, 1951, before the 1951–52 season. In this draft, ten remaining NBA teams took turns selecting amateur U.S. college basketball players. In each round, the teams select in reverse order of their win–loss record in the previous season. The Tri-Cities Blackhawks participated in the draft, but relocated to Milwaukee and became the Milwaukee Hawks prior to the start of the season.[1] The draft consisted of 12 rounds comprising 87 players selected.

Draft selections and draftee career notes

Gene Melchiorre from Bradley University was selected first overall by the Baltimore Bullets. However, he never played in the NBA due to his involvement in a point shaving scandal while playing college basketball.[2] Myer Skoog from University of Minnesota was selected before the draft as Minneapolis Lakers' territorial pick.


+ Denotes player who has been selected for at least one All-Star Game
# Denotes player who never played in the NBA regular season or playoffs


Round Pick Player Position Nationality Team College
0T 00 Skoog, MyerMyer Skoog G  United States Minneapolis Lakers Minnesota
1 01 Melchiorre, GeneGene Melchiorre# G  United States Baltimore Bullets Bradley
1 02 Hutchins, MelMel Hutchins+ F/C  United States Tri-Cities Blackhawks Brigham Young
1 03 Freiberger, MarcMarc Freiberger# C  United States Indianapolis Olympians Oklahoma
1 04 Sinicola, ZekeZeke Sinicola G  United States Fort Wayne Pistons Niagara
1 05 McConathy, JohnJohn McConathy F  United States Syracuse Nationals Northwestern State
1 06 Smith, EdEd Smith F  United States New York Knicks Harvard
1 07 Barrett, ErnieErnie Barrett G/F  United States Boston Celtics Kansas State
1 08 Ranzino, SamSam Ranzino G  United States Rochester Royals NC State
1 09 Sunderlage, DonDon Sunderlage+ G  United States Philadelphia Warriors Illinois
2 10 Stone, JackJack Stone# G/F  United States Baltimore Bullets Kansas State
2 11 Gossett, BillBill Gossett# F/C  United States Tri-Cities Blackhawks Colorado A&M
2 12 Steagall, ScottyScotty Steagall# G  United States Indianapolis Olympians Millikin
2 13 Kiley, JackJack Kiley G  United States Fort Wayne Pistons Syracuse
2 14 Savage, DonDon Savage G/F  United States Syracuse Nationals Le Moyne
2 15 Minson, RolandRoland Minson# G  United States New York Knicks Brigham Young
2 16 Garrett, BillBill Garrett# F  United States Boston Celtics Indiana
2 17 Ragelis, RayRay Ragelis F  United States Rochester Royals Northwestern
2 18 Payton, MelMel Payton G/F  United States Philadelphia Warriors Tulane
2 19 Hitch, LewLew Hitch F/C  United States Minneapolis Lakers Kansas State

Other picks

The following list includes other draft picks who have appeared in at least one NBA game.

Round Pick Player Position Nationality Team College
3 23 Fendley, JakeJake Fendley F  United States Fort Wayne Pistons Northwestern
3 24 Govedarica, BatoBato Govedarica G  United States Syracuse Nationals DePaul
3 27 Diute, FredFred Diute G  United States Rochester Royals St. Bonaventure
4 31 Slaughter, JimJim Slaughter C  United States Tri-Cities Blackhawks South Carolina
4 32 Tosheff, BillBill Tosheff G  United States Indianapolis Olympians Indiana
4 37 Behnke, ElmerElmer Behnke C  United States Rochester Royals Bradley
5 48 Kearns, MikeMike Kearns G  United States Philadelphia Warriors Princeton
6 51 Rennicke, JohnJohn Rennicke G  United States Tri-Cities Blackhawks Drake
6 55 McGuire, AlAl McGuire G/F  United States New York Knicks St. John's
6 56 Luisi, JamesJames Luisi G  United States Boston Celtics St. Francis (NY)
7 68 Dempsey, GeorgeGeorge Dempsey G  United States Philadelphia Warriors King's (NY)
8 77 Phelan, JamesJames Phelan G  United States Philadelphia Warriors La Salle


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