1950 NBA draft

1950 NBA draft
General information
Date(s) April 25, 1950
Location Chicago, Illinois
Territorial pick(s) Paul Arizin, Philadelphia Warriors
First selection Chuck Share, Boston Celtics
NBA draft
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The 1950 NBA draft was the fourth annual draft of the National Basketball Association (NBA). This is the first draft after the Basketball Association of America (BAA) was renamed the NBA. The draft was held on April 25, 1950, before the 1950–51 season. In this draft, 12 remaining NBA teams took turns selecting amateur U.S. college basketball players. In each round, the teams select in reverse order of their win–loss record in the previous season. The Chicago Stags participated in the draft but folded prior to the start of the season.[1] The draft consisted of 12 rounds comprising 121 players selected.

Draft selections and draftee career notes

Chuck Share from Bowling Green State University was selected first overall by the Boston Celtics. Paul Arizin from Villanova University was selected before the draft as Philadelphia Warriors' territorial pick. The sixth pick, Irwin Dambrot, did not play in the NBA and opted for a career as a dentist.[2] Four players from this draft, Paul Arizin, Bob Cousy, George Yardley and Bill Sharman, have been inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame.[3]

Chuck Cooper, the 12th pick, and Earl Lloyd, the 100th pick, and were the first African Americans to be drafted by an NBA team.[4] Lloyd became the first African American to play in the NBA on October 31, 1950, one day before Cooper made his debut.[5][6]


^ Denotes player who has been inducted to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
* Denotes player who has been selected for at least one All-Star Game and All-NBA Team
# Denotes player who never played in the NBA regular season or playoffs


Two basketball players are going after a basketball, while another player are watching from behind.
Bob Cousy (left) was selected third overall by the Tri-Cities Blackhawks.
Round Pick Player Position Nationality Team College
0T 00 Arizin, PaulPaul Arizin^ G/F  United States Philadelphia Warriors Villanova
1 01 Share, ChuckChuck Share C  United States Boston Celtics Bowling Green
1 02 Rehfeldt, DonDon Rehfeldt F  United States Baltimore Bullets Wisconsin
1 03 Cousy, BobBob Cousy^ G  United States Tri-Cities Blackhawks Holy Cross
1 04 Schnittker, DickDick Schnittker F  United States Washington Capitols Ohio State
1 05 Foust, LarryLarry Foust* F/C  United States Chicago Stags La Salle
1 06 Dambrot, IrwinIrwin Dambrot# F  United States New York Knicks CCNY
1 07 Yardley, GeorgeGeorge Yardley^ G/F  United States Fort Wayne Pistons Stanford
1 08 Lavoy, BobBob Lavoy F/C  United States Indianapolis Olympians Western Kentucky
1 09 McNamee, JoeJoe McNamee F/C  United States Rochester Royals San Francisco
1 10 O'Shea, KevinKevin O'Shea G  United States Minneapolis Lakers Notre Dame
1 11 Lofgran, DonDon Lofgran F/C  United States Syracuse Nationals San Francisco
2 12 Cooper, ChuckChuck Cooper F  United States Boston Celtics Duquesne
2 13 Pilch, JohnJohn Pilch F  United States Baltimore Bullets Wyoming
2 14 Dahler, EdEd Dahler F  United States Philadelphia Warriors Duquesne
2 15 Gayda, EdEd Gayda G/F  United States Tri-Cities Blackhawks Washington State
2 16 Sharman, BillBill Sharman^ G  United States Washington Capitols USC
2 17 Osterkorn, WallyWally Osterkorn F/C  United States Chicago Stags Illinois
2 18 Scherer, HerbHerb Scherer C  United States New York Knicks Long Island
2 19 Riffey, JimJim Riffey F  United States Fort Wayne Pistons Tulane
2 20 Unruh, PaulPaul Unruh# F  United States Indianapolis Olympians Bradley
2 21 Stanich, GeorgeGeorge Stanich# G/F  United States Rochester Royals UCLA
2 22 Haskins, HalHal Haskins# G/F  United States Minneapolis Lakers Hamline
2 23 Calabrese, GeraldGerald Calabrese G  United States Syracuse Nationals St. John's

Other picks

The following list includes other draft picks who have appeared in at least one NBA game.

A tall African American man wearing purple suit is shaking hand with another African American man wearing a uniform, while three other men is watching on the background.
Earl Lloyd (right) was selected 100th overall and became the first African American to play in the NBA.
Round Pick Player Position Nationality Team College
3 24 Donham, BobBob Donham G/F  United States Boston Celtics Ohio State
3 25 Dickey, DickDick Dickey G  United States Baltimore Bullets NC State
3 28 Sawyer, AlanAlan Sawyer F  United States Washington Capitols UCLA
3 31 Burris, ArtArt Burris F  United States Fort Wayne Pistons Tennessee
3 32 Mrazovich, ChuckChuck Mrazovich F  United States Indianapolis Olympians Eastern Kentucky
4 40 O'Keefe, TommyTommy O'Keefe G  United States Washington Capitols Georgetown
4 41 Murray, KenKen Murray G/F  United States Chicago Stags St. Bonaventure
4 46 Grant, BudBud Grant F  United States Minneapolis Lakers Minnesota
5 49 Mager, NormNorm Mager F  United States Baltimore Bullets CCNY
5 50 Borsavage, IkeIke Borsavage F/C  United States Philadelphia Warriors Temple
5 51 Christensen, CalCal Christensen F/C  United States Tri-Cities Blackhawks Toledo
5 52 Overton, ClaudeClaude Overton G  United States Washington Capitols East Central State
5 58 Beach, EdEd Beach F  United States Minneapolis Lakers West Virginia
6 60 Mahoney, FrancisFrancis Mahoney F  United States Boston Celtics Brown
6 68 O'Brien, RalphRalph O'Brien G  United States Indianapolis Olympians Butler
7 80 Blevins, LeonLeon Blevins G  United States Indianapolis Olympians Arizona
7 82 Hutton, JoeJoe Hutton G  United States Minneapolis Lakers Hamline
8 89 King, GeorgeGeorge King G  United States Chicago Stags Morris Harvey
9 99 DeLong, NateNate DeLong C  United States Tri-Cities Blackhawks River Falls State
9 100 Lloyd, EarlEarl Lloyd F/C  United States Washington Capitols West Virginia State


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