1939–40 Newport County A.F.C. season

Newport County
1939–40 season
Manager Billy McCandless
Second Division Joint 10th (season abandoned)
Welsh Cup Semi-final
Top goalscorer League: A.J.E. Hydes (3)
All: W. Robbins (22)
Highest home attendance 19,700 vs Tottenham Hotspur (31 Aug 1939)
Lowest home attendance 13,810 vs Southampton (26 Aug 1939)
Average home league attendance 16,755 (Football League)
Home colours
Away colours

The 1939–40 season would have been Newport County's first season in the Football League Second Division and their 19th season overall in the Football League. However, due to the outbreak of war in Europe in September 1939, the league season was abandoned after just three games and the results expunged from the records. For this reason, appearances made and goals scored in the Football League matches that were played do not contribute to a player's overall appearances and goals record.

Many of Newport County's players went off to fight in the war, but for those who remained, the Football League organised a special War League. The War League was originally split into ten regional divisions (Newport County were placed in the South-Western Division), in accordance with the Government's 50-mile travel limit. A War League Cup was also set up to replace the FA Cup, which had also been interrupted at the Preliminary Round phase.

Fixtures and results

War League (South-West)

Date Opponents Venue Result Scorers Attendance
21 Oct 1939Swindon TownH0–21,824
28 Oct 1939Bristol RoversA3–2Carr 2, Robbins1,186
4 Nov 1939Swansea TownA2–1Carr, Robbins3,000
11 Nov 1939Torquay UnitedH1–0Robbins802
25 Nov 1939Cardiff CityH3–1Robbins 32,228
2 Dec 1939Plymouth ArgyleA0–23,500
9 Dec 1939Swindon TownA1–23,145
16 Dec 1939Bristol RoversH0–11,752
23 Dec 1939Swansea TownH2–2Brinton, Hydes1,000
25 Dec 1939Bristol CityH1–1Robbins2,100
26 Dec 1939Bristol CityA3–1Robbins 2, Carr2,763
30 Dec 1939Torquay UnitedA2–6Wookey, Carr1,000
13 Jan 1940Cardiff CityA0–14,000
10 Feb 1940Swansea TownA2–2Robbins, Higgins3,000
24 Feb 1940Bristol CityA2–6Morgan (OG), Roberts (OG)1,799
9 Mar 1940Plymouth ArgyleA0–33,800
16 Mar 1940Swindon TownA3–3Wookey, Robbins, Appleby3,182
22 Mar 1940Bristol RoversA5–3Wookey 2, Carr, Robbins, Appleby3,240
25 Mar 1940Bristol RoversH0–24,179
30 Mar 1940Swansea TownH1–5Brinton1,200
6 Apr 1940Torquay UnitedA3–4Brinton, Robbins, Appleby1,515
4 May 1940Bristol CityH4–1Brinton, Mogford, Robbins, Appleby2,000
13 May 1940Cardiff CityA1–4Robbins2,000
18 May 1940Swindon TownH5–2Wookey 2, W.M. Owen, W.E. Owen, Appleby600
25 May 1940Cardiff CityH4–1Appleby 2, Wookey, Ballsom (OG)600
1 Jun 1940Torquay UnitedH11–0Appleby 4, W.E. Owen 4, Wookey, Newall, Lawrence500
7 Jun 1940Plymouth ArgyleH6–3Appleby 2, W.M. Owen, Lawrence, Wookey, Anthony (OG)
8 Jun 1940Plymouth ArgyleH5–2Appleby 3, Webb, Newall

War League Cup (South-West)

Date Opponents Venue Result Scorers Attendance
20 Apr 1940Birmingham CityH2–2Robbins, Egan4,500
27 Apr 1940Birmingham CityA2–5Brinton, Wookey6,700

Welsh Cup

Round Date Opponents Venue Result Scorers Attendance
514 Dec 1939Lovells AthleticH1–1Higgins
5r4 Jan 1940Lovells AthleticA2–0Robbins, Higgins
63 Feb 1940Barry TownA3–2Hydes 2, Brinton
72 Mar 1940Cardiff CityA1–1Newall3,000
7r18 Mar 1940Cardiff CityH5–0Robbins 2, W.M.Owen, Wookey, Appleby800
SF13 Apr 1940Swansea TownA0–1

League table

Pos Team Pld W D L F A GA GD Pts
1Luton Town3210717.000+65
2Birmingham City3210515.000+45
3Leicester City3201522.500+34
4Coventry City3120861.333+24
5Plymouth Argyle3201431.333+14
6West Ham United3201541.250+14
7Tottenham Hotspur3120651.200+14
8Nottingham Forest3201551.000±04
9Manchester City3111431.333+13
10Newport County3111541.250+13
12West Bromwich Albion3111881.000±03
14Newcastle United3102861.333+22
18Sheffield Wednesday3102350.600–22
19Swansea Town31025110.455–62
22Bradford Park Avenue3012270.286–51

Pld = Matches played; W = Matches won; D = Matches drawn; L = Matches lost; F = Goals for; A = Goals against;
GA = Goal average; GD = Goal difference; Pts = Points

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