1925 Copa del Rey

1926 Copa del Rey 1925-26
Country Spain
Champions FC Barcelona (6th title)
Runners-up Arenas Club de Getxo
Matches played 27
Goals scored 109 (4.04 per match)

The Copa del Rey 1926 (known at that time as King Alfonso XIII's Cup) was the 25th edition of the Copa del Rey.


Two more teams were invited to play the tournament that year. Besides the ten regional champions, the champion of Castile and León was also invited. The Levante Championship was split in two tournaments: The Valencian Championship and the Murcian Championship. So twelve teams (record at that time) were invited to the tournament.

Inscription of Real Murcia, champions of new Championship of Murcia, was not accepted.

Group stage

The winner of each group advanced to the semifinals.

Group I

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
FC Barcelona 4310215+167
Valencia CF 4211138+55
Stadium de Zaragoza 4004122-210

March 8, 1925
Valencia CF 8–0 Stadium de Zaragoza

March 15, 1925
Stadium de Zaragoza 1–5 FC Barcelona
Campo del Arrabal, Zaragoza

March 29, 1925
Stadium de Zaragoza 0–1 Valencia CF
Campo del Arrabal, Zaragoza

April 5, 1925
FC Barcelona 8–0 Stadium de Zaragoza

Group II

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Athletic Madrid[1] 210132+12
Sevilla FC 210123-12

Tie-break match

Group III

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Arenas Club de Getxo 413075+25
Real Sociedad 412175+24
Racing de Santander 403148-43

Group IV

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Celta de Vigo 4400196+138
RSC Ovetense 411268-23
CD Español 4013516-111

March 1, 1925
CD Español 1–6 Celta de Vigo
La Victoria, Valladolid

March 8, 1925
RSC Ovetense 1–0 CD Español
Vetusta, Oviedo

March 15, 1925
Celta de Vigo 2–0 RSC Ovetense

March 22, 1925
Celta de Vigo 7–2 CD Español

March 29, 1925
CD Español 2–2 RSC Ovetense
La Victoria, Valladolid

April 12, 1925
RSC Ovetense 3–4 Celta de Vigo
Vetusta, Oviedo


First leg:

April 19, 1925
FC Barcelona 3–2 Athletic Madrid
Arenas Club de Getxo 1–0 Celta Vigo
Second leg:
April 26, 1925
Athletic Madrid 2–1 FC Barcelona
Celta Vigo 1–1 Arenas Club de Getxo agg:1–2
Tie break:
May 3, 1925
FC Barcelona 2–1 Athletic Madrid agg:6–5


10 May 1925
16:45 CET
FC Barcelona 2–0 Arenas Club de Getxo
Samitier  9'
Sancho  34'
Reina Victoria, Seville
Attendance: 6,000
Referee: Tomás Balaguer
Copa del Rey 1925 winners
FC Barcelona
6th title


  1. Athletic Madrid qualified on a tie-break match.


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