1925 All-Pro Team

The 1925 All-Pro Team represented the All-Pro team of the National Football League (NFL) for the 1925 NFL season.[1]


Player Team Position Selector(s)
George Abramson Green Bay Packers Guard, kicker, punter, return specialist GBPG-2
John Alexander New York Giants Guard JC
Eddie Anderson Chicago Cardinals End, kicker, punter, return specialist CEM-2
Red Barron Coral Gables Collegians Halfback JC
Heinie Benkert New York Giants Back CEM-1
Charlie Berry Pottsville Maroons End CEM-1, GBPG-1
Lynn Bomar New York Giants End GBPG-2, JC
Art Carney New York Giants Guard GBPG-1
Ralph Claypool Chicago Cardinals Center GBPG-1
Jimmy Conzelman Detroit Panthers Back CEM-2
Rae Crowther Frankford Yellow Jackets End CEM-1
Frank Culver Canton Bulldogs End CEM-2
Paddy Driscoll Chicago Cardinals Tailback CEM-1, GBPG-1
Dolph Eckstein Providence Steamroller Center GBPG-2
Walter French Pottsville Maroons Back CEM-1
Paul G. Goebel Columbus Tigers End JC
Red Grange Chicago Bears Halfback JC
Tex Hamer Frankford Yellow Jackets Back CEM-2, GBPG-2
Duke Hanny Chicago Bears End CEM-2
Ed Healey Chicago Bears Tackle CEM-1, GBPG-1, JC
Bob Koehler Chicago Cardinals Fullback CEM-2
Verne Lewellen Green Bay Packers Halfback GBPG-2
Link Lyman Cleveland Bulldogs Tackle CEM-2, JC
Eddie Lynch Rochester Jeffersons End GBPG-1
Red Maloney Providence Steamroller End GBPG-2
Jack McBride New York Giants Fullback CEM-3, GBPG-1, JC
Jim McMillen Chicago Bears Guard CEM-2, GBPG-1
Century Milstead New York Giants Tackle CEM-1
Dave Noble Cleveland Bulldogs Wingback GBPG-1
Duke Osborn Pottsville Maroons Guard GBPG-2
Jimmy Robertson Akron Pros Blocking back GBPG-2
Gus Sonnenberg Detroit Panthers Tackle GBPG-1
Butch Spagna Frankford Yellow Jackets Guard JC
Duke Slater Rock Island Independents Tackle CEM-1, GBPG-2
Dick Stahlman Akron Pros Tackle GBPG-2
Herb Stein Pottsville Maroons Center JC
Russ Stein Pottsville Maroons Tackle CEM-2
Joey Sternaman Chicago Bears Quarterback CEM-2, GBPG-1, JC
George Trafton Chicago Bears Center CEM-1
Cy Wentworth Providence Steamroller Tailback GBPG-2
Barney Wentz Pottsville Maroons Fullback CEM-1
Chet Widerquist Rock Island Independents Tackle CEM-2
Swede Youngstrom Cleveland Bulldogs Line CEM-1


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