1922 Isle of Man TT

The 1922 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy introduced a new race, within a race, for 250 cc motorcycles called the Lightweight TT, to be run concurrently with the already-established Junior 350 cc that took place on Tuesday 30 May, and Senior 500 cc race.

The new third race was achieved by splitting the 250 cc machines away from, but run simultaneously with, the 350 cc machines that had previously been racing together in the up-to-350 cc engine-capacity limit. Thirty three lightweights started first before the 350 cc machines,[1] and the fastest lap was achieved by Wal Handley on an OK-Supreme at 51 mph (82 km/h). The win by Geoff S Davison on a Levis was the last TT win for a British two-stroke motorcycle.[2]

By winning the 350 cc race, Tom Sheard became the first Manxman to win a Tourist Trophy race, with an average speed of 54.75 mph (88.11 km/h), covering 188.75 miles (303.76 km).[3] Seventeen-year-old Stanley Woods attained fifth position on a Cotton with a time of 3hrs 50min 33secs, despite having to contend with a broken exhaust pipe and a pit-fire that set both man and machine ablaze.[4]

Walter Brandish, placed second in the 500 cc race would become, in 1923, the first rider to have a bend on the course named after him (Brandish Corner). He just failed – by 22 seconds – to break the four-hour time that the winner Alec Bennett achieved for the first time in a six-lap race that he led from start to finish, with a new lap record of 59.99 mph (96.54 km/h).[5] This was the last TT win by a side-valve machine.[6]

Junior 350 cc Race

5 laps (188.65 miles) Mountain Course.

Rank Rider Team Speed Time
1 Isle of Man Tom Sheard AJS 54.75 mph 3:26.48.2
2 United Kingdom G.Grinton AJS 3:37.17.0
3 United Kingdom J.Thomas Sheffield-Henderson 3:47.28.0
4 United Kingdom R.Lucas Coulson 3:50.10.0
5 Republic of Ireland Stanley Woods Cotton 3:50.33.0
6 United Kingdom Jack Haslam Douglas 4:05.22.0
7 United Kingdom P.A.Newman Ivy 4:05.46.0
8 United Kingdom G.W.Shepherd Edmund 4:07.26.0
9 United Kingdom J.Bance Blackburne 4:08.12.0
10 United Kingdom T.A.Jones Ivy 4:10.38.0

Lightweight 250 cc Race

5 laps (188.65 miles) Mountain Course.

Rank Rider Team Speed Time
1 United Kingdom Geoff S.Davison Levis 49.89 mph 3:46.56.8
2 United Kingdom D.Young Rex-Acme 4:00.17.0
3 United Kingdom S.J.Jones Velocette 4:01.31.0
4 United Kingdom L.Padley Sheffield-Henderson 4:11.09.0
5 United Kingdom D.G.Prentice New Imperial 4:04.41.0
6 United Kingdom F.C.North OK-Supreme 4:16.15.0
7 United Kingdom N.Hall OK-Supreme 4:19.04.0
8 United Kingdom C.H.Hopwood Levis 4:27.29.0
9 United Kingdom L.Nicholson Couslon 4:30.32.0
10 United Kingdom R.W.Loughton Francis-Barnett 4:32.17.0

1922 Senior TT 500cc Race final standings

6 laps (226.50 miles) Mountain Course.

Rank Rider Team Speed Time
1 United Kingdom Alec Bennett Sunbeam 58.31 mph 3.53.02
2 United Kingdom Walter Brandish Triumph 56.52 mph 4:00.22
3 United Kingdom Harry Langmann Scott 56.09 mph 4:02.14
4 United Kingdom C.P.Wood Scott 4:06.10
5 United Kingdom Graham Walker Norton 4:09.08
6 United Kingdom Tommy de la Hay Sunbeam 4:14.05
7 United Kingdom A.H.Alexander Douglas 4:15.06
8 United Kingdom V.Olsson Sunbeam 4:16.27
9 United Kingdom G.Clapham Scott 4:18.03
10 United Kingdom J.W.Adamson Norton 4:19.13


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