Before 1925 in television

List of years in television (table)

This is a list of television-related events that occurred prior to 1925.

Global television events

Year Event
1873 Willoughby Smith discovers the photoconductivity of the element selenium. This resulted in the invention of the photoelectric cell.
1877 George R. Carey of Boston, Massachusetts creates a selenium telectroscopea camera that could project a moving image to a distant point. The telectroscope was the first television prototype.
1880 Proposals to transmit images by rapidly scanning them in succession are made independently by William E. Sawyer of the United States and Maurice Leblanc of France.
1884 Paul Nipkow invents the Nipkow disk, a means of scanning an image mechanically. This method was later used for mechanical television experiments.
1895 Noah S. Amstutz demonstrates the transmission of photographic halftone images by electric telegraphy.[1]
1897 Karl Ferdinand Braun invents the cathode ray tube, using it as an oscilloscope.
1900 The word "television" is coined by Constantin Perskyi on August 18 at the First International Electricity Congress in Paris, France.
1907 Boris Rosing transmits silhouette images of geometric shapes, using a Nipkow disc, mirror-drum, and a cathode-ray tube receiver.
1908 In his letter to Nature, Alan Campbell-Swinton describes the modern electronic camera and display system which others are to develop throughout the 1920s.
1921 Charles Francis Jenkins with a group of friends incorporates Jenkins Laboratories in Washington, D.C. with the purpose of "developing radio movies to be broadcast for entertainment in the home".
1922 Charles Jenkins' first public demonstration of television principles. A set of static photographic pictures was transmitted from Washington, D.C. to the Navy station NOF in Anacostia by telephone wire, and then wirelessly back to Washington.
1922 Philo Farnsworth first describes an image dissector tube, which uses cesium to produce images electronically, but will not produce a working model until 1927.
1923 Charles Jenkins first demonstrates "true" television with moving images. This time 48-line moving silhouette images are transmitted at 16 frames per second from Washington to Anacostia Navy station.
1923 Vladimir Zworykin applies for patent for an all-electronic television system, the first ancestor of the electric scanning television camera. The patent was not granted until 1938 after significant revisions and patent interference actions.
1924 John Logie Baird demonstrates a semi-mechanical television system with the transmission of moving silhouette images.
1924 Vladimir Zworykin files a patent application for the kinescope, a television picture receiver tube.

Births (before 1916)

Date Name Occupation/Accolades
August 22, 1867 Charles Francis Jenkins U.S. inventor and promoter of mechanical scanning television (died 1934).
April 23, 1869 Boris Rosing Russian pioneer of television technology (died 1933).
November 22, 1875 Elizabeth Patterson U.S. actress (I Love Lucy) (died 1966).
July 21, 1882 Dr. Herbert Ives U.S. television researcher, leader of the AT&T television research during the 1920s1930s (died 1953).
February 8, 1884 Burt Mustin U.S. actor (All in the Family) (died 1977).
January 16, 1887 John Hamilton U.S. actor (Adventures of Superman) (died 1958).
February 26, 1887 William Frawley U.S. actor (I Love Lucy), (My Three Sons) (died 1966).
August 14, 1888 John Logie Baird British pioneer of television technology (d. 1946).
July 20, 1889 John Reith, 1st Baron Reith First Director-General of the BBC (d. 1971).
July 30, 1889 Vladimir Zworykin U.S. pioneer of television technology (died 1982).
January 26, 1892 Zara Cully U.S. actress (The Jeffersons) (died 1978).
February 11, 1894 Jack Benny U.S. actor (The Jack Benny Program) (died 1974).
August 21, 1895 Blossom Rock U.S. actress (The Addams Family) (died 1978).
October 4, 1900 Robert Shayne U.S. actor (Adventures of Superman) (died 1992).
December 6, 1900 Agnes Moorehead U.S. actress (Bewitched) (died 1974).
March 27, 1901 Carl Barks U.S. animator (creator of Scrooge McDuck) (died 2000).
July 1, 1901 Irna Phillips U.S. writer (creator of early soap opera) (died 1973).
July 14, 1901 George Tobias U.S. actor (Bewitched) (died 1980).
October 17, 1902 Irene Ryan U.S. actress (The Beverly Hillbillies) (died 1973).
December 25, 1902 Barton MacLane U.S. actor (I Dream of Jeannie) (died 1969).
May 29, 1903 Bob Hope British-American movie, television, radio, and vaudeville actor, writer, and producer (Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre) (died 2003).
June 17, 1904 Ralph Bellamy U.S. stage, movie, and television actor (Man Against Crime) (died 1991).
January 26, 1905 Charles Lane U.S. actor (Petticoat Junction). (died 2007)
September 18, 1905 Eddie Anderson U.S. actor (The Jack Benny Program) (died 1977).
February 20, 1906 Gale Gordon U.S. actor (The Lucy Show) (died 1995).
April 4, 1906 Bea Benaderet U.S. actress (The Flintstones) (died 1968).
April 4, 1906 John Cameron Swayze U.S. anchorman (Camel News Caravan) (died 1995).
April 22, 1906 Eddie Albert U.S. actor (Green Acres, Switch) (died 2005).
August 19, 1906 Philo Farnsworth U.S. inventor credited with the invention of the cathode ray tube television (d. 1971).
February 12, 1907 Joseph Kearns U.S. actor (Dennis the Menace) (died 1962).
May 22, 1907 Cecil McGivern British broadcasting executive; controller of BBC Television from 1950 to 1957 (d. 1963).
January 8, 1908 William Hartnell British actor; the original star of Doctor Who in the 1960s (died 1975).
February 28, 1908 Billie Bird U.S. radio, film, television, and vaudeville actress (Dear John) (died 2002).
April 2, 1908 Buddy Ebsen U.S. actor (The Beverly Hillbillies) (died 2003).
April 30, 1908 Eve Arden U.S. actress (Our Miss Brooks) (died 1990).
July 12, 1908 Milton Berle U.S. actor (Texaco Star Theater) (died 2002).
December 14, 1908 Morey Amsterdam U.S. actor (The Dick Van Dyke Show). (died 1996)
July 26, 1909 Vivian Vance U.S. actress (I Love Lucy) (died 1979).
May 15, 1910 Michael Barry British television producer and executive; Head of Drama at BBC television from 1952 to 1962 (died 1988).
May 22, 1910 Johnny Olson U.S. radio and television announcer (The New Price Is Right) (died 1985).
October 23, 1910 Hayden Rorke U.S. actor (I Dream of Jeannie) (died 1987).
February 6, 1911 Ronald Reagan U.S. actor and president (General Electric Theater) (died 2004).
March 13, 1911 Marie Rudisill U.S. television personality (The Fruitcake Lady from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno). (died 2006)
July 7, 1911 Gretchen Franklin British actress (EastEnders) (died 2005).
August 6, 1911 Lucille Ball U.S. actress (I Love Lucy) (died 1989).
October 23, 1911 Martha Rountree U.S. broadcast journalist (Meet the Press) (died 1999).
December 10, 1911 Chet Huntley U.S. anchorman (The Huntley-Brinkley Report) (died 1974).
January 7, 1912 Charles Addams U.S. cartoonist (created The Addams Family) (died 1988).
November 23, 1912 George O'Hanlon U.S. film and voice actor (voice of George Jetson on The Jetsons (died 1989).
January 28, 1913 Maurice Gosfield U.S. actor (The Phil Silvers Show) (died 1964).
February 25, 1913 Jim Backus U.S. actor (Gilligan's Island, Mr. Magoo) (died 1989).
May 13, 1913 Jasmine Bligh British presenter; one of the very first BBC Television Service presenters of the 1930s (died 1991).
May 25, 1913 Richard Dimbleby British journalist (BBC), commentator on state events, and presenter of current affairs programmes such as Panorama (died 1965).
July 13, 1913 Dave Garroway U.S. journalist (The Today Show (died 1982).
January 5, 1914 George Reeves U.S. actor (Adventures of Superman) (died 1959).
March 15, 1914 Joe E. Ross U.S. actor (The Phil Silvers Show, Car 54, Where Are You?) (died 1982).
May 12, 1914 Howard K. Smith U.S. anchorman (ABC Evening News) (died 2002).
September 18, 1914 Harry Townes U.S. actor (The Fugitive) (died 2001).
October 26, 1914 Jackie Coogan U.S. actor (The Addams Family) (died 1984).
October 30, 1914 Anna Wing U.K. actress (EastEnders) (died 2013).
December 2, 1914 Ray Walston U.S. actor (My Favorite Martian, Fast Times) (died 2001).
January 31, 1915 Garry Moore U.S. game series host and television personality (I've Got a Secret). (died 1993)
February 1, 1915 Art Balinger U.S. actor (Dragnet 1967, Adam-12). (died 2011)
February 12, 1915 Lorne Greene U.S. actor (Bonanza). (died 1987)
April 10, 1915 Harry Morgan U.S. actor (Dragnet, M*A*S*H) (died 2011).
September 12, 1915 Frank McGee U.S. journalist (The Today Show) (died 1974).

Births (1916–1924)

Date Name Occupation/Accolades
February 14, 1916 Edward Platt U.S. actor (Get Smart) (died 1974).
March 6, 1916 Virginia Gregg U.S. actress (Calvin and the Colonel, Dragnet) (died 1986).
March 31, 1916 Lucille Bliss U.S. actress (The Smurfs, Invader ZIM) (died 2012).
April 4, 1916 David White U.S. actor (Bewitched) (died 1990).
April 26, 1916 Vic Perrin American voice actor, The Outer Limits, Hanna-Barbera cartoons (died 1989)
May 14, 1916 Del Moore American actor, (Life with Elizabeth, Bachelor Father, Dragnet 1967) (died 1970)
July 11, 1916 Reg Varney U.K Comedy Actor (The Rag Trade, On the Buses) (died 2008)
July 23, 1916 Sandra Gould U.S. actress (Bewitched) (died 1999).
August 24, 1916 Hal Smith U.S. actor (The Andy Griffith Show) (died 1994).
November 4, 1916 Walter Cronkite U.S. anchorman (CBS Evening News). (died 2009)
March 2, 1917 Desi Arnaz Cuban-born actor (I Love Lucy) (died 1986).
March 30, 1917 Herbert Anderson U.S. actor (Dennis the Menace) (died 1994).
April 2, 1917 Dabbs Greer U.S. actor (The Fugitive) (died 2007).
May 16, 1917 George Gaynes Finnish-born U.S. actor (Punky Brewster, The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd) (died 2016)
May 21, 1917 Raymond Burr Canadian actor (Perry Mason, Ironside). (died 1993)
July 14, 1917 Douglas Edwards U.S. anchorman (CBS Evening News) (died 1990).
September 4, 1919 Howard Morris U.S. actor (The Andy Griffith Show) (died 2005).
September 4, 1917 Hilary Mason British actress (Maid Marian and her Merry Men). (died 2006)
October 16, 1917 Alice Pearce U.S. actress (Bewitched). (died 1966)
October 28, 1917 Jack Soo Japanese-American actor (Barney Miller) (died 1979).
December 22, 1917 Gene Rayburn U.S. television personality (Match Game, The Tonight Show). (died 1999)
February 15, 1918 Allan Arbus U.S. actor (M*A*S*H). (died 2013)
February 22, 1918 Don Pardo U.S. television announcer (Saturday Night Live). (died 2014)
May 1, 1918 Jack Paar U.S. television personality (The Tonight Show). (died 2004)
May 9, 1918 Mike Wallace U.S. anchorman (60 Minutes). (died 2012)
July 26, 1918 Stacy Harris U.S. actor (Dragnet, The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp). (died 1973)
November 4, 1918 Art Carney U.S. actor (The Honeymooners) (died 2003)
December 2, 1918 Milton DeLugg U.S. bandleader and composer (The Bill Cullen Show, Broadway Open House, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade) (died 2015)
January 13, 1919 Robert Stack U.S. actor (The Untouchables, Unsolved Mysteries) (died 2003)
February 11, 1919 Eva Gabor Hungarian actress (Green Acres) (died 1995)
May 4, 1919 John Hope U.S. meteorologist (The Weather Channel), named Hurricane Camille for his daughter (died 2002)
October 14, 1919 Shaun Sutton British writer, director, and producer; longest-serving Head of Drama at BBC Television (died 2004)
November 19, 1919 Alan Young English-born U.S. actor (Mister Ed) (died 2016)
December 11, 1919 Cliff Michelmore English broadcast presenter (died 2016).
February 18, 1920 Bill Cullen U.S. game series host (The Price Is Right, Blockbusters) (died 1990)
February 26, 1920 Tony Randall U.S. actor (The Odd Couple) (died 2004)
July 10, 1920 David Brinkley U.S. anchorman (The Huntley-Brinkley Report) (died 2003)
July 18, 1920 Dolph Sweet U.S. actor (Gimme a Break!, Another World) (died 1985).
November 25, 1920 Noel Neill U.S. actress (Adventures of Superman) (died 2016)
January 15, 1921 Frank Thornton British actor (Are You Being Served?) (died 2013)
February 24, 1921 Abe Vigoda U.S. actor (Barney Miller) (died 2016)
May 14, 1921 Richard Deacon U.S. actor (The Dick Van Dyke Show, Leave It to Beaver) (died 1984)
August 8, 1921 William Asher U.S. producer, director, and writer (Bewitched) (died 2012)
October 17, 1921 Tom Poston U.S. actor (Newhart) (died 2007).
November 14, 1921 Brian Keith U.S. actor (died 1997).
November 22, 1921 Rodney Dangerfield U.S. comedian and actor (The Dean Martin Show). (died 2004)
December 26, 1921 Steve Allen U.S. television personality (The Tonight Show). (died 2000)
January 17, 1922 Betty White U.S. actress (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Golden Girls)
January 21, 1922 Telly Savalas U.S. actor (Kojak) (died 1994)
January 30, 1922 Dick Martin U.S. comedian (Laugh-In) (died 2008)
February 24, 1922 Steven Hill U.S. actor (Law & Order, Mission: Impossible) (died 2016)
February 18, 1922 Allan Melvin U.S. actor (Magilla Gorilla, The Brady Bunch, All in the Family) (died 2008)
March 5, 1922 James Noble U.S. actor (Benson) (died 2016)
March 20, 1922 Carl Reiner U.S. actor, writer, director, and producer (Your Show of Shows, The Dick Van Dyke Show).
April 5, 1922 Christopher Hewett British actor (Mr. Belvedere) (died 2001)
April 5, 1922 Gale Storm U.S. actress (My Little Margie) (died 2009)
April 27, 1922 Jack Klugman U.S. actor (The Odd Couple, Quincy). (died 2012)
May 7, 1922 Darren McGavin U.S. actor (Kolchak: The Night Stalker) (died 2006)
May 10, 1922 Nancy Walker U.S. actress (Rhoda, Bounty paper towel commercials) (died 1992)
May 18, 1922 Bill Macy U.S. actor (Maude).
May 22, 1922 Quinn Martin U.S. producer (The Fugitive, The F.B.I., The Streets of San Francisco) (died 1987)
July 21, 1922 Mollie Sugden British actress (Are You Being Served?). (died 2009)
July 22, 1922 Dan Rowan U.S. comedian (Laugh-In) (died 1987)
July 27, 1922 Norman Lear U.S. producer (All in the Family, Sanford and Son and many others)
September 1, 1922 Yvonne De Carlo U.S. actress (The Munsters) (died 2007)
October 9, 1922 Fyvush Finkel U.S. stage and television actor (Boston Public). (died 2016)
October 31, 1922 Barbara Bel Geddes U.S. actress (Dallas) (died 2005)
November 13, 1922 Jack Narz U.S. game show host and announcer (died 2008)
December 9, 1922 Redd Foxx U.S. comedian (Sanford and Son) (died 1991)
December 20, 1922 Charita Bauer U.S. actress (The Guiding Light) (died 1985)
January 8, 1923 Larry Storch U.S. actor (F-Troop)
January 19, 1923 Jean Stapleton U.S. actress (All in the Family). (died 2013)
January 23, 1923 Florence Halop U.S. actress (St. Elsewhere, Night Court) (died 1986)
February 4, 1923 Conrad Bain Canadian-born U.S. actor (Maude, Diff'rent Strokes) (died 2013).
April 13, 1923 Don Adams U.S. actor (Get Smart, Inspector Gadget) (died 2005).
April 22, 1923 Aaron Spelling U.S. movie and television producer (Beverly Hills, 90210) (died 2006).
April 30, 1923 Al Lewis U.S. actor (The Munsters) (died 2006).
May 13, 1923 Beatrice Arthur U.S. actress (Maude, The Golden Girls) (died 2009)
July 25, 1923 Estelle Getty U.S. actress (The Golden Girls) (died 2008)
August 15, 1923 Rose Marie U.S. actress (The Dick Van Dyke Show).
September 20, 1923 Jimmy Perry English scriptwriter (Dad's Army). (died 2016)
September 28, 1923 William Windom U.S. actor (Murder, She Wrote). (died 2012)
December 12, 1923 Bob Barker U.S. game series host (The New Price Is Right).
January 19, 1924 Nicholas Colasanto U.S. actor and director (Cheers). (died 1985)
March 3, 1924 John Woodnutt British actor (died 2006).
May 1, 1924 Art Fleming U.S. stage, radio, and television personality (Jeopardy!) (died 1995).
June 26, 1924 Richard Bull U.S. movie and television actor (Little House on the Prairie) (died 2014).
July 11, 1924 Brett Somers Canadian-born U.S. actress and comedian (The Odd Couple, Match Game '73) (died 2007).
July 21, 1924 Don Knotts U.S. actor (The Andy Griffith Show, Three's Company) (died 2006).
August 2, 1924 Carroll O'Connor U.S. actor (All in the Family, In the Heat of the Night). (died 2001)
November 18, 1924 Les Lye Canadian actor (You Can't Do That On Television). (died 2009)

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