1921–22 FA Cup

1921–22 FA Cup
Country England
Champions Huddersfield Town
Runners-up Preston North End

The 1921–22 FA Cup was the 47th season of the world's oldest association football competition, the Football Association Challenge Cup (more usually known as the FA Cup). Huddersfield Town won the competition, beating Preston North End 1–0 in the final at Stamford Bridge, London.

Matches were scheduled to be played at the stadium of the team named first on the date specified for each round, which was always a Saturday. If scores were level after 90 minutes had been played, a replay would take place at the stadium of the second-named team later the same week. If the replayed match was drawn further replays would be held at neutral venues until a winner was determined. If scores were level after 90 minutes had been played in a replay, a 30-minute period of extra time would be played.


The format of the FA Cup for the season had two preliminary rounds, six qualifying rounds, four proper rounds, and the semi finals and final.

Round Date
Extra Preliminary Round Saturday 10 September 1921
Preliminary Round Saturday 24 September 1921
First Round Qualifying Saturday 8 October 1921
Second Round Qualifying Saturday 22 October 1921
Third Round Qualifying Saturday 5 November 1921
Fourth Round Qualifying Saturday 19 November 1921
Fifth Round Qualifying Saturday 3 December 1921
Sixth Round Qualifying Saturday 17 December 1921
First Round Proper Saturday 7 January 1922
Second Round Proper Saturday 28 January 1922
Third Round Proper Saturday 18 February 1922
Fourth Round Proper Saturday 4 March 1922
Semi-Finals Saturday 25 March 1922
Final Saturday 29 April 1922

First round proper

12 qualifiers and 41 (out of 44) Division 1 & 2 clubs joined this round. Coventry City and Rotherham County of Division 2 were entered in the fifth qualifying round. First Division side Birmingham had their entry rejected after they failed to submit the relevant paperwork.[1] Of the Division 3S sides, Aberdare Athletic and Charlton Athletic were entered in the extra preliminary round (though the latter did not play), while nine sides entered the fifth qualifying round (Brentford. Bristol Rovers, Exeter City, Gllingham, Merthyr Town, Newport County, Northampton Town, Norwich City and Swansea Town). The eleven others were given byes to the first round proper. These were:

Of the Division 3N sides, Halifax Town and Wigan Borough took no part in the competition. Nine sides were entered in the fourth qualifying round (Darlington, Durham City, Grimsby Town, Hartlepools United, Lincoln City, Rochdale, Southport, Stockport County and Wrexham) and the rest in the fifth qualifying round.

32 matches were scheduled to be played on Saturday, 7 January 1922. Eleven matches were drawn and went to replays in the following midweek fixture, of which one went to another replay.

Tie no Home team Score Away team Date
1Blackpool1–2Watford7 January 1922
2Bristol City0–0Nottingham Forest7 January 1922
ReplayNottingham Forest3–1Bristol City11 January 1922
3Burnley2–2Huddersfield Town7 January 1922
ReplayHuddersfield Town3–2Burnley11 January 1922
4Preston North End3–0Wolverhampton Wanderers7 January 1922
5Southampton3–1South Shields7 January 1922
6Walsall3–3Bradford City7 January 1922
ReplayBradford City4–0Walsall11 January 1922
7Gillingham1–3Oldham Athletic7 January 1922
8Leicester City2–0Clapton Orient7 January 1922
9Blackburn Rovers1–1Southport7 January 1922
ReplaySouthport0–2Blackburn Rovers11 January 1922
10Aston Villa6–1Derby County7 January 1922
11Bolton Wanderers1–0Bury7 January 1922
12Grimsby Town1–1Notts County7 January 1922
ReplayNotts County3–0Grimsby Town12 January 1922
13Sunderland1–1Liverpool7 January 1922
ReplayLiverpool5–0Sunderland11 January 1922
14Everton0–6Crystal Palace7 January 1922
15Swindon Town2–1Leeds United7 January 1922
16Newcastle United6–0Newport County7 January 1922
17Worksop Town1–2Southend United7 January 1922
18Manchester City3–1Darlington7 January 1922
19Barnsley1–1Norwich City7 January 1922
ReplayNorwich City1–2Barnsley12 January 1922
20Brentford0–2Tottenham Hotspur7 January 1922
21Northampton Town3–0Reading7 January 1922
22Portsmouth1–1Luton Town7 January 1922
ReplayLuton Town2–1Portsmouth11 January 1922
23Brighton & Hove Albion1–0Sheffield United7 January 1922
24Manchester United1–4Cardiff City7 January 1922
25Plymouth Argyle1–1Fulham7 January 1922
ReplayFulham1–0Plymouth Argyle11 January 1922
26Millwall4–2Ashington7 January 1922
27Hull City5–0Middlesbrough7 January 1922
28Chelsea2–4West Bromwich Albion7 January 1922
29Bradford Park Avenue1–0The Wednesday7 January 1922
30Port Vale2–4Stoke7 January 1922
31Swansea Town0–0West Ham United7 January 1922
ReplayWest Ham United1–1Swansea Town11 January 1922
ReplaySwansea Town1–0West Ham United16 January 1922
32Arsenal0–0Queens Park Rangers7 January 1922
ReplayQueens Park Rangers1–2Arsenal11 January 1922

Second Round Proper

The 16 Second Round matches were played on Saturday, 28 January 1922. Five matches were drawn, with replays taking place in the following midweek fixture. One of these, the Bradford City–Notts County match, went to a second replay.

Tie no Home team Score Away team Date
1Liverpool0–1West Bromwich Albion28 January 1922
2Preston North End3–1Newcastle United28 January 1922
3Southampton1–1Cardiff City28 January 1922
ReplayCardiff City2–0Southampton1 February 1922
4Leicester City2–0Fulham28 January 1922
5Nottingham Forest3–0Hull City28 January 1922
6Aston Villa1–0Luton Town28 January 1922
7Bolton Wanderers1–3Manchester City28 January 1922
8Swindon Town0–1Blackburn Rovers28 January 1922
9Tottenham Hotspur1–0Watford28 January 1922
10Barnsley3–1Oldham Athletic28 January 1922
11Northampton Town2–2Stoke28 January 1922
ReplayStoke3–0Northampton Town1 February 1922
12Brighton & Hove Albion0–0Huddersfield Town28 January 1922
ReplayHuddersfield Town2–0Brighton & Hove Albion1 February 1922
13Bradford City1–1Notts County28 January 1922
ReplayNotts County0–0Bradford City1 February 1922
ReplayNotts County1–0Bradford City6 February 1922
14Crystal Palace0–0Millwall28 January 1922
ReplayMillwall2–0Crystal Palace1 February 1922
15Southend United0–1Swansea Town28 January 1922
16Bradford Park Avenue2–3Arsenal28 January 1922

Third round proper

The eight Third Round matches were scheduled for Saturday, 18 February 1922. Four matches were drawn and went to replays in the following midweek fixture.

Tie no Home team Score Away team Date
1Stoke0–0Aston Villa18 February 1922
ReplayAston Villa4–0Stoke22 February 1922
2Blackburn Rovers1–1Huddersfield Town18 February 1922
ReplayHuddersfield Town5–0Blackburn Rovers22 February 1922
3West Bromwich Albion1–1Notts County18 February 1922
ReplayNotts County2–0West Bromwich Albion22 February 1922
4Tottenham Hotspur2–1Manchester City18 February 1922
5Barnsley1–1Preston North End18 February 1922
ReplayPreston North End3–0Barnsley22 February 1922
6Millwall4–0Swansea Town18 February 1922
7Cardiff City4–1Nottingham Forest18 February 1922
8Arsenal3–0Leicester City18 February 1922

Fourth round proper

The four Fourth Round matches were scheduled for Saturday, 4 March 1922. There were three replays, each played in the following midweek fixture.

Tie no Home team Score Away team Date
1Notts County2–2Aston Villa4 March 1922
ReplayAston Villa3–4Notts County8 March 1922
2Huddersfield Town3–0Millwall4 March 1922
3Cardiff City1–1Tottenham Hotspur4 March 1922
ReplayTottenham Hotspur2–1Cardiff City8 March 1922
4Arsenal1–1Preston North End4 March 1922
ReplayPreston North End2–1Arsenal8 March 1922


The semi-final matches were played on Saturday, 25 March 1922. The matches ended in victories for Preston North End and Huddersfield Town, who went on to meet in the final at Wembley.


Main article: 1922 FA Cup Final

The Final was contested by Huddersfield Town and Preston North End at Stamford Bridge. Huddersfield won by a single goal, a penalty scored by Billy Smith.

Match details

29 April 1922
15:00 BST
Huddersfield Town 1 – 0 Preston North End
Smith  67' (pen) Report
Stamford Bridge, London
Attendance: 53,000
Referee: J. W. P. Fowler
Huddersfield Town
Preston North End

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