1918 Copa del Rey Final

1918 Copa del Rey Final
Event 1918 Copa del Rey
Date May 12, 1918
Venue Estadio O'Donnell, Madrid
Referee Francisco Torrens
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The 1918 Copa del Rey Final was the 18th final of the Spanish cup competition, the Copa del Rey. The final was played at O'Donnell Stadium in Madrid on May 12, 1918. Real Unión beat Madrid FC 20 and won their second title.

Match details

May 12, 1918
17:00 CET
Real Unión 20 Madrid FC
Legarreta  45', 85'
Estadio O'Donnell, Madrid
Referee: Francisco Torrens
Real Unión
Madrid FC
GK 1 Spain Domingo Muguruza
DF 2 Spain Manuel Carrasco
DF 3 Spain José Múgica
MF 4 Spain Román Emery
MF 5France René Petit
MF 6Spain Ramón Elguiazábal
FW 7Spain José Angoso
FW 8Spain Juan Legarreta (c)
FW 9Spain Patricio Arabolaza
FW 10Spain Agustín Amantegui
FW 11Spain Elías Acosta
GK 1 Spain Eduardo Teus
DF 2 Spain Cordero
DF 3 Spain Eulogio Aranguren
MF 4 Spain Ricardo Álvarez
MF 5Spain Alberto Machimbarrena (c)
MF 6Spain Feliciano Rey
FW 7Spain Antonio de Miguel
FW 8Spain Santiago Bernabéu
FW 9Spain Manuel Posada
FW 10Spain Joaquín Caruncho
FW 11Spain José María Sansinenea
England Arthur Johnson
Copa del Rey
1918 winners
Real Unión
2nd title


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