1911 in Argentine football

Football in Argentina
Season 1911
Primera División Alumni
Intermedia Estudiantes (LP)
Segunda División Riachuelo B
Tercera División Racing [lower-alpha 1]
Copa de Honor Newell's Old Boys
Copa de Competencia San Isidro
1910 Argentina 1912

1911 in Argentine football saw Alumni regain the championship for the third time in succession, by beating Porteño in a championship playoff. It was the team's 10th title in 12 seasons and was also its last tournament disputed so the football team was disbanded at the end of the season due to financial problems.

Primera División

The 1911 championship featured 9 teams, with each team playing the other twice. Racing Club made its debut.

Final standings

Pos Team Pts G W D L Gf Ga Gd
1 Alumni231611144815+33
2 Porteño231610332612+14
3 San Isidro18167452924+5
4 Racing Club17166552624+2
5 River Plate16166462231-9
6 Gimnasia y Esgrima (BA)14165472831-3
7 Belgrano AC13164572328-5
8 Estudiantes (BA)12162862036-16
9 Quilmes81624102343-20

Championship playoff

Alumni and Porteño finished level on points at the top of the table, being necessary the dispute of a playoff match, won by Alumni.[1]

Lower divisions


Second Division

Third Division

Domestic cups

Copa de Honor Municipalidad de Buenos Aires


Copa Jockey Club


International cups

Tie Cup


Copa de Honor Cousenier


Argentina national team

Argentina won a new edition of the Copa Newton and Copa Premier Honor Argentino but the squad lost the Copa Lipton and the first edition of Copa Premier Honor Uruguayo at the hands of Uruguay.

Copa Lipton

Copa Newton

17 September
Argentina  3-2  Uruguay

Copa Premier Honor Uruguayo

8 October
Argentina  1-1 (aet)  Uruguay

29 October
Argentina  0-3  Uruguay

Copa Premier Honor Argentino

22 October 1911
Argentina  2-0  Uruguay


  1. Reserve team.


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