1910 Nanyang industrial exposition

The 1910 Nanyang industrial exposition (南洋勸業會) or more internationally known as the 1910 Nanking Exposition was the official world's fair held in Nanking, Qing China on June 5, 1910.[1][2]


The reason the Chinese name of the fair does not refer to Nanking directly, despite the event being held in Nanking, was because of the concept of Viceroy of Liangjiang. At the time the Qing dynasty official Duan Fang (端方) had the title of Nanyang chancellor (南洋大臣) as well as governing the areas including Jiangsu, Jiangxi and Anhui.[1] Nanking belongs to Jiangsu geographically, but the fair was a "Nanyang region exposition" hence the name. The Nanking area where the event was held was Jiangning District.[1]


It was an official fair backed by the Qing government. About 300,000 people from the United States, England, Japan, Germany and many other countries from Southeast Asia visited the event.[1]

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