1910 Copa del Rey Final

Copa del Rey 1910 Final
Event Copa del Rey 1910
Date 26 May 1910
Venue Tiro del Pichón, Madrid
Referee Spain Lemmel
Copa del Rey 1910 Final
Event Copa del Rey 1910
Date 20 March 1910
Venue Ondarreta Stadium, San Sebastián
Referee France Lavat
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The Barcelona FC team that won its first title.

The 1910 Copa del Rey Final was the 8th final and 9th final of the Spanish cup competition, the Copa del Rey. This edition of cup had 2 finals,[1] due to disagreements between the reigning champion of the tournament, Club Ciclista de San Sebastián, and some of the clubs invited.

Two parallel competitions were held: an "official", organized by the newly created FEF (Federación Española de Fútbol) later Royal Spanish Football Federation (Spanish: Real Federación Española de Fútbol, RFEF), in Madrid and an "unofficial", organized by the UECF (Unión Española de Clubes de Fútbol), in San Sebastián. Both are currently recognized as official by the RFEF.


26 May 1910
FC Barcelona 32 Español de Madrid
Charles Wallace  58'
Carlos Comamala  70'
José Rodríguez  89'
[2] Vicente Buylla  5'
Vicente Buylla  12'
Tiro del Pichón, Madrid
Referee: Spain Lemmel
Spain Solá
Spain Paco Bru
Spain Manuel Amechazurra
Spain Arsenio Comamala
Spain E. Peris
England Grau
Spain Romà Forns
Spain José Rodríguez
Spain Carlos Comamala
England Charles Wallace (c)
England Percy Wallace
Spain García
Spain F. Àlvarez
Spain S. Navarro
Spain Armando Giralt
Spain Herédia
Spain Manuel Yarza
Spain Gregorio
Spain Vicente Buylla
Spain Sánchez Neyra
Spain Morales
Spain José Giralt


20 March 1910
Athletic Bilbao 10 Vasconia
Remigio Iza  56' [3][4]
Spain Luis Astorquia
Spain Juan Arzuaga
Spain José María Amann
Spain José María Belauste (c)
England Cameron
England Graham
Spain Luis Hurtado
Spain Remigio Iza
England Burns
England Martyn Veitch
Spain Luis Iceta
Spain Pedro Bea
Spain Poto
Spain Alfonso Sena
Spain José Berraondo
Spain Bonifacio Echeverria
Spain Goitisolo
Spain Eusebio Leturia
England Simmons
Scotland McGuinness
Spain Mariano Lacort
Spain Sauress


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