1907 Copa del Rey Final

1907 Copa del Rey Final
Event 1907 Copa del Rey
Date 30 March 1907
Venue Hipódromo, Madrid
Referee England Sidney
Attendance 6,000
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The 1907 Copa del Rey Final was the 5th final of the Copa del Rey, the Spanish football cup competition. The match took place on 30 March 1907 at the Hipódromo, Madrid. The match was contested by Club Bizcaya and Madrid CF.

This match was not exactly a final, as the tournament was a round-robin tournament. Nevertheless, both teams finished with 6 points, son this tiebreaker playoff final was played.

Madrid FC lifted the trophy for the third time in a row and thus won the trophy in property.

Match details

March 30, 1907
10:30 CET
Madrid CF 10 Club Bizcaya
Manuel Prast  80' [1]
Hipódromo, Madrid
Referee: England Sidney
Spain Manuel Alcalde
Spain José Berraondo (c)
Spain Joaquín Yarza
Spain José Quirante
France Henri Normand
Spain Manuel Yarza
Spain Armando Giralt
Guatemala Federico Revuelto
Spain José Giralt
Spain Manuel Prast
France Pedro Parages
Spain Fernando Asuero
Spain Alfonso Sena
Spain Juan Arzuaga
Spain Miguel Sena
England Simmons
Spain Hermenegildo García
Spain Cárdenas
Spain Tomás Murga
Spain J. Irízar
Spain Celada
Spain Benigno Larrea


  1. Although most sources state that the Real Madrid's winning goal was achieved in the 80th minute, the newspapers of the time clearly indicate that the goal was scored in the first half.


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